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  1. We could replace Harrow w/ Oberon for now, Hallowed Ground negates KO's and magnetic procs, plus radiation dmg buff w/ 1 augment
  2. Can we please get a resource bonus weekend? Instead of 2 exp or another credits bonuses
  3. Can we please get resource bonus weekend? Instead of another credits or exp
  4. can we please get WF anniversary's x2 bonuses for exp/resources/credits
  5. please let us have WF anniversary's x2 bonus for exp/credits/resources
  6. When is 8 year anniversary resource/exp/credits bonus weekend events? Those would be much better event/update than this new Railjack crap. Only new feature that come close to being good is the on call RJ crew member.
  7. Do multishot mods increase status chance for beam weapons like Nukor, Quanta, etc. I saw a YT video where the creator named Gaz TTV is saying multishot is great for beam guns' status, here's the title: [WARFRAME] New Mods Better Than Hunter Munitions? Possible New Nukor Meta???! l Call Of Tempestarii He said it around 8 min, 45 sec
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