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  1. Yeah i always turn on reflection and refraction, for the materials too, and i usually use a bunch of lights instead of an hdri. I dont really know what light probes are, so ill look into that. As for now, i got a bit of relfection, I had set specular to 0, so bumping that up worked, but now it is way too shiny. https://imgur.com/kLd1KKg https://imgur.com/rmM9d4g it doesnt seem like a result of too much light, though dimming everything does help, there will always be an angle where it;ll look like that, and it now seems more blown out, and nothing like a warframe material should. My textures follow the tennogen guideline, and I take reference from sketchfab models other artists post for tennogen, but it feels like blender renders incorrectly
  2. Does someone who do tennogen use eevee instead of something like marmoset for their renders? if so, could I look at how your materials are set up and/or how your compositing is done. if not, is there a sort of universal treatment you give to all your renders that isnt native to the program you use? (like contrasts or vignettes) As of now my renders always look out of place, as if lighting does nothing to it, and its all way too evenly lit, like it isn't reflecting anything. Thanks in advance
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