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  1. It's now the second time that my game crashed and when i want to start it again it checks for updates and loading a nonsense 6 gb update... The first time i let it download the “update” but now it wants to do it again... Not only that, even the update fails multiple times and brings me to the troubleshooting website, so i have to click at least 20 times to restart the download till its fully downloaded.
  2. Kuva Ogris and Kuva Brakk Riven got a hard hit but the NERF is not listed! I assume that was a misstake, please revert it as soon as possible. 🤢😡🙄😤
  3. Kuva Ogris Riven unnecessary got a hard hit but it is not listed, can you pls revert that mistake? Thaaaank you.
  4. Allways when i attempt to play 100 waves in a arbitration defence, suddently the mission starts to bug and its allways the same. Yesterday I had reached wave 90, when i noticed a very brief lag of a split second, then the whole Team dissapeard and the defence target vanished which led to a mission failed. ( lost around 80 essence) Today i played the same mission, i reached wave 75 and once again there was a brief lag, the team dissapeard but this time the opertor got killed because he still was on that possition where the last member has vanished (lost arround 50 essence). And thats was not the only time, i remember that i encounterd this problem multiple times before, but in larger time intervals so i didnt realy understand it right away, just thought the Def got oneshotted somehow. But this time however, it was 2 times in a row and now i can see a pattern. Since the upcoming Galvanised-Mods will be obtainable through Arbitration it is may a good time to look into it again. It is realy Realy frustrating, investing alot of time in something just to get nothing in the end.
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