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  1. So whats the difference with shield? What armor means to players then? If we have both armor and shield as value, then which 1 will get hit first if damaged? If armor takes the hit and depleted, will it regenerate? If not that means a HUGE nerf to armored enemies, but if its regenerate, then its no different with shield. Have you take into account the damage type that can bypass armor like slash? If increased level only increased armor value and not hp, then most high level enemies will die in an instant, and we already powerful enough without this "NERF"
  2. Please revert back changes from pressing interact button to melee button for finisher. Putting finisher in the same button with interact button is troublesome. For instance, when i sneak onboard a crew ship in railjack, trying to do finisher on 1 of the enemy standing near a console / ship control resulting in me interacting with the control /console instead of doing the finisher. Or please at least give us options to choose between the 2.
  3. Shedu has a bug, and this bug persist not only on players, but also on specters like, whoever wielding shedu. It appears that everytime it depleted of ammo, its radial blast completely stops the ammo regen. Whatever, im exclusively using shedu for wukong clone only now, if it stops firing then i just recast the ability. Temporary fix, but its really fun seeing the clone going nuts with it.
  4. Joining the festivity.... I wonder why there are many salty peps here? Did OP offended any of you for showing that he has reached MR 28? If so, why would you?
  5. It seems that many people misunderstood what OP said. He was talking about prime accessories, not prime access. It also seems that OP is a newbie, bcos prime accessories price, although it changed, didn't change much since long ago, and OP has 3 months to save money to buy it if he wants, before it gets replaced by a new prime accessories.
  6. Nah, but i think 2h destruction time is reasonable, whats not reasonable is the PREREQUISITE rooms. This cause me some trouble bcos it means if already built, i need to destroy rooms in certain ORDER, so i cant immediately destroy it, bcos it ties to other room or if want to build, i need to build a certain room 1st before being able to build the room that i want.
  7. Baby Shedudududududu, baby Shedudududududu....
  8. So what exactly is shedu? How do you equip it? What type is it? I mean, we've seen it teased several times before in devstream but im not sure what it is, is it a new one?
  9. It has been that way in every update, DE releases an exclusive content, then later gradually unexclusive it in the future updates. Any of you remember how revives exclusively cost plat back then? How about now? Remember how Slash mod set, Puncture mod set, Impact mod set, all those dual stats mod sets were all exclusively tied to certain events? How about now? Its all exclusive only for a limited time, if you have played this game for long, you should've already know it by now.
  10. I can imagine how it will suddenly and rapidly expand in size the moment it perform a finisher on a giant grineer bombard. Its like Ant man movie. Also *whispers* its a feature....
  11. Can confirm all the above, also there are 2 sugatra on the grip as opposed to 1 sugatra on normal nikana since the beginning of zaw nikana existence and it hasn't been fixed yet. So, the summary: 1. Sheath bug, uncustomisable in colors 2. Ingame sheath bug, stuck in the hip, rotating sheath following camera movements, and visually missing when the blade is sheated. 3. Sugatra bug, there was supposed to be only one sugatra.
  12. I kind of wish that a single lich would last longer beyond their loot. Say, we change the lich gameplay into 2 modes: the Hunter or the Hunted The hunted: after we wreck their fleet, or controlled territories, by doing EXTERMINATE, SURVIVAL, SABOTAGE, DEFENSE,or HIJACK, they'll be hunting us, randomly appear on mission we're in like stalker. The hunter: We can ambush them at their hideout (special node) by revealing their location after we collect informations from their officers in CAPTURE mission, or steal their data from SPY, MOBILE DEFENSE or DISRUPTION mission, or RESCUE people who imprisoned or DEFECTED by the lich. So either we hunt them or they hunt us. And the only way we can vanquish them completely is by beating them several times through these process. Each time we beat them, they can drop a kuva weapon BP or ephemera, so 1 lich can yield several kuva weapons. This is way better i think
  13. I created vasca imprints from one of my kavatxkubrow abomination pet from back then, and now i cant use any of the imprints to make a vasca..... WAT TEH FCUK?!
  14. Its the only TENNOGEN that doesn't tied to any bundles, this might be an oversight, but it still need to be fixed.
  15. Im waiting for the panthera prime and another primed arch stuff. Now that I think about it, if DE only release 2 prime weapons every 3 months, we wont get to see all of the tenno weapons get primed. Its best if DE release a prime weapon or two occasionally outside PA to ensure all tenno weapons get primed. For an instance, we have Aklex Prime which was released outside PA.
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