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  1. Can confirm happened after the latest revisit update, the attachments looks only fit with medium kubrows, but it looks like its drowned in the skin with bulky kubrows. Kubrows only, obviously since the only companion which has various body type is kubrow.
  2. Everywhere is empty, PoE, relay, Fortuna, Bazaar, even dojo is empty, i cant see anyone but theyre actually there, the chat is not empty, they claim can see me but i cant see them. So how to fix it?
  3. Stance forma is useless. No weapon has a stance for each polarity, and there's not many stances can be used for each weapon. The only weapon type that has the most stances up to this date is the single handed sword (skana-like) which has 4 stance mods, and 3 of those are Madurai... Why do i need a universal stance forma? Edit: on the side note, i realised that i predicted this since the release of aura forma. At that time i was hyped for this kind of forma because i thought DE will make more stances before releasing this. I was wrong...
  4. No, there's no point on this. Valence transfer in kuva weapon happens between two similar weapons with different innate elements. Valence transfer between 2 warframes, 1 regular and 1 prime doesn't make any sense. Because both are basically 2 different frame, 1 is more superior than the other, unless say, you wanna do valence transfer between 2 similar frames, for example : regular Ash to another regular Ash, a Wukong prime to another Wukong prime. Then its possible, but still has no point, because that would mean less farming/purchase of forma/reactor for DE.
  5. I think prime armor channeling fx is now out famed by ephemeras
  6. This is NOT AN APRIL FOOL..... Im so happy
  7. Thats probably bcos the MR 3 player is your host, thats why it happened. Host migration....
  8. This is ironic, 26 million ++ registered Losers, and some of us still feel lonely.
  9. Psssttt..... Its a "FEATURE".....😛 Not that i know that this game extend its well known feature outside the game and into the players themselves.
  10. Well, i got just 2 words for you : THE CONCLAVE !
  11. Definitely not connection issue, it only happens when i am a client or someone else client in my session, and the victim is always the client, not the host
  12. I just noticed this, whenever i join a pub session (so far i only play fissure), after a certain time, the mission progress would stop, doors cant be open, cant pick up resources, any abilities activated will stay active and the duration timer stop. But the gameplay still going, chat still working, you can still move, kill enemies in the room, interact with lockers, consoles, opening crates, and the host can still complete the objectives and finish mission, but you cant get rewards from fissures, only the resources that you collected before the bug happened, and later after you reset the game, ordis will give you the reward via inbox as if you were disconnected, but you weren't. The same thing happened to the clients in the session that i hosted. TL;DR Its as if youre disconnected from the game, but youre not, which stops the game progress for your side of client. Anyone experience the same issue?
  13. I agree with this, RJ is supposed to be one of the endgame stuff, so for those who complain "RJ isnt new player friendly", its bcos it isnt. Its mainly for veteran players only.
  14. Can confirm all the above, also there are 2 sugatra on the grip as opposed to 1 sugatra on normal nikana since the beginning of zaw nikana existence and it hasn't been fixed yet. So, the summary: 1. Sheath bug, uncustomisable in colors 2. Ingame sheath bug, stuck in the hip, rotating sheath following camera movements, and visually missing when the blade is sheated. 3. Sugatra bug, there was supposed to be only one sugatra.
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