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  1. Saw a post on the Reddit about this but I can only imagine being MR 8 spending 10 minutes putting bullets into a level 5 Kuva Lich only to get your back snapped in two because you have the mod sequence wrong. I'm MR 27 and can solo the thing even surrounded by other level 100 Grineer. But someone who hasn't put 2k hours in game stumbling on the Lich system? If they mercy kill a Larvaling not knowing they will get their resources taxed until the kill the Lich an each time they fail the Lich becomes stronger and the enemy level higher? I could see the Lich systems really scaring away newish players.
  2. I would really like to know why Kuva Quartakk doesn't use the Alt fire button. Same thing with Quatz for that matter. Like I get that the dev team wanted to make unique weapons and both are truly unique, but really some times the simple solution is the best solution. Most other primary and secondaries utilize the alt fire button to change firing modes except these two guns. Why? I can't say for certain, but I have to imagine a lot of people would prefer these two guns use the alt fire button like nearly every other gun does. There is no limitation that is preventing us players from utilizing semi auto fire and auto fire in both hip firing and ADS.
  3. DE, please. Why are punished for using her abilities if her two (Immolation) is on and the gauge is maxed. Why? Gauss also has a meter and becomes better with it maxed. You use Gauss' abilities so you can max it, and once it is maxed you want to push it further by using more abilities while his 4 is on. Why can't Ember be the same way? By the time you hit 90 with her heat gauge you have to use her expensive Fire Blast just so you don't get penalized with energy drain. And Fire Blast still cost 75 energy even though it's low damage and seemingly based on line of sight. Seriously, her meter should just be innate for one just like Gauss. Using her Fire Ball and Inferno should raise the gauge. Using her Immolation should allow you to use the gauge for damage reduction that scales in the same way that Shattered shield and Splinter Storm, a.k.a. scale with power strength and have an additional trait. The additional trait being the more you fill the heat gauge, the more bonus heat damage you do. According to the Wiki, Fireball gets bonus charge speed the more heat you have and Inferno does more damage the more heat you have along with Fireblast stripping more armor. All this is fine, but the way the heat gauge and Immolation is set up now is if you're low on energy and you see you gauge hit max you might not have enough energy to cast Fireblast to lower you temperature. So you then have to turn off Immolation and lose your damage reduction. It's actually more energy efficient to turn off Immolation when your heat is maxed but than you have to start the process of building heat again leaving you vulnerable. Neither Gauss, Mesa, nor Gara have these problems yet the have similar mechanics. These issue can be fixed if you make the Heat gauge cool off with time and using her 3 (and make her 3 cheaper) while allowing her to get damage reduction that scales with power strength and stop having Immolation drain energy. Please make it 50 energy to cast and have it scale in damage reduction like Shatter Shield and Splinter Storm.
  4. I rather you put the new mods and arcanes in the Arbiter's shop rather then they be drop rewards. The drop pool for Arbitrations is diluted enough, especially since getting mutliple copies of the Ephemera is meaningless. Please reconsider. I think the Arbitration shop is generally well implemented; I can play Arbitration for the specific currency (V Essence) with a bonus of getting Endo, and I can turn in that currency for the rewards I want. I like this token system. Like, I'm fine with the prices for the rewards increasing. At least I know what I am grinding for and can save up for it and not be at the mercy of RNG. The Ayatana and Endo is incentive enough to keep playing the mode. It will be even more so depending on the exchange rate of Kuva. So please, do not expand the drop pools in Arbitration with even more things. Especially since most of these mods seem VERY niche and situational. If I'm doing end game content, which Arbitrations is supposed to be, it so I can get the best gear to further maximize my build. Not ruin it with gimmick mods like Bladed Restraint and Verticality. Honestly, why would I slot in Bladed Restraint? Combo is not hard to build or maintain. If I have melee focused team mates they are going to be optimized for it. I would have to use melee to help their melee but I would be gimping myself in the process. Sorry if this sounds like just straight complaining. Just seems like for every good change there are two questionable ones.
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