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  1. I don't see how adding the ability to weild a shield with a secondary instantly makes the game like R6S. Maybe if you ignored literally everything else about the two games I could see it, but as it is the two games are so wildly differently that the only valid comparison one can make is "it has guns and you can choose your character" As to the OP, I would love to see this, especially if mods like Guardian Derision still apply while the secondary is being used. I could definitely see that opening some interesting builds or playstyles.
  2. Clearly you haven't played 80% of MMOs that have a Ranger/Hunter class. Guild Wars 2, Neverwinter, DC Universe Online, Champions Online, Elder Scrolls Online, etc. Now I will admit some of those are specifically arrow rain, but that still requires rapid firing of a bow for it to work. If you wanted strictly burst fire, then I know for certain Guild Wars 2 and Elder Scrolls Online at the very least have you covered. That's without going into the fact that realism has very little grip on Warframe. We are space warriors powered by void magic, not really a bastion of realism there. Though I w
  3. In my experience, people who enjoy unfair odds are generally a minority and a niche market (which games like I Wanna Be The Guy cater to). There's nothing wrong with those games, in fact they're designed from the ground up to be unfair, and that's okay because it works for that game. But Warfame isn't one of those games. Again, Warframe is a power fantasy, which means that the enemy has to be fair in order to help deliver that fantasy. Like I said, you can have challenging but fair, you can even have challenging power fantasies. I once again bring up DOOM, because that game will definitel
  4. It's fun for us to be unfair towards enemies because that's what the power fantasy is all about. The power fantasy is designed for the player to be unfairly powerful towards the enemy, it's the basis of most PvE games such as Warframe, DOOM, Vermintide, Left 4 Dead, Borderlands etc. You might notice something in common with all of those games. The player is incredibly more powerful than the enemies they face (especially DOOM), yet the enemies are all fairly balanced against the player. Even enemies like the bosses or lords in Vermintide 2 are fair to the player, despite them being the most pow
  5. Because games != life. Games are designed to be fun, and a fair game is a fun game, the second a game becomes unfair is when it becomes unfun. You can still have challenging yet fair (see also: the Dark Souls franchise) and that can be incredibly rewarding when you overcome the challenge. Challenging and unfair on the other hand is just prone to causing rage and players to quit. I think Extra Credits did a whole episode on the topic which is worth a watch.
  6. Unfortunately it can't disable camera shake on weapon firing, as that's part of the weapon recoil and determines how accurate certain weapons are. As such screen shake is also used as a pseudo accuracy debuff. Is it annoying? Absolutely, and I wish there were a simpler way, but unfortunately with the way weapon recoil is handled, every screen shake needs to be tested thoroughly before DE can decide if the impact of it being turned off is substantial or not. It's even more annoying considering that, while I don't suffer any adverse effects from it, there are those that do genuinely get mot
  7. You could always have virtual Lotus for the times where it's absolutely necessary (i.e quest dialogue) and have either anyone else for every other time, or just no mission director at all (both of which I'd be okay with)
  8. Honestly I'd say that's worse. This was the perfect opportunity to allow players to choose a new mission director (which is a request I've seen come up quite a few times over the years) and to break up the monotony of the Lotus (and so I don't have to keep saying "Shut up Lotus, I know what I'm doing, I've done this for 932865th time), but instead we got discount Lotus I think you're forgetting someone here. MR. TORGUE!! BECAUSE I NEED MY ANNOUNCEMENTS TO CONTAIN MORE EXPLOSIONS!
  9. Numbers can always be tweaked. I'm not going to lie, I'm not great at coming up with balance numbers without an environment to test them in thoroughly. If what I suggest did end up being too powerful it could always be nerfed back down to a more reasonable state
  10. What I would do is partially redo the ability. The actual concept of it is pretty cool and can work quite nicely, but the double activation and single shot nature of it makes it clunky to use with very little payout. What I propose is this: First, make the ability charge up passively without need for activation. This will help with the clunky factor and ensures it's always there when you need to take down something big. Next, increase the damage cap by a factor of two. While 1,600 extra damage is a lot, a great deal of snipers or explosive weapons do that same amount of damage with less e
  11. Or you could just handle the second gun as an attachment, similar to how bow arrows are considered attachments and as such can be coloured separately. I can't imagine it'd be that hard to do considering they can already do it for several other colouring systems and items in the game (Syadanas, Bow arrows, melee weapon dangly things etc.).
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