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  1. Did you see the leg armor of 2020? Its basically the 2019 chest piece, but now placed on foot. Now this 2021 looks like the flip version of the shoulder parts from 2020,and i havent seen the leg armor yet, why does it not showing?
  2. The new tennocon pack armor set. Why DE? im pretty sure you can make a better design than just reuse old assets, flip it, crop it, cut it, or switch place/slot. This is paid cosmetic, i expect something better... Something shiny... Sincerely, space merc.
  3. What are you talking about? Have you seen ember/mag/frost non-prime to prime? This is classic design right here
  4. The bug caused the shoulder emblems / regalia to be completely hidden / unseen, tested on every shoulder emblems, tested on multiple frames, results are similar. Fix is needed.
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