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  1. I would like to see a rather simple and quirky animation. *Moa looks around* *Moa looks at the ground* *Moa leans down to inspect the ground closer* *Moa quickly stands back up shaking his head being in a state of shock or confusion* *Moa goes back to idle animation*
  2. I'm really excited to see what you all have done with the alerts. A less random and more lore connected system is always welcome.
  3. I'm pretty excited for these changes. It seems like it will be a great improvement to the flow of combat.
  4. During the release of Fortuna it was said that DE would be going pack to update Poe. Is there any progress on this? Conservation and bounties outside of Cetus for example.
  5. This update feels rather rushed. With many bugs, & crashes, nerf to staticor, made conservation less fun, mesa prime cosmetics are buggy. I hope many of the changes in this update will be reverted or fixed during the week.
  6. Well the Nyx rework sounds interesting, Titanias seems to be more of a quality of life update. Has DE added any additional changes since the dev workshop?
  7. A lot of changes in this hotfix are outstanding. This could have been a update 24.1 on its own.
  8. Is there any news you can share regarding Garuda?
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