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  1. LabraD0rk

    The War Within: Hotfix 19.1.1+

    That argument makes more sense. Still, it's gotta e a chore to balance this game for vets and new folk alike.
  2. LabraD0rk

    The War Within: Hotfix 19.1.1+

    Thanks guys, can't wait to see how this Ash rework and sortie changes work out!
  3. LabraD0rk

    The War Within: Hotfix 19.1.1+

    What does your connection have to do with game balance? Sorry to hear that... team game though?
  4. LabraD0rk

    The War Within: Hotfix 19.1.1+

    Prior to this update the Nitain Alert on Neptune was bugged. 3 attempts and it never spawned enough enemies until all players abandoned except for one.
  5. LabraD0rk

    Valkyr Prime Arrives November 22!!

    Money primed! Tenno, get your credit cards ready. Your paypal will be accessed shortly.
  6. LabraD0rk

    Hotfix 19.0.6+

    Are the extractors broken or are there additional nodes on the planets? I can't seem to collect or deploy any extractors.
  7. Thanks for working so hard guys! Anything worth doing is worth doing well and we all appreciate what you are doing, now go get them bugs!!!
  8. Tenno, an update is inbound -- holdout as long as you can.
  9. LabraD0rk

    July 3Rd: Community Hot Topics!

    I don't think that the fix on greedy pull is a step in the right direction. Limiting team play of any frame's ability doesn't seem like a right decision. I feel the solution could have been implemented in a different way.
  10. Is it possible to actually outline what the issue is? I understand that it is creating a game type where a team stays stationary -- but it is also allowing teams to get to higher levels. In my opinion you've not created any monsters here. Teams that don't want a GMag in their party ask you not to bring one into the party. Teams that do play for hours together and feel rewarded. It was also brought up in your DEV Stream that "No cool downs" is an inherent philosophy in the game design. The idea was dismissed without even being explored as an option. A cool down would make it more difficult to feed the frames that benefit from the energy brought in by gpull and keep Gmags from trolling other people, which are the only two problems with the ability that I can see. I think that the last note here is that Gpull made mag viable at something. She doesn't have CC abilities that scale; she doesn't have the life or armour that make her survivable; She doesn't have the ability to be a damage or support build. So, by nerfing gpull as a team ability, it looks like it's the bench for mag. Please pay attention to that metric! After a certain level there are frames that never see the light of day again and Mag is one of them. Sure -- FCrush is great, until enemies hit lvl 30ish. Also -- was the number of hours played or time spent in missions taken into account when looking at the amount of players using gpull? You guys are smart people so I expect that you're looking at the bigger picture, but isn't having people play the game and spend on platinum the goal? If people want to log in and play for 4 hours by pressing 1, why not let them? Farmville does essentially that very thing. I never take a gmag to a fight that isn't a def or an intercept -- but that's just me? Certain frames are OP when in certain situations, Loki in a spy mission?
  11. LabraD0rk

    Hotfix 16.5.5

    Has anyone else lost their progress for Tube Men of Regor? I was at two - now I'm at zero. Where should I post this? :-/ Merp
  12. LabraD0rk

    Hotfix 16.4.5 + +

    But... but the Tonkor was so fun! I loved getting bounced - it added loads of comic relief. Here we are again, a bunch of humourless whiners ruined the fun for the rest of us! We sillysters need to be more outspoken about what we like.
  13. LabraD0rk

    Psa/heads Up: 16.4 Eta Thread

    Thank you! This game keeps gettign better and better.