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  1. Unless you report a guy with a whole squad and leave, granted you have enough evidence.
  2. I'd personally enjoy having the checkpoint-style reviving older games used to have. For example, everyone but you dies at 34 min, and if you get to 40 min everyone is revived and is also getting the reward. And there would be no other way to revive.
  3. I really liked the old theme it had, with throat singing and stuff. And the old combat music was the favorite of mine.
  4. I've played for a long time and never had this happen. To be fair, i barely play on the Plains and when i do, usually i'm not going there solo. (maybe it's an open-world related bug?)
  5. Could not enter Dry-Dock from the railjack mission just after the hotfix. "Remain in your mission" they said.
  6. Проблема решилась сама собой спустя месяц.
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