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  1. Did the Tigris suffer from the status changes? Undoubtedly. Does it deserve some revisions? I do think so. Same for the Zakti, and many other weapons. That being said your post is full of hyperboles. Inaccurate, and even plain wrong statements. It sounds whiny and disrespectful. That's counter-productive. I understand you're angry and disappointed. But an objective, factual feedback post is more likely to be taken serioulsy and to get DE's attention.
  2. If i understand correctly, that would turn non-burst weapons into (auto)2-burst weapons? I like the general idea, but that's adding a new layer of damage multiplication... Might be overpowered, since ammo rarely is an issue. We would still have to reload twice as often yes, but that's not enough of a drawback imo. Maybe diminished damage, increased recoil, or spread etc on top of the ammo consumption would be more reasonable? But things must be kept simple enough to fit in the mod's description area :) And i vaguely feel like it would lead to some unexpected issues with some weapons. It w
  3. Zephyr is quite a versatile frame. She can protect herself, objectives and teammates from gunfire, has great mobility, decent crowd control... and yes, she can even deal ridiculous damage too. Also i like that various builds are totally viable with 2-3 slots left for QoL mods and augments. She's unique and overall well balanced imo. There is still room for improvement though. 1st ability: - please instantly remove all momentum from Tail Wind's air dash when we hit an obstacle frontally. It's currently annoying (and looks silly) to keep pushing against a wall for a second
  4. In it's current state Kulstar's recoil is just an extremely uncomfortable visual effect. As others have pointed out, it doesn't affect aiming at all because it resets before the next shot even with firerate mods (on top of lethal torrent). Wide amplitude or fast reticle/camera movement are fine, but the combination of both here is unbearable. Steady hands and ADS should be optional, not something mandatory to avoid motion sickness or epileptic seizure. Anyways, torpedoes are self propelled, and their ejection shouldn't cause such ridiculously violent recoil. If it was added fo
  5. This has been suggested many many times. It would reduce randomness by a factor 20 or more, and thus lower prices, too much for that to be accepted by many players, who make a lot of plat by selling rare rolls (not judging). For the same reasons, or at least the former, DE would probably be even less likely to consider it, even if it cost hundreds of thousands of kuva. To me it seems they are overall satisfied with how the riven system currently works, it's probably a very delicate balance so they are understandably reluctant to tweak it, especially in such an impactful way.
  6. I forgot to mention i did some of these tests with viral only (instead of viral+heat), vs various regular enemies, and with identical results. That is, adding ms above 13 increases damage in the same proportions with all beams over a full clip, despite not adding damage to individual, limited beams. Viral caps at 10 in less than a sec, used alone it removes damaging procs complexity and randomness out of the equation. Logically, i believe these tests would have yielded the same results without any status procs at all. So i don't see, a priori, how electric/tox/gas DoT procs vs a Specter could
  7. About the Phage, adding multishot ... - per beam, doesn't increase tick damage, nor average total damage dealt with a full clip - per beam, doesn't increase status DoT tick damage - doesn't increase the number of visible beams beyond 13 regardless of number displayed in arsenal UI, which can be >13 - BUT, when all beams hit the same target (not necessarily fully focused), ms DOES accordingly increase total damage dealt with a full clip, including at ms values >13. I've verified all these myself very thoroughly, and it begs the following question: - how increasing mu
  8. Perhaps lecturing people, demeaning, calling them names, and being overall dismissive towards their concerns, objections and differing opinions, isn't the most effective way to convince them to change their mind? Also, you seem to be confusing conspiracy with conspiracy theories.
  9. I think a growing proportion of the playerbase is becoming increasingly rude, intolerant and overall socially inept. I realize that there's no offense intended most of the time, but it's still unpleasant. Of course that's just my opinion and how i (and a few other people it seems) perceive these behaviours. Anyway, and more objectively, this game doesn't incentivize cooperation, compromises and communication at all. And at the same time, there is no clear invitation to friendly competion either, outside of a few events. It seems to me that Warframe isn't actually intended to be a "multipl
  10. Hi, is this bug fixed for you after the after the 29.1.0 update? Zymos seems to work fine now, but for me Sepulcrum's missiles still don't home in if not the host.
  11. unfortunately the bug where the alt-fire homing doesn't work for client, as reported here , still isn't fixed (at least for me). I noticed a small improvement though: playing as a client, in some missions it might now work the first 1-3 times i use it, but then completely stop working again.
  12. Thanks for the update! Glad to see our feedback about Sepulcrum's homing and lock-on have been taken into consideration. edit: The sepulcrum's alt fire feels much more responsive now (playing as the host) thanks to the timing tweaks. However, and while Zymos seems to work fine now both for hosts and clients, unfortunately Sepulcrum's missiles still don't home in at all if i'm not the host :(
  13. Yeah it should deal lethal damage (like the old covert lethality did) to the main target, blowing up their head regardless of their level, armor or hp. I don't think that would be OP given the single target headshot requirement, and how slow the gun is. In the meantime we could kill them twice with other guns anyway, not to mention melee. Also some enemies simply don't have a head. Just make an exception for bosses. edit: ah forgot marked for death... make sure to only apply lethal damage to the enemy who got headshoted then, and current regular damage to everything else.
  14. Playing survival, killing some baddies? That guy will ostensibly walk a step ahead, right in front of you, blocking your aim and angrily meleeing your targets while the squad is outflanked. Doing more kills anyway? Ok then, that guy will go lone wolf as far away as possible, screwing up spawns for everyone. Doing a spy vault? That guy just HAS to try and recklessly do it faster than you. Going to hack a console, or pick up a catalyst? Yes, as ridiculous as it sounds, that guy WILL try to reach it before you. Bewildered, you type "dude, i'm on it FFS". But that guy doesn't care, he never reads
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