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  1. 2 hours ago, TheArcSet said:

    Huh. That's either something very new or a mechanic that's been misunderstood for years then.

    Edit: Looks like someone been reverting that edit in and out of the wiki since last august; if I'm reading the log correctly.

    Does anyone else know anything about this?


    Edit: Ok, now I'm confused on the subject.

    Are we talking about all continuous weapons, as the wiki now implies, or just (actual(not cosmetic))multi-beam weapons, like the Phage and Convectrix?

    Those certainly have benefited from MS Status since the shotgun rework, as each beam can now apply status and MS increases the beam count, but I was pretty sure single beam weapons don't get extra beams and status rolls.

    I've done some testing in the Simulacrum with my Ignis Wraith which is considered as single beam gun. I had three +status chance mods equipped: Rifle Aptitude, Thermite Rounds and Hammer Shot, which boosted Ignis' status chance to 95.8%. Some + fire rate mods, Arcane Acceleration and Wisp's speed mote so I can empty the 200 magazine quickly. No other elemental type mods were added so it's pure Heat.


    Heat procs' status effect duration is refreshed as you proc Heat again within its 6 seconds duration, and can be stacked infinitely.


    With Split Chamber and Vigilante armaments (+150% multishot combined), I emptied the magazine's 200 bullets?/dmg ticks on an enemy and stacked up an average of 960 Heat procs. 

    With no +multishot mods equipped, magazine's 200 bullets?/dmg ticks expended on an enemy stacked up an average of 375 Heat procs.

    Yes +multishot increases status chance even for single beam guns.

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  2. 9 hours ago, Uhkretor said:

    ... That you shouldn't believe everything that's said on YT...

    That's why I'm trying confirm from multiple people, smartass. So far there's two people who validated the claim from the YT vid, one in this forum and another from the Status Effect Wiki


    Ladyvan:  ''Yes, sometime after the shotgun rework, multishot on beam weapons suddenly (and I'm fairly certain without patchnote) started adding the status chance together when they hit the same target, instead of just using the status chance of a single beam.


    So the Phage has 15.5% status and 7 innate multishot. When the beams are focused, phage has a base status chance of 108.5%. Adding 100% multishot would double that.

    Quanta Vandal has 2 beams and a 45% status chance, so 90%.


    It should work for weapons that only have 1 base beam as well.''




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  3. Do multishot mods increase status chance for beam weapons like Nukor, Quanta, etc. 

    I saw a YT video where the creator named Gaz TTV is saying multishot is great for beam guns' status, here's the title: [WARFRAME] New Mods Better Than Hunter Munitions? Possible New Nukor Meta???! l Call Of Tempestarii 

    He said it around 8 min, 45 sec 

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  4. Very rare self dmg/status proc with Kuva Ogris and possibly with other explosive launchers that used to deal self dmg

    First five seconds just show that I had the Aura Combat Discipline on. My Kuva Ogris has +56.6% Radiation dmg bonus and 14.68 m blast radius, and was modded for Viral dmg.

    Aura ''Combat Discipline (Lose 10 Health on kill, Allies gain 20 Health on kill)''

    Maybe the game thinks I am self-damaging with Ogris' blast when Combat Discipline is draining my health therefore I'm afflicted with Ogris' dmg and status.



  5. I failed a few Arbitration Defense missions because I proc'd radiation to myself with Kuva Ogris that had radiation bonus, and killed the Operative. After tests in the Simulacrum, it seems while I'm afflicted with Electric DoT (sources: Grineer Powerfist' slam attack, AoE of Shock Eximus, Infested Electric Crawler, etc.), there's a chance I could self-proc radiation with the blast of my Ogris. It can take a few dozens of times shooting the ground I'm on to proc radiation, I had Primed Sure Footed on, and my Ogris highly modded in radiation dmg and status chance.



    Another two days of testing... It appears the aura ''Combat Discipline (Lose 10 Health on kill, Allies gain 20 Health on kill)''  also rarely triggers radiation self-proc. I was not afflicted with Electric DoT but radiation still proc'd on me with my Ogris' blast. Maybe the game thinks I am self-damaging with Ogris' blast  when Combat Discipline is draining my health therefore I'm afflicted with Ogris' radiation dmg and status.

    Similar with Electric DoT, when an electric tick damages me at the same time as I was in Ogris' blast. The game thinks the electric DoT came from my Ogris' blast.

    In the second video, my Ogris had 14.68 m blast radius


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