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  1. It appears that the game layers tracks dynamically, except some tracks start late, causing them to play out of time with the rest. This seems to occur most often in the new Corpus ship tileset that launched with Deadlock Protocol, but if it is not unique to that location, then it is worth looking for bugs with the dynamic music system itself.
  2. It is possible there was an Invasion mission on that node earlier. Invasions are like Crossfire missions, but you can choose to help one faction, and helping that same faction three times gets you a reward when the Invasion is completed, no matter which faction wins. The winning faction is determined by how many players in the world helped each side. If the invading faction wins, it takes over the normal version of the node for 24 hours after the Invasion ends. That might be what you are experiencing. The only solution is to wait for the node to return to normal.
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