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  1. 1 hour ago, Zeus said:

    For those who know, there are websites and discord bots that use APIs to pull information from a website, and then place them on the webpage, or in channels. Anyone out there think or know if there is an API for arbitrations? Cause I feel this would be very helpful to players. Anyone else agree?

    There is a bot on this discord that posts the current arbitration. 

  2. The second person I had issues inviting.
    When they attempt to send me an invite it says cannot connect to host. 
    I tried to relog and resetting my internet and still having the same issue. 

    Was also not able to see this person in Maroo's bizarre

  3. I am unable to catch fish
    The squad host is able to still catch them

    I go through the entire catch process, done correctly, after the flash of catching the fish no screen shows up and nothing appears in my inventory

  4. 18 hours ago, Cleesus said:

    welcome to the thread

    Thank you very much 😄 

    17 hours ago, BenzinNinJa said:

    Nice battle jacket!

    Thank you! I just finally finished it, can't wait to wear it to a show

    16 hours ago, MagPrime said:

    Your hair, I like it  

    Thank you! The bangs were a big jump for me, last time I had them like that I hated it but my hair was an awful color then too. 

  5. 4 minutes ago, Casardis said:

    Does this applies to the 3-month boosters gained from Prime Access? Not to sound stingy by any means. I just think it's still relevant information to know.

    It would apply to any booster, the 3 additional days would be placed onto the end of your current booster (ex:if you had 24 days left on your booster it would become 27)

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