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  1. Man this kinda sucks. Hope it's just a bug and they fix it soon.
  2. It's been 5-6 years since a walking button for pc was promised. Also no updates from DE on that. Big sad, literally unplayable.
  3. Doesn't it still stun you for ~half a second? I might be wrong, haven't used the mod since forever.
  4. I actually wasn't sure and checked on youtube before i started the topic. It might have been a thing in one of the previous versions of the star chart, but it seems like the current version has every planet on display for new players.
  5. I used to ask my friends their thoughts about warframe (sadly the majority only played for a day or two), and after seeing a couple of vids from both beginners and veterans on the topic of New Player Experience i came to conclusion that Teshin should be a part of it. Problems 1. "Teshin? Who's Teshin?" That's what i've heard a lot of people say when doing The War Within. Spoilers for The War Within quest incoming. 2. "What do i do now" / "I've completed the tutorial and left the game" Heard the latter a lot from my friends, who decided to give the game a try by themselves. They were overwhelmed by the amount of planets and their missions, and had no idea what to press or where to go. "What planet do i pick? What mission do i start?" Current navigation for them is pretty much a dozen of buttons (planets) with dozens of nested buttons (missions), and most of those don't work. While it is not hard to figure out and understand, some don't bother. While the first "New Player Experience" rework did a great job teaching players the gameplay basics (movement, shooting, melee, etc) as a part of Vor's Prize quest, the issue is what comes after it. Players are not familiar with the junction system and they are already expected to go 2 planets before Earth, to Mercury to unlock a planer after Earth, Mars. This is the worst case of "do something on planet 1 to unlock a path from planet 2 to planet 3" i know of. Possible Solutions 1. Hide or darken the planets player has no access to. An easy and quick solution. Planets can be visually separated by accessible and inaccessible. Inaccessible ones are faded out or darkened (maybe can't be clicked on), or hidden entirely. 2. Meet players with the junctions. This one is long and hard, Tenno. And i want Teshin to be a part of it. A mentor (preferably Teshin to solve problem #1, but can be Lotus i suppose), helps you through Venus and Mercury, explains Junctions, different mission routes you can go to reach those junctions, and explains a bit about himself / herself. Teshin might aswell take part in some missions, and maybe even one of the junctions.
  6. I've found it to be quite useful in combat with the sentients, as the blind cast is much faster, and because of is range, it only affects the sentients I'm attacking (others don't adapt to blind). But then again, that seems to be the only good use of blind for me, and I barely encounter sentients. I've often made this move by mistake, and I've seen many new players spam it and then wonder where all their energy went. There are lazy solutions for this, like lowering/reducing the energy cost or just removing blind on a slide attack. Although I hope they take the time to come up with a good solution, if they decide to renew this move at all, that is. So yeah, definitely agree, this move needs to be revisited.
  7. Am i going crazy? Since the 'Sisters of Parvos' update, railjack combat just feels not the same, not in a good way. It feels like after you get more than ~300 meters away from enemy ships in a railjack mission, they barely change in size on the screen or don't change at all. Before, I could easily lead the target without any help from the hud, relying on the size of the ship, and now those ship sizes confuse me a lot. Please tell me i'm not the only one who noticed this.
  8. It seemed like a possibility in railjack, you could find an arsenal there before the railjack interior change, though it was unusable. Now it's removed. I wouldn't mind it on railjack or open-world missions.
  9. But you can't shoot while sprinting. I personally don't want to be slowed down when i shoot while i hold Shift. This was one of the first things i've noticed when i first began playing this game. If i hold Shift, i expect myself to sprint. I know for sure that if i were able to sprint while shooting pistols, i would do so quite often. Now, i'm not sure if this needs to be a separate move activated when aiming, like aim-glide. It would probably be cool but idk. The way i see it is the same way it works right now, except not slowing the player down when he's shooting while sprinting (aiming would still force you into walking, or maybe into running if you held shift, but idk, it's fine as it is). A simple idea and quite easy to implement, just like the forgotten walking button (i still remember).
  10. I think Melee nerf actually does nothing really (can potentially increase player choice). Firearms buff on the other hand. FIREARMS: To be honest i barely use firearms right now, unless i am hunting an eidolon with a rifle or having fun with aklato. With the new update, i doubt i'll be able to keep the buffs of the conditional mods and arcanes (that require kills) on my aklato during steelpath/endurance (unless melee kills proc them too, this would be nice). But i'm sure i'll consider using aklato more often on all of the other content the game has to offer. (Of course, up to a specific level, which is the melee optimized level as you described) MELEE: Some mods might be nerfed. (condition overload, blood rush, berserker), that's the only thing i know. If those are the only serious melee nerfs: Really doubt this will change much, melee is still the top choice on high end content and i personally won't stop using it on low level missions. I really can't see how this nerf reduces my choice. Otherwise: Depends on how bad melee is hit. My choice will be increased if melee are brought closer to firearms in terms of power. Of couse, going too far will bring us to the old days of warframe, where melee is too inefficient for the risks taken. Even in the worst possible scenario, i'll probably use melee more often then how much i'm using ranged weapons right now (i like melee, what can i say). Dunno as for others. TL:DR: As long as Melee and Firearms are both VALID choices, i'm good. If devs make more ranged weapons viable for high-level content while not making melee ineffective there, i'm happy. Really doubt devs decided to nerf melee into the ground. And considering this, even with the worst possible nerfs i can imagine, i still see myself using different weapon types more often than i currently do.
  11. Same, barely used firearms
  12. Just completed the test, and nope, didn't notice any problems. I've been getting a support drop every 10 seconds average (5-6 seconds average towards the end of the test, when enemies started spawning more frequently). I assume, killing enemies fast is the key here.
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