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  1. The blades on Keratinos don't retract. They just flip around like Garuda's talons
  2. I've subsumed four frames but one of the flowers is stuck behind the infested growth. Is this a common error or just me?
  3. I'm getting this weird error when ever i try to guild one of the new infested companions. Apparently I'm unable to either guild my maxed out companion or release them. I talked to my guild mates about it and they don't have this error. And yes i do have the required standing and medals for the guilding. So yeah if you could possibly fix this in the next hotfix i would be very happy indeed.
  4. With the upcoming release The Heart of Deimos and the new infected mobs I had an idea for a new type of infested enemy. First off it comes in three varieties, each one is only vulnerable to a specific weapon type. For example one is only killable with primary weapons while another can only receive damage from a secondary weapon and the third variety can only die by a melee weapon. If the DE implement this type of enemy it could keep the player on their toes. Any additional ideas or feedback is welcome!
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