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  1. More info: 1) Mod don't give you any sheilds at all if projectile don't direct hit but hit enemies with explosion, however on direct hit it register all enemies that was hit with explosion and give shields for them. 2) Mod properly works for host (except 1st line of that message).
  2. As title says, it's stops working (sometimes even don't work from the start), and after time repairs itself, then break again, etc. Can't figure under which exactly circumstances, but i have on: x2 mods from Augur set and on pet - Sheild Charger, Guardian. Using fully charged shots only, also don't explode Nul's globes if in broken state. Every time when this happened was client, don't know what if host.
  3. Muxailo


    Sometimes Pandero usual fire just don't work - if you pres LMB no effect at all, ammo not consumed. It repairs after trying to shoot few times ~5. Only happen with Pandero, no riven for -multishot, alt-fire work, not problem with mouse because if i change to other gun everything works fine.
  4. It's healing effect was a bug a fixed recently.
  5. Nox's gun shoot toxic balls that slow you down and can proc toxin
  6. 20% resist effect of status, not dmg itself. Example: if you've got resistance on blast proc - you won't be knocked down.
  7. Yes. No more investigation needed.
  8. Welp, i've got no notification about it too, maybe when Global Ban it just don't appear.
  9. Seems you was Global Banned from chat, as i can see more and more people get it after Railjack update (even me for Nezha joke Kappa). It'll last 7-14 days.
  10. I think it's tied to a lot of smashing activation button when trying to open Forge.
  11. Muxailo

    Some bugs.

    1) When you mount Forward Cannon you can sometimes appear either within Railjack behind navigation segment or within RJ itself. 1.1) If you exit Pilot / Cannon / Gunners seat you sometimes enter it again without pressing anything. What causes it - IDK, but it annoy a lot. 2) Small ball (can't remember it's name) can be thralled by Lich. 3) Ignis is shorter on image. 4) Zundi pistol skin is bugged, when previewed / on hands / in mission no magazine or it's in hand. 5) Odonata BP isn't listed if you search for it. (sometimes work for part of whole word - sometimes not at all). 6) Have Cycron riven that gives -crit chance (check stats of gun, not riven itself) 7) STILL Carabus Deth Cube skin wasn't fixed since release - accents channel do nothing and also no way to change white color. 😎 Hawk Eye isn't Exilus mod.
  12. Isn't that TOO MUCH less RNG? Smth around 25 range capacity would fit very well. We already have a lot of resources changes: x2 chances for MK 3 parts as mission rewards, 80% return from scraping, x2 Asterite drops, 750 Titanium as reward from mission, etc. No point in building MK 1 - 2 weapons / components at all. Also, maybe mix in some of our usual resources? Such as Alloy Plates, Orokin Cores, Rubedo?
  13. I've asked but answer wasn't useful, just "wait up to 2 weeks, some day it'll disappear", 5th day in such state already.
  14. Found 3 errors with IRC 244.160 Net [Error]: IRC connected: TLSv1.3 TLS_AES_256_GCM_SHA384 247.558 Net [Error]: IRC socket connection closed by the server. 247.575 Net [Info]: IRC in: ERROR :Closing link: (5165a7b81a4d80317b000005@ [G-lined: idban Muxailo] Global ban from all chats i've got?
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