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  1. The melee weapon (and ability/abilities, if any of the equipped Warframe's abilities are affected) will retain that energy color for the rest of the mission. This only occurs if you bring a secondary Kitgun with a skin selected. This does NOT occur when the secondary Kitgun is left without a skin; nor does it happen with other secondaries with or without skins; nor with primary Kitguns/normal primaries with or without skins.
  2. If Railjack feels sluggish, it may be due to what was referred to for Metroid Prime 3's motion controls as the "deadzone," an invisible bounding box outside which your reticle has to move in order to turn your viewpoint in that direction. There are "Pilot-Centered Crosshair" options for both keyboard+mouse and controllers under the Railjack section in the Controls tab in the Options menu. Toggling these on will disable the bounding box and keep your reticle centered while piloting a Railjack, allowing you to aim traditionally. If that alone does not fix it, the Railjack section of the Controls tab also has its own Aim and Look Sensitivity settings separate from the ones for normal gameplay.
  3. The way I would explain it in terms of the lore/story is that the person you just hired acts as the trainer for your existing crew member, and after their training is complete, the trainer decides that they want to train others full time, and leaves to wander the Origin System in search of new students, disappearing from your crew member slot. No need for the literal fusion of human beings.
  4. There is a good reason not to rank them up now, and that is because well modded, top tier gear still does not help the slog that is whittling down a Rank 5 Sister's health bar. That is all the reason I need to be sympathetic toward those who do not have the sort of weapons and mods I do. And yes, I know to use rapid fire weapons with lots of crit chance and a high crit multiplier, modded for the right damage types.
  5. I cannot remember where I read this, but there was a theory somewhere that sounded very plausible. In the other two open world missions, fish do not even start spawning until you click and hold your Aim button. However, on Deimos, you see the floating fish everywhere until you actively start looking for them. The theory went that holding the Aim button merely inverts the value of the variable that determines whether fish can spawn rather than just always setting it to "1" or "true" or however it is coded.
  6. A lot of the Ephemeras do not appear on Operators in hub areas. This is an ongoing bug, which they claimed to have fixed a few major updates ago, but it never actually was.
  7. They no longer look like metal, and instead look like glowing putty. Mattes are slightly washed out, too, but not as much. I can tell because I had matched the colors on the Repala Syandana to any Warframes I attached it to, and the attachment points for the Repala Syandana have always had completely flat shading, which has not changed. Now, all my Warframes are significantly lighter than the attachment points for the Repala Syandana. Given that textures with no glossy reflectivity have not changed, this tells me that the reflectivity system or some aspect of it is broken somehow.
  8. Is anyone else noticing metallic texture channels being brighter and flatter?
  9. This is the most recent update I could find in regards to looting ability stacking, located in the Warframe Wiki's Patch History section for Nekros. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Nekros#Patch_History
  10. Thirded. They know the complaints will come every time they remove some seasonal things and not others without consistent reasoning. Publik's solution could prevent many PR headaches down the road, and provide the best of all worlds for all players.
  11. Alata skin with Ferro helmet, Atavist Prime shoulders, Porta chestplate, Riv Elite-Guard leg plates, Repala Syandana, and Invati Sekharas. Prime Details on. Graxx skin with Ferro helmet, Kuva Zevokk shoulders, Saturn Six chestplate, Atavist Prime leg plates, Surator Syandana, and Vengeful Toxin Ephemera. Prime Details off. Pneuma deluxe skin and helmet, with Riv Elite-Guard shoulders, Pakal chestplate and leg armor, Arcturus Syandana, and Ki'Teer Sekharas.
  12. I have not really found a use for them that is not already fulfilled by another type of pet. I plan to master and then sell each one.
  13. This used to happen to the Operator in Railjack if you customized its interior colors near the initial release of Empyrean.
  14. She should be hiding out in the Neptune Proxima region, which means you will need to enter the new Railjack Assassinate mission there in the Empyrean game mode.
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