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  1. I've put 6 forma on mine since i recently got a very good riven for cheap. Also primed mods. It worked well against corpus and infested, even without the riven, but almost everything does. Against grineer and corrupted, and with the riven, it's good enough up to around lvl 80. A slight buff would definitely be most welcome indeed. Not sure where though. Overall i find the akarius waaay better. One thing i dislike is the very small radius of the individual rockets explosion. It has an extremely large spread when charged (despite the fixed pattern, which is nice), and with a radius of only 3m, past close range, half of the volley's damage can be wasted even when shooting at groups. Firing uncharged shots is less wasteful, but too slow and the very strong recoil is headache-inducing. I know there's fulmination, but the radius is still barely more than half of an unmodded akarius' missile, wich is 6m. I would give it a 4-5 meter radius (off topic but the torid needs this too), and much less recoil for uncharged shots.
  2. There's an option in our profile to receive warframe's newsletter. I haven't tried it, but still receive promotional emails about the big updates once or twice a year, which is reasonable imo. However being offered to choose what i want to be regularly kept informed about would be nice, and i'd probably be more interested in signing up then. OP clearly mentioned he would be interested in receiving notifications when he doesn't play warframe, so he wouldn't be active anyway.
  3. Don't shoot through a door or above a closed orokin pillar with explosives while standing next to them. Keep an eye on your teammates, don't stand between them and enemies, use walls to cover your back, shoot from the flanks, higher grounds, ledges etc. Flameblade got you by surprise? well that's their job. Again, position yourself so as to prevent that. Trying to kill an arctic eximus at point blank with explosives is another bad idea... Look, i'll totally admit that in the heat of action, self damage can't be avoided 100% of the time. But outside of arbitrations, which are meant to be a challenge, i doubt you ever failed a mission because of these. Downing oneself once in a while is no big deal, just embarrassing enough to incentivise a more careful playstyle, which is a good thing imo. Don't let that stop you from blowing stuff up 🙂
  4. A most welcome addition. I'm looking forward to the glorious (but risky) kabooms.
  5. Yeah that's why i never do bosses siphons, especially Kril. Too many bugs. Since these will never be fixed, asking for a removal from the siphon missions pool might be the most pragmatic option indeed. Still unlikely to happen though, for obvious reasons.
  6. Like a few others in this thread, i also consider self damage an acceptable, and often necessary tradeoff for AoE. I don't think the fact that some powerful AoE weapons with no self damage are already available is a valid argument in favour of it's complete removal. In contrary, i'd rather give self damage to something like the shedu, or staticor for example. My reasoning is that, if all AoE weapons could be used at their full potential with no significant drawback... then assault rifles and precision weapons would be even more left behind than they are now. And i don't see how these could be made attractive enough to catch up, especially in a horde shooter. As a more personal note, i'd also say that if i don't need to be cautious, to position strategically or in general be aware of anything, i quickly get bored. Click carelessy, and everything dies? Sorry not much interested. Just my opinion!
  7. If you don't use or care about these weapons, why are you complaining?
  8. Oh it definitely is competitive for many people. Just a common example: have you never waited at extraction for that guy who keeps killing stuff, desperately trying to get the highest damage %... in a capture mission? While competition in a pve game may seem vain to you and me, some competitive-minded people will stop at nothing, even the most ridiculous means, including exploiting bugs or compromising mission success. And when they repeatedly fail to be "number 1", unfortunately they often turn their anger towards others.
  9. Too many people would abuse it and abort or even alt-F4 out of the game the second they get that blueprint, or whatever they wanted.
  10. People's crazy, compulsive behavior is ruining it. Why would anyone repeat the same alienating 30 seconds loop again and again and again, and clearly not having any fun doing that, just for the sake of obtaining a virtual item as soon as possible? What's the point? Sounds insane to me, and i'm beginning to understand now why authorities are increasingly concerned about the unhealthy consequences of video games addiction.
  11. @Chewarette according to the official reward tables, these drones have 0.25% drop chance as a railjack end-of-mission reward. That's the second lowest drop chance for anything in the game, just behind the 0.18% legendary core from sorties, and rarer than the 0.37% omni ammo box from capture missions (which i only got once in 5 years). For most people it could just have been totally removed from the game. Not saying it's a good or bad thing, just wanted to point that out.
  12. DE: "Sure! Here, have 5000 credits." Just kidding, i know that was an example for hidden rewards. Which i approve of, if they're good enough.
  13. Wow i'm so glad i didn't spend any platinum or resources on railjack.
  14. Bump. Still bugged. Please fix!
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