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  1. I hope they already considering the following things: Normal/Elite Sanctuary Onslaught rewards change Different move sets for the high level enemies. Requirement for joining the high level missions. Preventing leeches XP farm in the high level missions.
  2. After tons of negative feedback, still Vazarin - Protective Dash 5 seconds invulnerability 60% Heal over 5 seconds No invulnerability Heal for 500 over 5 seconds, can’t stack Works at full effect Ok then... Now just seeing more players gonna fix their build for no reason...
  3. 哎。。。错过了:(本来之前还给过不少建议的 就等下次把
  4. This is a terrible decision, it's just pushing players to create builds for no reason. Getting rid of invulnerability means: You can't have warframes who can get easily killed in high level missions, go to a high level mission. For example, when we enter into high level missions... when our shield is down, enemies can easily kill the warframe in one shot... What we used to do is: enter into void mode, get the warframe invulnerability, and then wait till the shield goes up again. Now: we used the shield booster to get the shield up immediately so we don't get killed...Or we use rolling guard... Notice anything? YES... you force the players to use new build for no reason... And people just going to use warframes who are good at surviving instead of those warframe who are not 😞 Because less people use warframes who are bad at surviving, you WILL change those warframes who are good at surviving AGAIN.. See where this is going? One day, when they get tired...players are going to ask themselves: seriously is this even worth my time to invest? I put all my time on one focus ability, on one weapon...and it's getting nerfed.. People who don't play those will think: HA I don't play it anyway~~ Why did you guys even invest on it?~~ And that's the part I am really really worried about. You need to reward those who spend lot of time on building the skills, not create any conflicts between the players, don't let the players feel tired to hear about your ideas.
  5. 答案是:是的。两秒是你子弹耗完之后,然后开始自动填充,填充的时候会吸附近的敌人的血 的确是独特设计 若是子弹没有耗完 你途中自己填充也可以 那时候就是0.2秒 没错的 但是这把武器还是有bug的 有些时候我发现就算子弹耗完 自动填充也没有吸血。。。很奇怪 这把武器的确是有问题的 但是 因为这把武器其实并不流行 最近看周围人反应都十分的冷淡 估计也不会近期不会理就是了 你可以去客服上传个截图 剩下的就听天由命了
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