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  1. (PS4)ATreidezz

    Who is my operator talking to?

    He/she talks to the frame, the second dream and sacrifice quest both shown that the warframe has some sort of sentient-ness,especially umbra.
  2. (PS4)ATreidezz

    Some content updates could not be downloaded...

    Yup, me too....
  3. (PS4)ATreidezz

    Dev Workshop: Nezha Revisited

    I was hoping for blazing chakram to have 2 modes which can be changed like ivara/vauban ability: 1)the one listed here and 2)AN EXALTED CHANNELING MELEE ABILITY, moddable as well, we already have exalted blade, guns, archweapons, staff, kavat, why not glaive type as well? And also, can we refresh fire walker durability by recasting ability? If so that's superb.
  4. (PS4)ATreidezz

    PS4 The Sacrifice: Update 23 (+Prime Vault & Hotfixes!)

    You know what time it is? Its Time to farm...
  5. (PS4)ATreidezz

    Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation][*spoilers*]

    Imo Prime is Supergirl Umbra is Powergirl One of them from earth 1 the other from earth 2. I think it has something to do with the multiverse onko said before.
  6. (PS4)ATreidezz

    Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation][*spoilers*]

    If Theres gonna be umbra weapon, i wish these will be the ones to appear -Umbraton (most likely) -Umbrakata (Umbra grakata)
  7. (PS4)ATreidezz

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    While youre at it, can we get more finisher animations? And let us customise finishers animation as well Also please make combos easier, at least remove the use of directions in combos mods, its really annoying. And please do something about wall attacks, rarely used is a soft way of describing it.
  8. (PS4)ATreidezz

    Universal glyph codes

    THX, i haven't got TVSBOH
  9. (PS4)ATreidezz

    PS4 Hydroid Prime: Update 21.7.0 + Hotfixes

    @[DE]Danielle where is the fix for Hydroid + panthera combo for conclave in here? Dont tell me its not here yet
  10. (PS4)ATreidezz

    Coming Soon: Devstream #98!

    Questions 1) Focus rework, will it come with PoE? 2) Any introduction event/quest about PoE? 3) Will operator be able to stroll ostron village? 4) This is important = i noticed there are some problems with area based abilities in uneven ground levels, like hydroid's undertow. Does this means more problem in PoE?
  11. (PS4)ATreidezz

    Rising Tide Contest is Live!

    My entry. Its called : "Joyride with the Leviathan... "
  12. (PS4)ATreidezz

    PS4 Oberon Prime: Update 20.6.4

    Do we have new tennogen?
  13. (PS4)ATreidezz

    [Update 20] Share your Captura Screenshots!

    My attempt on captura:
  14. (PS4)ATreidezz

    Coming Soon: Weapon Balance Pass.

    Im upset bcos panthera & miter dont get damage buff ,theyre too weak for sortie's enemies
  15. (PS4)ATreidezz

    Coming Soon: Weapon Balance Pass.

    Agreed, make it available on quick melee