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  1. Bcos they drop rare mods, cores and even some of them drop arcanes...
  2. Strap those roombas on each warframe feet and use lecta, now we can become comba/scrambus.
  3. I meant whoever played trinity... Did the guy informed you that he still learning?
  4. Well, did you inform the squad that this is your first time, or that you still learning before the squad enter the plains? Metas usually can afford a change of strat if you give them a heads up. I do...
  5. I subbed some of these toobers for build inspirations, memes and glyph. But im starting to think to unsub, bcos of this kind of video, more and more toobers are doing this. And i feel DE'sturbed. Im the type of tenno who would enjoy the ride, wherever DE wanna take me, some bumpy rides along the way deserves some feedback, but if someone, just bcos he/she have a seat next to the driver, thinks that he/she can criticise the trip and tell the rest of us what route the driver should've taken... DUDE, stfu and enjoy the ride, its FREE...
  6. Baruuk is amazing, im hoping tennogen artists will make something for him in the future. He's my go to frame when dealing with the OG wolf (before the tac alert event). I remember killed it in level 70 with the dessert wind in less than 15 seconds. My dessert wind wasn't even fully modded, but it has shattering impact.
  7. Both fashion frame and ikea frame are endgame, especially ikea frame when it comes to dojo.
  8. Illumina judicium is really good, it has a sound, and the glyph thingy use warframe energy color. Basically the best emote so far. I wish the same thing can be said about the tennocon 2K19, it lacks sound and the glyph doesn't adopt energy color. I mean i understand why it has a fixed color, but i think the glyph default color should be able to be combined with any energy color, also im hoping DE will add sound to it as well.. Wolf emote is not bad, it has a sound now, the sound of the wolf howl. Now if only we have variants with excal umbra's howl, or valkyr's, that would be superb. I wonder if DE will ever update or add handshake emote with vox solaris', conclave's, cetus' & clem's handshakes.
  9. Yeah, its really disturbing me.... Its like the tip of the mask went thru my tenno's jaw.
  10. It looks ugly, why dont we have it like what the wolf himself has... A headgear, or diadem, its more suitable that way. Here's a pic of the wolf wearing it. Cool right? And here's when a tenno wears it. Ugly right? It never meant to be a mask.
  11. Its simple: 1) use any frame that can cast sleep/no damage cc or invisibility. 2) use helios with auto scan precept, it will always scan the target animal and their starting track/lure point, so u can easily see where they are when u are nearby, just pay attention to the sound cue when helios scan stuff. 3) u dont need to follow tracks, they usually on the edge of the yellow circle designated area. Helios will scan them when u are close. 4) some animals require more than 1 tranq shot, less tranq shot to bring the target down means better capture quality. I have used vauban, baruuk and ash to do this, captured all kinds of animals, both in PoE and orb vallis, all of them work fine.
  12. Ever play Anthem? The flight gameplay in it is good, it has verticality, and flight maneuver, making the flight very enjoyable. Now the open world areas in warframe doesn't offer verticality, but that doesn't mean it cant be fun. Im suggesting to rework the flight mechanics in archwing, the momentum where you cant immediately stop after boosting must be removed, add some maneuver like barrel roll or loop the loop in it, add some archwing racing mini games in the open world areas and customisable "archwing obstacle course" in dojo. But most importantly, rework the way we engage enemies in archwing. Take Ace Combat game as an example, air to air dogfight is different with air to ground attack. All these times, we dont really rely on archwing because our warframe is already capable of destroying gigantic enemies with ease, we need to make archwing relevant. Like DE made archgun "slightly" relevant on a certain mission. I wish to see a squad of archwing carpet bombing a grinner camp or dropping a smart bunker buster missile to destroy unreachable target underground, like in the avengers age of ultron movie where iron man did that to disable enemies shielding on their base, or maybe like those dogfight scene from Star wars ep IV where luke destroy the deathstar. That would be cool. TL DR, archwing actually have potentials. Lemme know what you think of this.
  13. Stance forma... Yup, i can see it happening Melee stance will get reworked and the stance forma will be part of the melee 3.0 or is it 4.0? I forgot...
  14. For those who reach rank 50 in nightwave. Can we have it please?
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