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  1. feel free to hit me up ingame or here when I'm offline
  2. IGN: picklee Hit me up ingame or here when I'm offline.
  3. Hit me up ingame or here when im offline. Hek Satiata SOLD
  4. Hit me up ingame or here when I'm offline. Sybaris Satiata SOLD Ack&Brunt Igniata SOLD
  5. As the title says. They bounce off enemies even after travelling 6m.
  6. picklee

    TennoBaum WishList repository

    PC IGN: picklee Since I've been into maxing out weird guns lately I find it somewhat difficult to keep up with buying/crafting Formas and Orokin Catalysts. If you feel like giving away something I'd be grateful if it were those. Cheers and Merry Tennobaum! :)
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  8. Invites sent, welcome! Check out our Discord server and club site. Seems like you haven't left your previous clan yet. I won't be able to sent an invite until you do that. Let us know when you're ready :P
  9. Invited, welcome! Join our club page and check out our Discord server (https://discord.gg/WXnAVHf)