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  1. Just say it's because this is a Baro week, and you guys want to have the Devstreams on Baro-less weeks.
  2. The use three forma and the guild one modular item challenges need to go, we havent forgot about them. Also please dont introduce the mod transmuting challenge.
  3. This is such a bad solution... so you are gonna force the capable players to get debuffed to revive the player that is not up to the task and therefore died? You know those litte pellets are hard to see so the capable players are gonna be picking them up anyway, and even it they werent, its gonna be really really bothersome to play while at the same time trying to dodge them to not get debuffed. So yeah, this just makes thing worse for the capable players. Since the key bad element is players being forcibly debuffed, you should change it to: players get the pellets but without debuff, then if and only if they choose to revive the dead player, they get the debuff for like 1 minute or something. Still I dont like this whole new system, since it doent adress the problem of host migrations, which is the main problem that usually happens when host dies.
  4. Whoa, rather tiny patch this one.
  5. ARcane Energize is in the rewards? lmao RIP prices.
  6. You are removing 20x Void Traces? Instead of keeping it and buffing the amount to 40-60 traces? Well tbf, the amount of traces from opening relics also needs a buff since forever, you should at least increase the minimum amount you can get to 20 and the max amount to 50.
  7. DE doesnt have the time to design a script to refund the resources used to craft the launchers, and I think even if they did, they wouldnt, since those resources are really easy to farm in the 1st place.
  8. Ugh, I'm holding on my login of the day for when the Mainline drops, so I cant clear the SC beforehand.
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