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  1. I see, those who agree whith you are reasonable, others are not. Obviously. Well, have fun trying to convince people with your false assumptions and personal attacks 🙄
  2. I never said that. I said many people complain about it. Not that they are a majority. - it's only "hyper-fast" if you want it to be. You want super-fast? Forget guns altogether and use macro spin 2 win like everyone else. - you don't need to stand still to avoid self damage, why would you? Where did you get that from? - OMG careful aim might be required in a shooting game! Gentle sarcasm aside, NO, once you get used to it you don't even have to aim more carefully than with any precise weapon (and i'm not even talking about landing headshots, about which no one ever complained). Just shooting in the enemies' general direction is enough, as expected from AoE weapons. The only requirements in order to avoid self-damage 99% of the time are paying attention to your position, and to your surroundings. Which are very basic skill in almost every action-oriented games, not only shooters. It might even be useful IRL, so that you won't step on lego, bump against furniture, or fall off a cliff while texting. Try it out 🙂
  3. So, if it doesn't have a "meaningful gameplay consequence", why would people complain so much about self damage? You're just admitting that they do it for other reasons, not related to serious gameplay issues. Which was obvious anyway, and lead me to question their true motives.
  4. I wouldn't mind a very slight buff to these weapons, but don't forget that kavats and kubrows can only attack from melee range, which is worsened by terrible AI and frequent pathfinding issues. Sentinels can keep shooting, while k&k tend to only attack once in a blue moon.
  5. There's already at least 1 player equipped with ignis wraith in each and every mission... i don't want to see more of them, thanks.
  6. How often do you fail a mission because of self damage? If you're that careless, maybe you should simply consider using one of the many harmless AoE weapons instead, as they're obviously more suited for mindless shooting. If you're not, then self damage really isn't a problem. I understand that one's ego might get some bruises as they keep downing themselves in a casual shooting game, but i really hope this isn't the true reason why so many complain about self damage here.
  7. Is it reasonable to expect every frame to kill 8x lvl165 heavy armored units in 5 seconds with their abilities? She already have crazy mobility and team buffing.
  8. Turns out that spending thousands of plats on garbage rivens for an obviously overperforming weapon before the first few hotfixes was a bad idea.
  9. Bad game design -> players use what tool they have to overcome the issues -> devs removes tools instead of fixing issues.
  10. Nice! Could you fix the multishot on ocucor too please? MS mods only account for half of their value since release. And by the way, it also suffers from a couple other bugs and issues, mostly related to the tendrils: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1067763-ocucor-is-still-glitched/?tab=comments#comment-10570406 https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1061216-ocucor-is-still-broken/?tab=comments#comment-10518960 https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1072417-ruinous-extension-removes-range-from-ocucors-homing-lasers/?tab=comments#comment-10601619 https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1068739-ocucor-tendrils-tracking-disabled/?tab=comments#comment-10576379 https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1032966-ocucor-only-half-of-multishot-accounted-for-in-beams-damage-and-completely-ignored-in-tendrils-damage-also-tendrils-have-no-effect-on-the-beams-target/ More: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Ocucor (see bugs section and comments)
  11. If the "best weapons" usage won't decrease significantly despite the nerfs, i don't see how "other weapons" usage could improve significantly as a result. Unless maybe you think that nullifying months of their efforts and investment will entice people to spend more time in the game overall? Convectrix, tysis, synapse, stug and the others will keep gathering dust, the only thing that these updates will do is make people more angry and distrustful.
  12. Huge nerfs to what people like, and minute buffs to what they don't. It doesn't take a psychic to foresee where that'll lead to. If we're not interested in the weakest, ugliest, most awkward weapons's despite their rivens' 200-300% bonuses, 5% is unlikely to change our mind. In contrast, litterally halving our most beloved rivens stats over just 2 updates will surely leave quite a sour aftertaste and make more and more people hesitant about investing into rivens altogether. I'm not sure what DE is really trying to achieve here... maybe they realized rivens are a bad idea in the long run, but can't just remove them at once so they're slowly kill it instead?
  13. If you really have to make enemies 50% easier, at least please increase further the level of those farther away from fortuna entrance. That way everyone can find a challenge and beginners will have an incentive to get better, instead of just being able to explore the whole map safely right away with an unmodded starter frame. Give them a sense of progression.
  14. That's around 90k dps with a crit build,a punchtrough mod and no riven 😮
  15. After the few tweaks that occurred for some weapons more than a year ago, and since dispo of recently primed 5/5 weapons weren't adjusted at all, i thought that DE abandoned the idea of mass riven disposition change across the board. Especially given the absolute lack of communication about it, even in the game itself. I thought it was now safe to assume that rivens were overall in a stable state. I was obviously wrong. Expanding and perfecting my riven collection was what occupied me between the increasingly sparse updates and events. I rolled them thousands of times and collected more than a million kuva. Sometimes also bought very specific ones. Oh, and maxed my slots, bought 2 years worth of resources boosters, and countless formas and potatoes for weapons i would not have been interested in otherwise. That was a huge time investment. Now sunken cost fallacy may be well, a fallacy, my interest in rivens dropped to zero nonetheless and is very unlikeley to recover. With it also vanished almost any long term incentive to play, or spend platinum. This sudden, inconsiderate, and badly thought out change is the straw that broke the camel's back. I know this feedback will probably just be more fuel for the sick joy so many people seem to get from the disappointment of others here, but i don't care much anymore. Have fun with that.
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