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  1. Sellers wouldn't have visibility issues for their ads if buyers spent a few seconds setting up their filters. And those actively looking for buyers can set up their own too. How hard is that? Anyway, trade chat was too cluttered and moving too fast already long before rivens, i doubt separate channels would really help in that regard.
  2. Sounds like a good idea, i didn't think about that. Would "kill two birds with one stone". But maybe that wouldn't be well received by players who don't like guns at all and almost exclusively use melee? I wanted to suggest something that could (i hope) appeal to them too instead of just going the coercive route. And yes i also wanted this to function a bit similarly to self damage recover, since it would probably make it easier to implement (although more complex than just disabling melee). It would require a few tweaks though, of course. Maybe it's possible to do both, make it interesti
  3. That old one has already been tweaked a lot. The weapon designers really tried to improve it (just look at the -nonexhaustive- patch history in the wiki!), and there have been positive changes. But unfortunately, looking at its very low usage stats and riven dispostion, they mostly failed overall. As a hopeless optimist however, i believe there may still be means to make it more useable even in 2021 Warframe (very different from when the weapon was introduced), while retaining its unique identity and complexity. Should most of its distinctive mechanics be kept, and to add to what OP
  4. I find melee in its current state way too simple and safe, especially for its tremendous relative power advantage over guns, and thus a bit uninteresting. Like others, i would also prefer melee to be made more risky than to be directly and dramatically nerfed. How about giving most enemies a parrying/blocking ability ? With variations of course, some of them being better at it than others (chance to succeed and/or stronger effect) : being blocked by an enemy could break our combo (stance), cost combo points (meter), cause stagger, pushback, or even knockdown for the strongest ones. These
  5. Warframe has changed a lot over the years. Inevitably, a different game attracts a different audience. There's still plenty of mature, laid back, and well mannered people though, they just increasingly avoid pub games. Which is unfortunate, but understandable.
  6. Did the Tigris suffer from the status changes? Undoubtedly. Does it deserve some revisions? I do think so. Same for the Zakti, and many other weapons. That being said your post is full of hyperboles. Inaccurate, and even plain wrong statements. It sounds whiny and disrespectful. That's counter-productive. I understand you're angry and disappointed. But an objective, factual feedback post is more likely to be taken serioulsy and to get DE's attention.
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