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  1. There's still the 30th, Devstream should be then.
  2. Thank you for finally fixing the Endo amount of the corpus weapons wreckage. It was overdue but nevertheless, the refunding of the lost endo is appreciated 👍
  3. Did anyone put that issue in the Trello thread? because looks like they are ignoring it every single time someone posts it in these hotfix threads.
  4. You fixed this but still no fix for the amount of Endo they give when scrapped? smh
  5. The grineer weps, even without the endless spawns, are also really easy to farm, so I dont think thats a valid argument.
  6. Still no fix for the new corpus weps giving a fraction of the Endo they should give when scrapped? Are you trying to scam us all out of the Endo we should be receiving?
  7. Alright, then a little clarification in the post wouldnt hurt 🤔
  8. Literally WHY?????? You introduce a mod AND a clearly better version of the same mod that makes the former irrelevant in the same update?? Are you so eager to dillute the drop tables?
  9. Im talking about the BATTLE MODs tho? Not the reactors?
  10. In the RAILJACK BATTLE MOD CHANGES section the velues of MKII are higher than the MKIII ones, looks like someone switched the columns and it should be vice-versa?
  11. Reply here or send a pm with offer.
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