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  1. Ability to transfer Arcane Helmet's passives to other helmets (cough Loki Essense cough)
  2. Ash: collecting dust after finishing Fatal Teleport build Atlas: collecting dust after finishing Umbral punch buid Banshee: collecting dust after finishing Resonating quake build Baruuk: collecting dust after finishing umbral build Chroma: Eidolons and orb mothers Ember: collecting dust Equinox: ESO Excalibur: collecting dust Frost: collecting dust Gara: collecting dust Garuda: collecting dust Harrow: collecting dust Hildryn: collecting dust Hydroid: collecting dust Inaros: collecting dust Ivara: collecting dust Khora: collecting dust Limbo: collecting dust Loki: Everything else Mag: collecting dust Mesa: Index Mirage: collecting dust Nekros: Desecrate Nezha: collecting dust Nidus: collecting dust Nova: collecting dust Nyx: collecting dust Oberon: collecting dust Octavia: collecting dust Revenant: collecting dust Rhino: collecting dust Saryn: collecting dust Titania: collecting dust Trinity: collecting dust Valkyr: collecting dust Vauban: collecting dust Volt: collecting dust Wukong: collecting dust Zephyr: collecting dust after the removal of need for Wisps Atm every frame besides Loki/Chroma/Mesa/Nekros will just get a max build and lefft collecting dust in my case. (Maybe I'll start using Garuda after maxing her because I like her design)
  3. Just give me Cthulhu jr aka Man-in-the-wall as mission coordinator allredy, DE. Void-dammit
  4. Huh? Asinine? Really? If anything, I'm glad DE got rid of alerts because now I don't need to pray to Nuffle for alerts showing up not at "stupid-o-clock" (ie when I'm at work/sleeping/etc)
  5. I can see why people think that Baruuk is not that great - please remember that we play in a strict dps/nuke meta at the moment, so inherently people will dismiss frames without readily avaliable nuke powers, hence the so called "hate". Does Baruuk takes longer to get his 4 online then say Excal or Valk? Yes Can Baruuk with Umbral build on him AND his 4 trash entire rooms worth of high level enemies within seconds when his 4 is up? HELL YES! And on the matter of Baruuk's survivability: I know thats anecdotal, but before Wolf's nerf I was able to solo lvl 75 Wolf in melee with Baruuk thanks to his 3, while still leveling him after another forma. So no, Baruuk is NOT bad, Baruuk is less "in yo face" then meta frames. Thats it.
  6. So far only "Gild 1 modular item" is annoying. Why? - I have all modular weapons built and gilded. Forma something 3 times? Oh my, what is it? A thing I'm allready doing non-stop because only thing left for me before new major patch is to make strongest possible build for every item in the game? 3 Forma's are dirt cheap because you can either build them from blueprints acuired from Relics or you can buy them with 35 plat you get from trading stuff you get from Relics.... Also as many people said: Can't do it? - Skip it.
  7. I'm still baffled by this kind of topics. Why? Because as someone with a full-time job I have only maybe 1 hour a day to play warframe. And I still completed Nightwave couple of weeks before originaly estimated deadline without any hussle. I duuno, people who got burnt out by Nightwave/barely made it, git gud maybe???
  8. Best Extermination: Power strength Eqinox is better for just "press 4 and run though the map". Saryn is also faster. And we have Gara with her broken Shatter Shield Best Spy Frame: Limbo doesn't even need augment to ignore lasers. And you can do a flawless spy with a Rhino, with Hobbled key, with Arcane Thrakk helmet... Best Sabotage Frame: Any - what matters is equipped weapon and its mods. Best Assassination Frame: Any, see above Best Interception Frame: Hydroid can safely cover 2 points, on some maps Mesa can cover more than one point and Loki can shutdown big portion of the map with augmented 4 Best Defense Frame vs ranged: Limbo and Loki can "press 4 to remove the ranged threats alltogether" (except Nullies in Loki's case) Best Defense Frame vs Infested: Nidus is better for gouping, OG anti Infested controller Vauban is still good with his 3 and 4, Limbo and Loki again Best Mobile Defense Frame: Any. Best Kuva Farmer: Any in Kuva flood with Kavat Best Anything Else but Endo Farmer: IIRC all extra loot drop mechanics (Desecrate/both Pilfering augments) do NOT stack, and Nekros now cannot roll for extra loot more then once per corpse (it was changed back when Desecrate became a toggle ability)
  9. There is an inherent problem with MR: it shows only how many items a person maxed. That's it. No more, no less. Let's for example take a random "new" player who rushed everything and reached MR27 in shortest possible time (player A) and me - a player who plays the game since CBT and also have everything leveled (player B). Difference here is that player B achived highest possible standing avaliable today over the course of the games lifespan and probably has a better understanding of how the game works when compared to player A. However there is absolutely no way to see how long specific person was playing the game: info in profile screen shows how many hours that particular person spent inside missions, but thats also not a valid way to estimate players expirience: Player A may slack for 100 hours being carried by payer B or vice versa and both will have 100 hours added to thier "In-game time" counter. There is no way to tell how good any particular person is untill you see them in action. People who pester you friend are hoping that she can carry their lazy asses (judging her by MR) probably because they are not that good. My advise - right click on their name and select ignore. You aren't losing anything by ignoring some randoms in PUG who probably too lazy or too bad to carry the mission themselves. I've said it once and I will say it again - best mindset when playing in public mode is to assume that randoms in your team are trash and you wil have to rely only on yourself. It's better to be surprised than dissapointed. ^comming from elitist MR27 glA******
  10. So far I'm guilty only of those 3 becasue reasons: Black/Red Edgelord Ash Prime; Black/White Loki Prime/Chroma Prime Black/Red/Gold Volt Prime (but this one because it was themed around a recolor of Ky Kiske from Guilty Gear) Black/Red/Purple with white mettalics Frost Prime (themed around a recolor of Jin Kisaragi from BlazBlue) Repala Syandana - well it's the only proper cape in the game right now
  11. Your suggestion will completely shut down 1-3 teleport combo
  12. What's even better - I had a major brain fart and was extracting one rotation too early while farming Harrow. Got systems ont he first C I did >_< But my RNG is strange in general - I got shocking step on 7th Orb kill. And it took me 27 kills in total to finally get all Hyldrin parts....
  13. How much you will hate me if I told you that I got both Nidus and Harrow in 3 short sesions (1-2 hours) each?
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