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  1. I took it as both. The Necramechs were dumb but reliable for it, the Tenno were smart, and look where that got the Orokin!
  2. ...You literally just forma the non-Naramon stuff and possibly use an Umbral Forma if you absolutely insist on Umbral Intensify(not sure why you would but w/e), if you do use an Umbral Forma the Umbral Intesify should fit just fine into the ~300% str/~200% duration build, the Vazarin's give you duration and the Madurai from P Cont gives you Blind Rage. Augur Secrets and Message exist so you can probably get away with two Naramon Polarities, Primed Flow is never bad so you can prolly just keep that so that's another Naramon Polarity... You know, I'm 95% sure that if I was willing to bother
  3. ...This isn't Tridolon Meta, having a Meta for A Task is fine. What's not fine is having One Meta for EVERYTHING. For example, Bullet Jumping currently exists because for a long time there were only TWO melee weapons that anyone used because those were the two that enabled Coptering. Most large nerfs to things happen because things are becoming the only thing used. The only reason you'd need to do this is if you wanted to do a bunch of very precise builds. As in, if you needed three different builds that all hit different precise breakpoints and no higher or lower on different stats. O
  4. Then why are Weakened version explicitly stated to be "too weak to fight off the Infestation alone"?
  5. ... ... ...Do you even read? They weren't infested until we found one that was too weak to keep fighting off the Infestation and so we use Mutagens and Antigens to manipulate the Infestation so we get a friendly pal instead of an Infested Pawn. In the wild they aren't Infested.
  6. Show me the game where you can have one character have every viable build where there's more than one such build So there's ABSOLUTELY NOTHING you'd find more interesting? Also, of course, this WAS a response to "why are people against Universal Forma" sooooo... I have a Trin P with an EV build, Blessing Build, and Solo Build on the same frame. EV is max Range and Power(using Overextended is personal opinion), minimum Duration Blessing is max Duration Solo Build blends everything so I can make effective use of Link and Blessing's stacked DR and keep my energy up
  7. Because the only other reason I can think of that you'd actually need to reforma for a new build is if you went and stuck three of the same polarities on a build. And even then you should only need one reforma'ing.
  8. It may or may not cause game breaking bugs, it may or may not divert dev attention from other things that are more interesting. Not really. Again, the big heavyweights in capacity generally share polarities, Duration, Power, and Range, between them, all have mods in each of Vazarin, Naramon, Madurai. The only reason you'd need three distinct polarity set ups for those "13 builds"(most of which wouldn't actually BE different mod set ups), would be if you over forma'd or had some nonexistent reason to care about the specific order of the mods.
  9. 1. Power and Armor, with Range 2. Range and Possibly Duration 3. Obviously Power, probably some range 4. Power and Range Vazarin(D) and Madurai(V) polarities are critical for all of these, some use for Naramon(Bar)... bet you could fit all four builds in with 2 Vazarin, a Madurai, and a Naramon Frost. If you REALLY wanted to use the Umbral mods things would get tough for the Avalanche build, but that would almost certainly be true with Universal Forma as well. Warframe's are not weapons, you don't have elemental mods that need to be in certain orders and have th
  10. Ok, present me with a frame you'd actually use at least 4 distinct builds on regularly. With at least the build ideas. Btw, they'd better be VERY different or I'll have a way to achieve the goal without a universal forma. Four different Augments does not Universal Forma require.
  11. Constraints create fun. My own experience is that there tends to be a very narrow band of constraint loosening where fun increases, and basically the instant you leave it the fun just goes away. Aura's are a VERY weird case, both because they increase capacity rather than costing capacity, but also because a bunch of Aura's are basically pure QoL and a bunch of the ones that are important are VERY important in specific cases(for instance, a group using a carefully calculated Corrosive Projection set up for armor stripping that isn't QUITE complete for Eidolon's to maximize damage), but
  12. I have an Ivara P right now with 0 Forma and three different builds, one for Infiltrate, one for Concentrated Arrow, and a range boosting build for Conservation. My Equinox Prime only needs 2 forma for me to have both Room Nuke and Peaceful Provocation. It's NOT hard to figure out a low forma flex build, you just look at what mods share similar polarities and basically ALL of the critical mods are on like, 2 polarities, soooooo.
  13. How exactly do you judge "Protecting a Target", how do figure out how much "team buffs" are contributing, what happens when two nukeframes are on the same team?
  14. If the mission is killing things they're great at it! Also, the Necramechs apparently can NORMALLY at least tell friend from foe given both the Ally Necramechs and the way Loid says that they currently can't like it's weird that they can't. So like, you could probably entrust them with plenty of missions that Warframes do these days since a bunch of what we do doesn't really require anything more complex than "know friend from foe and can do damage". But Spy and Capture would probably be beyond their capacity. and it's possible that they couldn't really DO escorts and once Mimics h
  15. "Dumb as a bag of hammers and just as reliable" is how Father describes them during the quest. While no one ever outright SAYS they were too dumb for missions more complicated than "go here and shoot everything" there's certainly an implication.
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