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  1. Heh, you might be right. I used to transform enemies into a dot on my screen in a matter of miliseconds after Void Dashing into them. Still can't get it out of my head. Nekros takes a solid second place though.
  2. You don't need to deal much damage if you send your enemy into the sun.
  3. Elaborate on "host migration bug" If you call the host migration itself a bug, then you're wrong. Now failed host migrations is a whole another topic.
  4. Currently it kinda is. I personally use it often with gram when i want to kill stuff while not slowing down completely. It takes getting used to and most of the time there are better alternatives to an aerial melee attack, for example shooting a gun, i dunno. Really interested in what DE is gonna do with Melee 3.0 regarding aerial melee, also one of the new mods will increase melee range while in air, so that might help.
  5. I think we'll need to use aerial melee to defeat him.
  6. I myself haven't changed my warframe build for years and got no problems with mobility, but someone (probably mostly beginners) will surely use these mods on their way to success. (if the mods don't drop with 1% chance, that is). As for other players and myself included, going to farm it out and i guess that's it. Maybe in the future there will be a need for these mods, in a new gamemode, raid, future tilesets or smth else. There's not much to predict unless they come up with something that requires parkour skills and focuses on movement. Reworked Jupiter is a step in the right direction, some rooms require more than just a bulletjump to get from one end to another, but still, not going to butcher my warframe build in favor of these new mods. (though i personally might take a rifle / shotgun and slap these mods in combination with amalgam ones for some stat bonuses)
  7. The remastered Jupiter tileset, maybe something else in the future.
  8. There was a bug a long time ago, which let you backstab your pets in Liset. And the finisher animation for claw weapons was a throw. Yeah, i might have thrown my kubrow out a front Liset window.
  9. In case you want to get every reward all the syndicates can offer, you can do what i did: buy everything from those you have a good standing with (first three syndicates i assume), after that start leveling up the opposite syndicates and buy everything from there. And after that, going back to Meridian/Suda/Hexis is optional.
  10. You can't be a friend to every syndicate. (And even if you manage it somehow, it would be completely inefficient in terms of getting exp for them to get rewards). You can befriend Perrin and Loka, but it would affect your standing Steel Meridian and Cephalon Suda, and not in a good way.
  11. Idk, good modded Paracesis does it's job quite well and in specific occasions is better than Galatine and Gram Prime (especially when sentients are higher than lvl30, which can't be met anywhere but Simulacrum for now.) Can't tell for certain, but for me it feels like a well modded Gram Prime is as good as Paracesis againist lvl30 Sentients. Not really sure Gram would do great againist, for example, a bunch of lvl60 sentients, compared to Paracesis. Too lazy to check it myself. As for usual enemies, i ran with a usual crit build /w Blood rush and stuff. Slapped on Fury and Reach. I'd be lying if i said it was not strong. But yeah, probably nothing can beat Gram Prime with a godriven. So, for being a free quest melee weapon that is not far away from Gram Prime and Galatine Prime in terms of power, supports crit builds just as well as Gram Prime and got a ton of capacity for mods, Paracess is pretty good. Completely forgot about it's status chance... Yeah, that and ragdoll effect makes it unusable againist anything but sentients. And due to sentients spawning only on lua in small groups of 2-5 (that's when they spawn at all), it's probably better to stick with something else: pack a shotgun and another shotgun on top of it and be happy. For now.
  12. Idk, i'm ok with what i have. Also can't confirm the "hard or awkward to hit floating sentients" part
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