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  1. This has been requested so. many. times... And for good reasons! I wonder why DE, who implemented recoil the most headache-inducing way imaginable in this game, refuses to give us such a simple, inoffensive mod? It wouldn't even really have any impact on shotguns' damage application, as opposed to precise weapons (for which it is exilus compatible, nonetheless). And no, rivens, as much as i like them, should not be the only solution.
  2. Sporelacer primary has exactly the same issues. Not enough ammo for an exterminate mission, and pax charge is waaay too slow. That can be fixed with ammo mutation in exilus, but only on the highest damage grip, which has the least horrendous ammo economy. And that means not using a flight speed mod, almost mandatory given the ridiculously short falloff range (starts at 8m, one of the shortest of all shotguns, which doesn't make any sense for what is actually a bouncing grenades launcher!). The other, faster grips are even worse: with manual reload, you spend twice as much time reloading t
  3. Doing extermination in Corpus tilesets works well for this, thanks to the greatly increased number of lockers. Especially the old ones like Venus E-Gate, but new ones like Jupiter Carpo are ok too (more lockers but much wider rooms, so it might take a bit longer) Equip a fast moving frame, the master thief mod and something to quickly open containers, like the Ignis for example. If you have a Smeeta kavat, you can wait for a 2min double resource buff to go back and pick them all up. Don't wait more than the time it takes to open everything and finish the mission of course. You could
  4. This has been requested many many times. Being able to lock stats would make it too easy to get the exact +3-1 perfect roll. Everyone would use the same riven for a given weapon, instead of having to build with or around what they managed to get and settled with. DE nerfed rivens repeatedly despite the (likely) large extra income and interest they generated over the years, i doubt they would allow everyone to acquire that much power especially for cheap. Sure it's frustrating and discouraging to get bad rolls over and over when aiming for the perfect one, but we can also just sell a
  5. Among other tweaks, DE shortened the locking interval considerably after our feedback, which was a big improvement and much appreciated. That said, a larger reticle would probably further improve locking usability, indeed. The alt fire's little unwieldiness isn't too much of an issue in my opinion though, given how powerful it can be. And that's somewhat fitting the gun's "mega handcannon" theme many people asked for after Athodai. I wouldn't mind improved visibility for both the reticle and lock markers (small white losenges). Nothing too extreme though! Again not a big issue, just
  6. I'd rather keep having to do an occasional sidestep when someone blocks my shots, than seeing projectiles magically pass through them. That'd look too silly for my taste. Not strongly opposed to the idea, though.
  7. Robolaser

    Too Grindy

    There will always be many things each and every player won't be able to obtain by pure luck, or perseverance (i mean, realistically) This obviously is strongly incentivizing to either buy it in the ingame store, or from another player. That's the whole point. Sure it could be seen as taking advantage of some people's frustration management issues, but DE is a business first and foremost. Anything that could allow to completely bypass "bad luck" probably won't ever be implemented gamewide.
  8. Sellers wouldn't have visibility issues for their ads if buyers spent a few seconds setting up their filters. And those actively looking for buyers can set up their own too. How hard is that? Anyway, trade chat was too cluttered and moving too fast already long before rivens, i doubt separate channels would really help in that regard.
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