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  1. Do you think we will be adding Mutagen Samples To the prizes? That seems like something that would be worth a prize specially for something like dojo design would really help with research
  2. Clan name: CantGetRight Clan tier: Storm Clan platform: xboxone Your Clan role :Founding Warlord /Architect Feature image: The rooms you will be previewing are the following! Remodeled main hall Candroc Aviary Supply Ship High Shock Dragon Dragon Key Room Sea manticore NEW ROOM JUST ADDED I really hope you guys love my architectural structures and I hope we spark inspiration another dojo activist good luck to everybody entering I’m really going to enjoy seeing what’s out there!!!
  3. Get ready for my sentence structure design I’m going to build in my dojo!! #CantGetRightDojo
  4. Is there a clan trophy we can win from this event??
  5. Clan name: CantGetRight Clan tier: Mountain Clan platform: Xbox360 Your Clan role: Founding Warlord/ Architect happy to enter this brand new year with brand new rooms first time entering as a Mountain clan hope everyone enjoys the rooms I will be featuring in this YouTube clip thank you to all my supporters we appreciate you good luck to everyone Much love from clan leader OGPervySage206 Feature image First room in the video is the remastered “main hall” with a hydra dragon just saying hello Next room on the agenda you better hold your wallets tight because make the wrong bet you might lose it all let’s step right over to the “KabinArena Robo Fight club” just remember folks what’s the first rule of Robo fight club Another one of the rooms in the video and you might want to stay quiet because the queen doesn’t like loud noises “Gyarados Queen “ Like to bring you guys over to claim your “Dragon key” you just watch your step have a strange feeling like I’m not alone Let’s venture back over to a place that might be familiar to you the “first house of Clem” but I bet you guys didn’t know we had an upstairs just for your sacrificial needs meet the baby High shock Dragon The last room on the video is the “high shock dragon” the entryway to the Bifrost in the secret protector of Asgard of new
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