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  1. Atlas Prime...…….that will be the lowest sale by far lol
  2. Limbo, Limbo and then Limbo and after that I would cut Limbo yes, I leave pubs immediately when I see a Limbo on the Team, I rather go solo then play with a Limbo
  3. lol, bye Felicia btw, you don´t need to invest a single dime in this game to be good or get good stuff
  4. Put Umbra formas in as a very rare reward and you have something the vets will go for. Heck, make it as rare as legendary cores (so basically non existent, they only exist on paper cause I never ever saw someone getting one and I play this game for years now)
  5. My Buddy is a Loki main and he loves spy missions (I hate them so he can do them for me while I do Sightseeing lol)
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