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  1. I mean, Brozime is the quintessential meta-slave min-maxer, I would at least trust him. Anyways I was lucky enough to play in the test server and can confirm that enemies are significantly tougher than their lvl. 100 counterparts. So much so that planning your loadout becomes a must and coop is highly advised. I feel like CC frames have a shot at becoming relevant again, but only those that can actually survive on it's own (Rhino rather than Vauban).
  2. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  3. Those excavation suggestions sound very intriguing to me, would love to see them have a test run on the Cluster. I've come to the conclusion that captures are a "dummy" mission type, only useful for speedrunning relics. Unless we all agree to radically change how they function, there's no way of rendering them interesting with only minor adjustments.
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