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  1. Dog Days mission - 5 minutes rewards 50 pearls +N kills. Stream - watch 30 minutes to get 40 pearls. Hmmm.
  2. Muxailo

    70+ Bugs

    *Coughs in bump*
  3. Kills from augment buffs that apply +elemental damage do not count into challenges "Kill 150 enemies with XXX type of damage": Fireball Frenzy (Heat), Freeze Force (Cold), Shock Trooper (electric), Smite Infusion (radiation), Venom Doze (corrosive). Don't know about other augments, like Contagion Cloud (kills create toxic clouds), Blazing Pillage (200 heat dmg on casting Pillage to affected by Haven enemies), Elemental Sandstorm, etc. They worked in previous Nightwave series, but not in 3rd.
  4. Bug occurs in any gamemode, including ESO / SO. Affect whole team, including host (asked people from my group). According to previous run of ESO: in 4th and 5th rounds Focus orbs didn't give Focus at all at the end of duration. Same happens in usual gamemods. With investigation of [DE]Momaw, according to logs i didn't actually "picked up" Focus Orb, however this buff apply on entering the portal in ESO / SO. Buff showed on interface, no sound of buff's ending, but light from the animation in the middle of the interface showed, no any numbers however.
  5. How about to make pseudo-exalted stuff into actual Exalted things which also affect abilities? Atlas Fists affect his Rumblers damage because they're trash after lvl 30 enemies, it would also repair useless Rumbled (conclave) augment which equip you with boulders which deal no damage... Ash's Blades- Shuriken (people use it only if have -armor augment) and Bladestorm. Khora's Whip could change it's primary damage to Impact / Puncture / Slash depending on selected Kavat's mode (3rd skill) and mods from Whip would also affect her Kavat's damage. Add a feature to 1st and 3rd of Excalibur's abilities to also consider his Exalted Blade mods. Allow to use Body Count into Exalted weapons. And so, after those changes, instead of reset combo counter on cast it would be better to reset on deactivation of Exalted ability. It would also fix stat-sticks rivens problem.
  6. Zakti Prime and Karyst Prime (or Phaedra Prime). UPD: Well, at least i was right about Karyst Prime...
  7. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  8. Was Chroma's Effigy having Ferrite armor, Flesh and shields instead of TENNO resistances fixed?
  9. My rework suggestion: Decrease base hp at 0 rank to 300, (at max rank - 1200). Passive: Same as current, but Inaros can consume Sand Shadows in downed state, each will increase revive gauge by 25%. 1) Desiccation: Same as current, but with additions of synergies: Spread Scarab Swarm ability to all damaged by Desiccation enemies if at least one of them was affected by Scarab Swarm for 100% of remain duration. Grant 100% confusion chance on damaged enemies if Inaros within range of The Eye of The Sandstorm ability. Augment - Desiccations Curse: Killing blinded enemy with finisher and 2 seconds after finisher have +25% chance to spawn Sand Shadows for each Inaros different ability affected the target (note: if Scarab Swarm casted on target spawn chance will be at least 75%: 25% base Sand Shadows spawn chance from Scarab Swarm + 25% from augment for Scarab Swarm +25% from Desiccation). 2) Devour rework: Inaros drain vitality of the enemy within 8m range (1s cast only, no long duration sucking of hp), dealing 500 TRUE dmg and increasing his own MAX HP by 100% of damage dealt by this ability. Max HP gained slowly decay to 0, decay rate increase with multiple casts. Synergy: Heal Sand Shadows by small HP% around you. No range restrictions if casted on target affected by Scarab Swarm. 3) Scarab Swarm: Same as current, but with small changes - (HOLD) instant cast which adds 25% Scarab Armor charge, each cast cost 400 HP and stops decay of Devour ability for short duration. (TAP) - same 25% Scarab Armor charge cost, Scarabs increase damage taken of affected enemies, Scarabs don't passively spread and don't cause panic, 10s duration. Enemies died with Scarabs active on them have 25% chance to spawn Sand Shadows. Sand Shadows HP slowly decay over time (as Nekro's Shadows) Augment - Negation Swarm: No changes needed. 4) The Eye of The Sandstorm: Inaros creates sandstorm zone which slow down enemies and reduce their accuracy, also providing a chance of confusion proc on enemies to attack each other for short duration. Closer to the epicenter - stronger effects and higher confusion chance. (HOLD) Consume all remain Scarab Armor charges to activate Scarab Swarm on all enemies for next X within range. Sand Shadows will try to stay within The Eye Of The Sandstorm range which increase their damage and grant a them chance to evade attacks even from enemies outside of ability range. Augment - Everlasting Scourge: Radius expand over time, +50% status duration on all enemies within range.
  10. Thats how it should look with all possible items without Excal Prime, Lato P and Skana P, compare to yours I've checked your account, you have 84k, not 96k in companions.
  11. Why only 3 out of many jokes will be added? Instead of 4th and 5th places could giveaway 100-150 plat for everyone whos joke was added.
  12. I got 2/3 parts randomly, and missing Fuselage. It would be a waste buying for plat because already crafted parts.
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