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  1. Its happening with mining spots too. But at least its fun to hunt animals.
  2. I would like a movie about Ballas and the Dax from sacrifice quest... I would like to know if their relationship back in the day was like Tony stark and Steve roger, until Ballas became twisted with vengeance going to the dark path after Margulis sentenced to death by the executors.
  3. Have you tried nidus larva and puddle? Jump above it then puddle...
  4. So.... WTS ayatans full 4p each Does this means we sell ourselves?
  5. No, it does picking up stuff for me, the thing i dont like is the fact that they dont have vacuum.
  6. Im not sure if this is the place for my feedback, but its been a while since i play conservation, and now i remember why its a pain in the a55. The footprints of the animal is really hard to see, the animals, especially birds, are really hard to find, and often theres not a clear indicators whether we get perfect, good, or bad capture, and the animals are all weak, doesn't really pose a challenge. My suggestion : 1. Tranq rifle: A) make it so it works like mining laser gun, the closer we are to target, the quicker the beeping sound. This is to address the
  7. 1. Silencer mods cost a mod slot, which can be costly for people who have min max build 2. Silencer mods main point is so that we dont alert other enemies while we kill them, but this is harder than it looks bcos it all depends on 1 shot, if in 1 shot you manage to kill an enemy then chances others not alerted, but if you didn't manage to kill in 1 shot, the enemy will be alerted, the others in the vicinity will also be alerted and once an enemy retaliate or sound the alarm, then the silencer mods would lose its purpose in that run.
  8. My suggestion regarding SEPULCRUM Projectile appearance : i was hoping that it would look like bursas missiles, not like laser projectiles. Alt fire mechanic: allow us to unleash all charge regardless of how many enemies we lock on to, so we can maximize the damage and usage of this weapon. If we only lock on 1 enemy then we can unleash all 5 missiles on that 1 enemy, if we only lock on to 2 enemies then this is how we divide the 5 missiles Missile 1 = target 1 Missile 2 = target 2 Missile 3 = target 1 Missile 4 = target 2 Missile 5 = target 1 Sa
  9. It does seem not all zaw affected by this bug So far i tested it on zaw nikana, scythe, polearm, staff, and dagger. All except scythe type affected by the bug The bug LOCK your holster animation and position to standard holster of that weapon type, you can still choose other holster styles, but it will always revert back to standard holster. If anyone has rapier/one handed sword zaw with alternative holster options, please try it to see if the bug persist on these type of weapons.
  10. Wut?! This thing and ice wave impedance augment saved me more than snow globe you know... And im talking about steel path.
  11. What does game developing experience has anything to do with conclave pvp?
  12. I got someone grind SP for 5 hours, no ban, PS4, im still not quite sure tho, i think once is okay repeating it could be dangerous.
  13. The thing that i like most about conclave pvp is exactly the movement, bullet jump, aim glide etc, its amazing, i watched some people on pc playing, its like watching sonic and flashy flash fighting, its very cool and interesting but most importantly, its what i imagine SPACE NINJA should be. Bullet jump and double jump has become a signature feature in warframe, removing or limiting it under the name of "balance" or "an even playing field" seems wrong. The same idea with removing warframe from the pvp equation by replacing it with nekramechs or operator only pvp. Heck this game is calle
  14. Seeing how the trends go in the last 2 primes, pangolin /panthera/ karyst, i'd say magnus and okina prime.
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