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  1. Why not have the option to put buff icons next to the relevant UI info, and then another option to categorize each effect based on its type and show the final calculated % modification on top of that icon? Enabling the former option would automatically enable the latter, as it would otherwise result in more clutter since the icons, though fewer, would be all over the place. For example, all heal-over-time effects (Renewal, Ravenous, Reservoir, ) would be shown in a single total value next to your health on one single icon, and if multiple were affecting you at the same time, it would just show the total added health per second value. Anything affecting gun damage would show the final calculated modifier on a single icon to the right of your aiming reticle, while anything affecting melee damage would be aggregated on an icon to the left of the reticle. Since Roar affects all damage including abilities, its icon would be near your energy and weapon name in the lower right corner, while also being considered in the calculations for the gun and melee damage modifiers to the right and left of the reticle, with the Roar portion being shown in parentheses after the aggregate effect. Adaptation would likely remain the same because it offers variable immunity to all sorts of damage types depending on how often you get hit with attacks containing that type as a majority portion of its damage. Having multiple Invisibility buffs would just show the one with the longest duration, with an icon over the head of your Warframe. Octavia's non-invis buffs would fall under gun and melee damage modifiers, and be aggregated with other sources of similar buffs, but the percentage of buildup toward her next buff would probably have to stay the same, much like Adaptation, since that variable is truly unique to Octavia. Damage reduction aside from Adaptation would multiply together if it is from different sources. Aviator and Aerodynamic would add together in the calculation of course, since they provide the same kind of damage reduction under the same condition. That icon would go under the feet of your Warframe. There would be another submenu on the Esc menu labeled "Buffs and Debuffs." Clicking on it would show each icon for each effect currently affecting you, each either in its place next to the stat it affects if that stat is visible, or near the reticle/weapon name/body of your Warframe if the stat it modifies is one of the others I described. You could then mouse over each icon to get a dropdown list of all the individual effects and their values being calculated into the final modification value, with mathematical operation symbols between them to show how they are interacting.
  2. Am I the only one who wants to keep it the way it is so the facemask does not disappear when you equip certain hoods? It looks really good with the open Haztech mask. I would agree to this if DE allowed all face accessories to be visible with any open mask. It should be up to our opinion whether or not something still looks good when it clips, instead of having the choice taken away from us. But until that happens, I would rather it stays how it is.
  3. Which Frames this is good on (or whether this is good at all) depends on whether the armor is a flat boost or a multiplier to existing armor, and whether the raw shield value or the percentage of maximum shields is what matters when determining how much armor to give in the first place. Why use this when I can use Spellbind or Fire Walker, which do the same thing, but with additional effects? If this is a single cast, I can see Garuda being the new Trinity. If it is continuous, it will put Oberon out of business, especially considering how hard he is to get now. If this does not allow you to go over 10 stacks of the same status, I could just shoot enemies with my status weapon some more, and have four good abilities. It seems useful, but maybe not if you want four combat abilities. It seems like this would work better as a gear item. Perhaps another Widget for the Simaris Scanner? This, to me, encourages pointlessly Infusing abilities onto Warframes and taking them off again, wasting resources for the sake of using them up - especially if you have already subsumed all currently released Warframes and Infused your favorite Warframes with your favorite abilities. Those who have already put the work in will now have to do extra. It does not respect our time. Remember when Mutagen drops were never increased because you wanted to respect the Hema researchers' time? The inconsistency of your logic makes your reasoning seem insincere.
  4. Only allowing Parazon finishers on Corpus after their shields have been removed completely invalidates Toxin as a damage type. Why not consider both shields and health as a total pool for determining the percentage of effective health that needs to be damaged to trigger a Parazon finisher? Or, make it so you have to damage more of their health if any shields exist, compared to the current shieldless threshold?
  5. Please reconsider "On Kill" effects. They are a Catch-22. If they work, you do not need them, and if you need them, they do not work. Making them trigger on hit/headshot instead, with a greater maximum number of weaker individual buff stacks (so they have the same maximum level of effectiveness) would allow a combo-like ramping effect that will allow kills in the first place. Otherwise, mods that affect damage all the time will be used in favor of these.
  6. Additionally, if you are not zoomed in on any particular planet and you press Esc while the hover tooltip is showing, you will exit the Navigation menu altogether, but the tooltip will not disappear and will instead follow your invisible cursor. It will only disappear after hovering the cursor over the Navigation quickbar again, or over your profile name/matchmaking settings section in the upper left.
  7. I was thinking that instead of directly nerfing anything at this juncture, give melee a hidden internal "Stale Moves" list like in the Super Smash Bros. series. An attack that is used is added to the list, and for every instance of that move on the list, the entire combo containing that move is weakened. However, later attacks in the combo would have more weight towards weakening that combo, so using the first move and then stopping so you can do the first move again would not actually weaken the combo that much. Having the later attacks of a combo on the list will weaken that combo more, so spamming full combos without letting up will really have a drastic effect. Since each melee weapon has a maximum of four ground combos (stationary, stationary block, forward, and forward block) each containing about three individual attacks, the list should probably have a maximum of about 10 "stale moves". Slide Attacks, Heavy Attacks, Ground Slams, and Heavy Slams would also go on the list as their own single-move "combos" with individual instances of those on the list having more weight toward weakening their damage, given their power. This means that Slide Attacks, Heavy Attacks, Ground Slams, and Heavy Slams would get weakened very quickly if you spam them without discretion and without any other melee attacks in between. Going over the maximum number of stale moves would replace the oldest stale move on the list with the newest. Every second without using an attack that is on the list knocks the oldest move off the list completely. Only moves that deal damage to an enemy will be added to the list, but hitting multiple enemies or hitting one enemy with an attack that contains multi-hits will NOT add extra instances of that attack to the list for every registered hit, as that would be unfairly punishing to the player given that killing multiple enemies at once is generally encouraged, and fast weapons that hit multiple times for one button press should be just as viable as slower, single-swing weapons. (As a side note, I initially thought gunfire could also help erase stale melee moves from the internal list, but it would be too complicated to decide how much a particular trigger type and fire rate should factor into how often the oldest stale move was knocked off, and players without guns equipped would then be at further disadvantage anyway, so gunfire should ultimately have no effect on such a system after all.) Anyway, aside from all this, nothing else would change. It would basically just make melee require a bit more thinking than it does now, while still maintaining the more unified (stationary vs. forward, and blocking vs. no blocking) stance system brought by Melee 3.0. In this way, I feel my suggestion also addresses the complaints some players have that melee is too simple now and that you "just spam E", killing two birds with one stone.
  8. In my experience, it can still happen in any mission with the new Corpus Ship tileset, though it does seem more common in Railjack. Thank you! I shall do that now. EDIT: I have just gotten some logs and uploaded them to Dropbox. They can be obtained here.
  9. I, too, would like to know how to obtain the appropriate log, especially since I am still experiencing this bug after 30.3.0: Gara Prime despite the note about fixing it.
  10. I have encountered this on PC as well.
  11. Despite the fact that her starting form should be dependent on the chosen Energy Color, it seems that Equinox defaults to Night form after a Host Migration. Normally, this would not be a huge issue, except that two of my builds are dependent on replacing Metamorphosis using the Helminth system, and then remaining in Day form to use her other three Day-form abilities in tandem with the new first ability. This leads to problems with the effectiveness of the build in game modes like Sanctuary Onslaught, which is fraught with host migrations. Reddit Post
  12. You still have to manually activate Mind Sprint for each of the other Focus Schools as well, just as it appears you have also not activated Madurai's Inner Gaze and Eternal Gaze on the page for Naramon.
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