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  1. I mean sure, at that point it's fun. But what's the point in playing it if you already got everything in RJ?
  2. I don't think team size is the problem, Empyrean is just a collection of insane management decision that came together to brew the perfect storm. - releasing at the absolute worst time in the year (just before a two-week holiday) - releasing with either none or the absolute minimum amount of playtesting - deciding to not to do simple mathematical analysis of the new systems they release (economy, rewards, ...) - boneheadedly refusing to release simple fixes that would have a major impact on the above mentioned - not firing whoever is responsible for UI decisions - not playing their own game - steadfast refusal to listen to their playerbase - etc.
  3. The problems with RJ have now been posted hundreds of times. They've been posted since the second if it's release and DE either knows about them or ignores them. So why waste time ennumerating them for the 1000. time?
  4. Never going to happen. The purpose of these RNG-stats is to spread the content out as far as possible to hide how shallow this new game-mode really is. They're not going to fix it.
  5. Nice changes but way too little to make this game mode worth playing. Still horrible RNG-loot with resource cost added to it, unequal rewards depending on the role you have to play (bad design for a game mode that requires roles), economy not addressed in any way, etc. etc.
  6. But that's the thing. I can't get it. If somebody buys all their prime parts or mods, no problem. I can just go out and farm the exact same parts. In the end you can't buy more power then I can achieve for the traditional Warframe parts. But RNG stats break that balance. You can buy Rivens, Kuva weapons and RJ parts with stats that I can never achieve because the chance to get them will be abysmally small. I'm not arguing against trading existing. I'm arguing against RNG-stats (or at least trading being possible for those elements).
  7. Oh god. Now we have reached full p2w. Yes, you can trade all other parts of the game right now but outside of rivens I can just farm them myself and will be as powerful as someone who bought them. Now credit-card-warriors can get in seconds what mill take me months (or forever).
  8. So this is going to be the state of Empyrean for the next two weeks. A lot of fixes, but still utterly broken. Maybe next time don't choose release dates based on memes.
  9. At this rate we will still have to suffer with a broken gamemode throughout the holidays. Still no universal loot sharing, or affinity sharing, or loot marking, or universal vacuum. Still ridiculous resource requirements and RNG stats on rare equipment. Still absurdly broken UI that manages to look pretty at the expanse of everything, etc. etc. And that in addition to all the existing bugs. Don't get me wrong, fixes and changes are nice but that this is still in such a bad shape a week after release just shows that it should never have been released in 2019.
  10. I know enough about programming and statistics that a) you're not going to get real rng anyway b) small tests are meaningless
  11. Why is the opposite of pure RNG getting everything in one run? There are a multitude of possible systems that don't rely on RNG stats that still take long to complete.
  12. Sorry to say but even after 6 Hotfixes you barely scratched the surface of the things wrong with this update. This could be such a great update but it was released in such a hilariously unfinished state that it's a constant love-hate-relationship. One moment I'm thoroughly enjoying myself, the next I'm reminded why I hate this update so much.
  13. Err, people complain constantly about that. They complain so much Blizzard completely changed the system in the upcoming patch (to something worse in my opinion, but hey ...). In fact I haven't seen an MMO with heavy RNG-based reward systems where people don't complain. It's mostly just that people enjoy the game enough that they still remain inspite of the bad reward system. But that only holds as long as that enjoyment lasts. If that goes, people will quit very quickly.
  14. So you're doubling down on the RNG-stats. It was bad with Rivens, worse with Liches and is now atrocious with Railjack. There are other ways to keep players engaged with content outside of RNG. Even if you insist on keeping the RNG in the game there are ways to mitigate the bad effects RNG has on rewards for players (easy example: keep stats random but add a way for us to improve those towards the maximum possible).
  15. Unless you did a very high number of runs (100+) single tests are meaningless.
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