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  1. Still Davodoo is right, they add the content the community wants but always with slight adjustments and changes that make them pay for it

    Did you not read all of what i said? This is still a business, they do need to make a living. Especially when it's already so easy to play the game without ever spending any money.

  2. Ofc they listen, every company does at some point listen to their customers, but ive seen none that actually care about customer opinion, rather they know that if they wont they gonna lose potential profits.


    Year of complaints about launcher ammo capacity?? ok since majority of users agrees we can nerf it without risk.

    Thats how de listens.

    2 years of complaints about utility mods being too weak to be used without gimping yourself?? ok we will introduce utility slot, but we need to make sure we can turn profit from fixing that problem.

    Thats how they support you.


    And about buisness model, since i joined i remember ppl complaining about plat being overpriced, since then only thing de did to fix that was giving us random discounts, which consoles dont even get.



    No company is your friend, all of them are your buisness rivals which want to get as much out of you for as little as they can and you should do the same.


    Way to be a Buzz Kill. They aren't as bad as you're making them out to be, of course they still need to make a living. I don't see anything wrong with trying to gain some profit after giving us what we want (they deserve it), as you said this is still a business. I agree with everything OP said, but we shouldn't be expecting them to be throwing out too many freebies. We already have the ability to literally play through and enjoy the whole game to the fullest without ever spending a dime, so cut them some slack.


    This is the first game I've ever played with such a good relationship between community and the developers.

  3. I'm not going to be baited into putting on my swim trunks and going for a dip in that salty ocean water.  I'm fully aware of other players who have lower quality equipment for the game. But that's not an excuse for them when they can easily just upgrade the right parts. You don't need to buy an entirely new set of hardware. It's pretty cheap to just look up what you have and start upgrading from there. It's only an excuse in the very rare case of not being able to afford this. It wasn't my intention of even saying "DE is incompetent" as well. They're very competent. But they're also very LAZY. This isn't news either. You really shouldn't jump on someone with presumptions. How do you know if I have some godly super machine to run the game on? Who has the right to agree with this assumption or disagree with it? Fact of the matter is, my PC is an old hunk of junk. But it still runs the game. I don't mind shooting my FPS in the foot sometimes. Won't be the last time I have to deal with that problem. Which brings me to my next point....


    Your graphical settings are purely choice. If a terrible PC can run the game on its max settings, but has a hard time with it. It can still run the game. It ain't nobody else choosing to keep them on higher quality but the player. Besides. This isn't even about other users personal hardware / software capabilities. It's about the game itself getting noticeably less polished as time goes on.


    Like someone already said before. Old and New don't mix with the visual aspects of things, most the time. A lot of the "new" even has some really bad quality. But that's because of lack of experience, prior. The stuff coming now is pretty good and not so badly lacking in polishing. It's just a matter of keeping the old things up to par with the fresh stuff when there's a time for it.


    As an addendum to ping / FPS issues. There's also the server you're connecting to just to play the game to be kept in mind. The servers been in a rough spot for a while now to which hasn't gone unnoticed. In these cases it's a matter of simply being patient since we have no control over this, being consumers.


    So for what reason do you think these obviously bad textures aren't being fixed by DE? Just pure laziness? You can complain all you want about bad textures, but i'm pretty sure if they could fix them, they would of already. 


    Also you don't forget the lot of us who play on laptops. As i stated before, mine was bought last year. Now do you suggest i buy a newer more expensive one just to be able to run warframe again? or should i just give up on my hundreds of hours and stop playing? I could just drop my settings to low but then i'd have an ugly warframe. All that to satisfy your eye sores when it can just easily be left alone. Obviously warframe will have to evolve eventually, but right now it's fine as it is. I'm pretty sure they have more pressing issues.


    After struggling to find a decent settings to run this thing on, really ticks me off when i come and see a thread like this.



    What do you mean cheap though? All it really comes down to is the type of graphics card you have, which is by no means a 'cheap upgrade'. If that were true, we wouldn't be having this conversation right now. I'm using a laptop so i'd have to buy an entirely new system to upgrade a part.

  4. The textures look really bad in many places indeed.



    Even a crappy PC build from 5 years ago can run Warframe on max settings, there is no excuse to keep the game ugly.

    And graphic options are a thing.


    What? My pc is by no means cheap or low end, nor was it made 5 years ago (actually it's a 2014 pc). Yet i'm still only able to run this at medium high settings, any more than that and i'll end up going below 30 frames in really intense gameplay. Check your facts before making assumptions like that. Check the bug report threads after updates and count how many people complain about frame rate drops. As i said, it's a sensitive issue.

  5. Nah i don't like the idea of being downvoted whenever i'm in the mood to do some trolling. 


    On a serious note though frames like Mesa, Saryn, Ash or Excal, would probably be getting a bad reputation due to jealousy over getting more kills than others. Or those people who tend to use those less popular frames like Oberon. In other words, it'd depend solely on the frame you choose.


    I don't want this to turn into Facebook or YouTube.

  6. Another problem is, most of DE staff doesn't seem to pay as much attention to these small-ish details around themselves when / if they even get onto the game. Granted, this isn't a major issue but it's still an eye sore, so it's definitely not high priority to polish up on. There's plenty of other old spots as well. It's simply a minor problem that will continue to build up on itself and become a bigger pain in the rear to fix down the line. They need to find a balance between polishing the old rusted stuff and throwing new things our way. Like a PBR for Frost, would have been a PERFECT time to give it to him for U17.0 but naw.... gotta let 'ole Loki have the spot light instead of killing two birds with one stone. We also have old quests starting to pile up now that give us some very juicy lore, but we can't re-do them whatsoever for the time being.


    But now I've begun derailing myself slightly... odds are the majority of players don't really notice these things. But more detail savvy Tenno will definitely pick out any eye sores sooner or later.  And the lack of polish is growing faster than the process to clean things up a bit.


    Some of us don't have high end machines to handle more "polishing". While i run Warframe just fine on medium to high settings, i'd rather not have to bring anything to low. So it's not about not noticing them, obviously they have, I'm pretty sure DE isn't as incompetent as you're making them out to be. It's a sensitive situation. You'd be surprised how many of the Warframe community have low to medium end machines (have you noticed the quality of most of the gameplay pics posted on the forums Mr. Detail Savvy Tenno?), why lose those players just to make things less of an eye sore for higher end pc users?

  7. What's the point of invincibility when you can't do anything but run around and revive (i'm not talking about those scrub missions). I'd like for Valk to be able to do more in higher level content. You know, bring her in a T4 survival and not have people wondering what the heck i'm doing with a Valkyr when i have so many other better frames to choose from.


    Ok the other starting frames are what, volt and mag?

    Volt has a weapons buff that turns crit weapons(synapse/amprex) into death waves. Not only this, but he can buff his allies with 100% more electrical damage. Literally 2-3 volts in a party with amprex is insanity. 

    Not only that you can stack shields. So the potential damage is ultimately higher than Excals in a party.


    (also he has SPEED, the best mobility ability in the entire game)


    Mag has shield polarize, which yeah, nuff said.


    This isn't even taking into account other warframes like Loki, Trinity, Mesa, etc. etc. that offer not only offer aoe damage(generally 360*), but also offer utility which Excalibur does not.




    Let me CLARIFY just so people don't get the pitchforks: Excalibur is still a good frame. He's just not the room clearing monstrosity that some (clearly new) players make him out to be.


    Should post this in every excal complaint thread.

  9. No.

    no no no no no.

    People need to stop asking this.

    It is NOT coming back. It was an exclusive.


    Ok sorry for being so harsh, but that is how it is. :/


    Whoa jeez, i'm pretty sure he genuinely didn't know ...

  10. Know that thing called Poe's Law? Take a quick stroll around the forums and you'll quickly see why I didn't pick up on the sarcasm.


    Oh i'm sorry that's my bad. I added a little something to it, just for others like you.

  11. You're joking right? Mesa is barely any good past medium level content and you want her nerfed? How about we nerf Loki as well, you know seeing as how he rekts at literally any level in the game...or is it that only damage dealing frames can be OP?



    (For those who don't get sarcasm.)

  12. I love the way the community works.

    Excalibur gets buffed so hard he has one of the best 4's in the game (+100)

    Devs tweak it ever so slightly so that it cant be exploited by mods that aren't supposed to affect it like syndicate mods (-3)


    If im honest though bro, i dont think that they'll release a skin for excalibur just because of a balance change


    lol dude It is a nerf if every hotfix and update EB gets weaker and weaker. The biggest was removing stamina making excal take more damage. So yeah people should rage, even more if you ask me. EB is only gonna get worse. Especially with guys like you begging for it, cus you don't wanna see excal doing more damage than your favorite frames (when damage hardly even matters much).

  13. Lol man some people are just so against the idea of excal being too strong. I'd bet my proto skin they all rejoiced when DE announced the removal of syndicate effects on EB. You might call it nothing, but every update and hotfix EB gets weaker and weaker. From the removal of stamina, sooner or later it's gonna be the new Radial Javelin. But hey, i was always a fan of Radial Blind anyways.


    The warframe community and it's balancing fetish.

  14. Excals Rework was an Example of How Great Warframe is becoming and soon every Frame shall be reworked to its Perfection and will compliment every players personality in this community.


    I cant wait till Ash gets Love like Excal did. Hopefully DE does the right type of rework to him.


    Excals EB is dope, noone talks about how awesome Slash Dash is now tho.

    Its great Mobility and i feel it actually connects opposed to the original slash dash felt wild and uncontrollable.

    Only isue is when connecting with enemies you lose abit of momentum but slash dash dismembers enemies now




    I don't think they'll touch Ash again. Everyone's against an Ash rework. They claim he's alright as he is solely because he does high damage and the excuse that he's a so called "solo frame" so he doesn't need utility...which is bull. Ash is in a terrible spot in my opinion :(


    Yeah slash dash is so great now, that knockdown feature alone makes it amazing :D

  15. No.




    It does, not just anyone can do that. I personally tried going that far and i did actually, but it certainly wasn't easy at all (compared to before). I'm pretty confident a casual player would never reach that far in a t4 surv with excal now.


    Is that a bad thing though? Hells no, i actually like it this way. 

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