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  1. And it's not even the worst. Worst is that even when Investigator preset has the highest priority, Helios still can kill enemy in process of scanning.
  2. And Alad V will probably stay for a long time anyway. It's like with Vauban, you don't grind for it, you just occasionally run boss when you've gathered enough nav coordinates.
  3. Then how did I get 2 of 5 codex scans for Boilers yesterday? :)
  4. Spawn location can be in either of the clan halls, can be setup via console in desired hall. You should build halls in order, no way to avoid this. Personally I decided to build each hall on its own floor (more costly in regards to Forma, more logical overall): smallest hall on the first floor with array of reactors, next one - upstairs with a place for barracks, another one, on third floor - R&D department with labs, etc. Yes, there is, there's invert button when you're building it. Blue color means it goes down. Don't know about 4th question, honestly, guess they are deleted
  5. If only peacekeeper animation was more fluid.
  6. After finishing 1-2 missions quest don't show next step: After restarting client everything returns to normal (next step displays or, in this case, I've got a letter from Lotus).
  7. Don't always trust wiki. Here I thought chargers don't explode when killed by slash damage.
  8. But she's in Derelict Sabotage as well, which is kinda easier to get to.
  9. Do not repeat mistakes of Orokin, Tenno. Do not. ...oh well, I'm using gold/black/white/purple scheme myself.
  10. I hope with time Limbo mechanics will be perceived less like "troll shenanigans" and more like useful addition. That said, Vauban still works infinitely better at infested defence.
  11. Exactly. Still there's a problem of pickups, but as soon as bubble dissipates before next wave it's k.
  12. Definitely they are. Nothing changes at all for you except damage to all enemies in rift increases when Limbo uses Rift Surge.
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