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  1. Or simply recognize not everyone celebrates X-Mas, or Hanukkah Kwanza and are more than happy to farm during the holiday season.
  2. Or dual wield melee and gun.
  3. Funny thing... The game had flashlight-like chest devices that auto-activated in dark areas in the game's early days
  4. Yikes. Well I hope Dirty Bomb receives more regular updates like Warframe...
  5. This ^^ and Korea vs China. Privately owned Vs Public... etc etc..
  6. I agree a visual on status proc'd enemies would be nice.
  7. I see thanks. I thought you had to proc a status effect with the melee on which you have Condition O. equipped. Now! If I'm understanding correctly... I could induce or proc status effect on enemy with primary/secondary then attack with melee for the dmg buff and/or use a high status melee...?
  8. Its a multiplicative bonus... You don'tt get a different variety of buffs...or at least that was my understanding. You get +60% damage for each status type applied. Since we have a buff icon for Chroma's Vex Armor then I would think an icon for Condition Overload is doable. I just want to see it's active an how much +dmg I have accumulated.
  9. Simple request... Can we get a buff notification/icon when Condition Overload procs/activates? I see one appear for Dispatch Overdrive.
  10. Definitely not mandatory. But I would love support for Ansel in Warframe so I can take screen shots from any angle and make use of the post-processing filters and super-resolution. http://www.geforce.com/whats-new/articles/ansel-revolutionizing-game-screenshots
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