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  1. Sorry OP, but as a long time Wukong player (not a "main," because I don't think that concept applies well in WF), I want to hijack your thread. What does Wukong really need (which was woefully neglected with the rework)? ***NEW SOUNDS*** Please.... Please.... they're awful.... especially the hitting/striking sound of Ruyi Jingu Bang.
  2. Agreed - I would skip any augment mod changes they have planned for Primal Fury and easily accept instead an Exodia Hunt-style pull-on-slam. It was huge fun, and consistent with the Monkey King's eccentric type of combat. I've seen a couple of versions of Journey to the West with enemies being bounced around a lot like the hilarious animations produced by Exodia Hunt. It's a pity that the Tek mod that theoretically does the same thing is 100% waste-of-slot garbage.
  3. I'm perfectly fine with DE writing its own rulebook, without getting tied down to traditional models of what "endgame" content means. They've done a fine enough job for me so far.
  4. To be clear, in my original post, I never said "too tough." I said it wasn't fun. My regular team did the 4000+ pt. endurance run in last week's operation on the first try, and dropped every demolyst. It wasn't easy, but we managed. Unlike other events or challenges in WF, including events in past years that included nullifiers and the like, it was simply not enjoyable to have our frames' abilities constantly wiped out or rendered inaccessible. Unfun.
  5. I like to characterize gaming design decisions as one of two choices: fun or unfun. Oversimplifcation? Sure, but it's efficient, and not necessarily directed at the short-term fix. Some things that are a big challenge, or a grind, may be short-term frustrating, but the sense of accomplishment that comes from overcoming these obstacles might be an overall positive (i.e., fun). With all the Corpus content in recent months (Fortuna, Gas City) there's been a huge increase in the frequency of nullifying mobs/traps/etc. Disruption missions are the latest (and worst) implementation of this phenomenon, including melee nullifiers that pop frequently and run right into you. Doing any Orb Vallis content for an extended period of time (e.g., toroid runs) will pop tons of nullifer and scrambus/comba mobs. I didn't have issues with the spawn rate/prevalence of nullifer mobs in corpus/corrupted missions before. Now, it's a big part of what's keeping me and my regular group of RL gaming buddies from getting invested into all the new WF content. Having to constantly recast abilities, check on other buffs on group members, and simply being prohibited from using any abilities takes away from all the unique fun of the frames. This game might as well be a generic FPS shooter if the uptime on our WF abilities is completely tanked. Yesterday, for example, I was solo farming toroids, allowing 1-2 alert beacons up, as I didn't want a crazy mess of mobs. I ended up having my buffs nullified so often I just gave up on recasting them and relied solely on my weapons. Unfun. DE, find another way to make your game challenging. Its no secret that constantly making new frames, with new frame abilities, is a big part of your business model. More nullifiers and their variants defeats this selling point. It's a big reason why out of my 4 group members, 3 of us gave up on Fortuna progression, and why none of us are going to ever do another disruption mission again.
  6. Ether Sword gets my top vote. The default colors work well with the light effects (at least, when the graphics settings are turned up a bit); it's a very elegant blade. Unfortunately, it's still a wet noodle in combat. Hopefully melee 3.0 will give it a new life.
  7. I'd say Chroma gets it easy compared to other frames. For example, Harrow really gets screwed now anywhere on Jupiter. He requires a lot of preparation time spent on managing his buffs (especially his #3), which is immediately rendered useless by idiot mobs that pop instantly next to him or charge quickly into him, making a complete waste of all the prep time. Chroma & Rhino can just hit a couple of keys, get their buffs, and get back in business; Harrow can easily be low on energy and/or shields and be stalled from getting back in the fight again, after which another idiot mob can just pop up or run in again and roll back any progress that was recovered. In case DE is wondering, this is simply un-fun, not a "challenge."
  8. I agree wholeheartedly with removing the Renewal energy drain from Nekros' specters, but some of this information is wrong. The Renewal buff stays in one spot; casting Hallowed Ground anywhere does not enable the basic Renewal heal buff to be gained by an ally. All that Hallowed Ground does is give an armor buff to an ally who is already affected by the same Oberon's Renewal heal buff. Hallowed Ground can be recast all over the place, giving many opportunities for a Renewal heal-buffed ally to also gain the armor buff, but the only way to change where the main Renewal buff can be acquired is by recasting it. If an Oberon casts Hallowed Ground and an unbuffed ally walks over it, the ally gets neither a heal nor an armor buff. They have to go back to the Renewal's original cast location to get the heal buff, then back to a Hallowed Ground for the armor buff. DE really needs to make Renewal less complicated, or at least give the cast location a persistent visible effect to show people where it is while it's active. It's hard to direct a party to a new Renewal casting spot when the buff drops off due to falling off the map or running out of juice.
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