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  1. Yeah, I agree I would think that having the 2 options co-exist wouldn't be hard. But I'm not a game developer soo... *shrug*
  2. Since the Melee 2.54321 update, I don't like glaives losing the mechanic. I waited the 1st month to see if I'd get over the loss before expressing discontent... but ended up taking a hiatus from the game & never got around to. The Aerial Charged Power Throw was one of the more cooler, responsive, flashier, rewarding & better mechanical additions to the gameplay system. I mean it felt good just pulling the move off. Please allow its return And I think the the Wolf Sledge would greatly benefit from the mechanic as well AND should be able to preform ACPT too... Yes, it is just so that I can get my Thor on
  3. So I'm helping a newer player/clan member catch up in their quest to do Natah. Soo I decided to Replay the quest (Through the quest replay system) with them so I don't have to hand hold as hard. We finished Stolen Dreams annnnnd WHELP... It didn't give him the completion of any of the missions we did 😞 Please fix this... odd occurrence
  4. In my honest opinion, as someone who has only done this mode 3 times, for adaptation & copies... "Perma-Death" feels like artificial difficulty. And I say artificial because this "element" of difficulty has yet to occur in my personal experience with this mode I was hoping the removal of this... "modifier" would give us better & more fruitful aspects of difficulty like: - Normal enemy scaling - Rathum & Index Enemies - Amp'd Powered up versions of Eximus Mini Bosses that spawn at every 3 reward intervals (Juggernaught, G3, Zanakua, Stalker, Hynea Pack, Jackals, Bursa Death Squads etc) - Changing Environmental hazards - Bonus Objectives that give additional drops from the drop table. The main purpose being to split the team up or think of creative work arounds. Objectives like: Defend 2 Data Terminals on different ends of the map for 2 minutes, Rescue 2 captives while in a defense mission, Evacuate 3 squads of defectors while via in a survival or Excavation mission etc. Just my opinion on this mode. I'm glad you guys are not satisfied with its current state and wish to improve it... Only wish you had the same position on Sanctuary Onslaught...
  5. Can we pleeeeeease not do this? Can we stop Nerfing the challenges in Warframe? If players go into a level 100+ mission & get invaded on public... it makes no sense for an NPC who has to: 1. Fight every other NPC 2. The players (Who can easily stomp both already) 3. Now has to be at a possible 25+ level disadvantage too? Not happy with this change. Everything else is gold. But making content even easier? Not a fan guys. Fought a level 148 Wolf of Saturn Six... was very liberating & fun. Died lmao But it was the most fun I had all this month & last month on Warframe... I just wanted to express, that I don't like this change. I don't like mentality of this change. Hopefully older players will get content in 2019 that's tailored for them My group of friends where immensely bummed out to learn they'll never get the chance to fight a level 148 or 150 Wolf or Stalker
  6. They said last stream that the PVP Conclave team, is working on Melee 3.0. So that's the biggest contributor
  7. I feel like I'm the only person who has the question... What is the future of Umbra now that we have Excal Umbra? Will there be more Umbral Mods, Weapons and Frames? Or should we just hang tight and look to the future? Thanks for doing the Devstreams guys! There Always appreciated!
  8. Great point... But it'd have to be like 10 slots to keep Vets from rolling their eyes lol.
  9. This is in fact very much better guys. Keep going in this direction. But honestly no one is picking a 7 Day Booster over 50,000 Kuva. I feel 30,000 Endo is too low, especially if that is the scaled cap. Also I hope this doesn't mean you guys don't plan to cease production of Login Weapons & Armor rewards post 1000+ days... B/c if so that's pretty lame imho. Anyhow very much looking forward to the character interactions to come with the system... hopefully some cool mysterious foreshadowing & interesting dialogue occurs. Maybe even new mystery NPC's introductions? A lot you guys can do with this.
  10. When is he being added to the drop tables
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