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  1. Should have waited a couple mins b4 posting this. Fixed by setting "Move Down" mapping to another button in Controller Settings. Please ignore this post.
  2. When using Razorwing with Controller, you can neither Use any other abilities nor Deactivate Razorwing Confirmed and still exists in Old Blood
  3. I see what you did there DE. An incredible amount of time to grind mumurs and unlock "Requiems", and then figure out the right combination of those 3 to effectively "Kill" your lich. The permutations of combinations of those mods - even when you learn what 3 you need - is just seriously ridiculous. I know it's in an event to ultimately influence me towards the store, but seriously don't make it that obvious. Then you put the complete set of mods in a store bundle for a $50.00 price tag. You'll probably patch the grind-time for mumurs eventually (I believe it is your plan to do so - this is what has happened with features like this in the past), after you've gotten enough orders on the mod bundle from the store. Pretty nice business model. The only thing here is if one compares the mod bundle's price and product to a counter-part video game's DLC bundle, you aren't really getting much - outside of convenience (The mods, colors, and armor sets are seriously questionable. The relics would be useless once one gets the complete set of requiem mods). So If you are going to allow people to purchase a way to alleviate the mumur/requiem grind, either... (a) Make what you purchase much more worthwhile and valuable (as an example, sell a requiem sequencer which uses some resource to help you sequence your requiem mods for a particular Lich (pretty sure you have something like this in the works 😉 ) or (b) Don't sell the mod bundle - and I'm sure this is out of the question. Lastly,... (c) Consider reducing the price $50.00 for a set of mods, muted-colors, and relics which are ultimately useless due to the fact you sell the end for their means in the same bundle with them (the mods) - I sense a little bit of telemetry here. I'd argue you might have plans on reducing the price in the relatively near future, based on feedback But man, some of the tactics utilized here are pretty obvious and a little surprising - even for you guys. Great content though. Liches are pretty cool.
  4. I really like Grendel, but I personally would like to see the following (if possible) Much bigger - physically - I mean if ur going to make a fat-boy frame, then go all in, or all out rather. This is really just a personal wish of mine, so obviously disregard. The energy drain is reduced considerably - as it is now, it discourages me from swallowing any enemies I wish Grendel's 4th ability handled more like Wrecking Ball from Overwatch (If You don' know what I'm referring to, you can youtube it and see). It isn't fun to struggle rolling up stairs or hills. I consider it a hassle at this point as one needs a lot of built up momentum to overcome hills and slopes, making it very tedious - not to mention ur doing this with the constant energy drain. Additionally, I feel like Grendel is missing something in terms of offensive abilities. I mean, I get it - I can swallow enemies, and digest them, but what do they do besides buff me? I feel like he needs something that will give his offensive abilities a little more kick! Idea/Suggestion: Perhaps when he regurgitates, or when he digests/consumes an enemy, if you hold down his second ability (or first), he releases a belch/burp in a cone which procs toxic damage. That way, there is actually a direct damage dealing ability, and it fits nicely with his design, being that he eats a lot, and burps a lot. Just an idea It also would be nice to not need an enemy swallowed b4 you can activate his 4th ability - that seems a bit odd to me to require him ingest an enemy first, but thats just me
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