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  1. In my opinion it's because of how powerful the players have become. The game felt cooperative the most back when we had 4 revives per warframe, resetting every day. Enemies were also deadly at 30-40 level. Rushing through a crowd of enemies was a risky act. Reviving someone while being shot at was nearly a suicide. That's when we were most united. Enemies were tough - teammates were always nearby to assist. You get downed - the squad rushes to you and helps you at any costs, without exceptions, and nobody was left behind. You had to crawl to cover to make it easier for your teammates to
  2. Dunno, never had that problem and i barely use any skills as excalibur. Though it is quite easy to just press a button and become almost unkillable with some tank frame, there is also an option to move around so you don't get hit at all. Fully agree with evolution mods section. I did mention enemy AI in one of the forum topics recently: sometimes you wonder if there is any difference if enemies had no AI. They have become less dangerous, or rather we've become much tankier, faster and deadly. Most enemies don't try to evade our attacks. There is nobody who can be a challenge for
  3. Even when aiming at the ground you will still do aerial combo attacks if you hold 'backwards' even a little bit. Maybe that's the issue, just guessing though.
  4. Kinda hard for me to explain with words only, probably could fully show how it's done in game. This is sadly not very usable in real missions, too broken in a bad way.
  5. This is not unique to Exalted Blade and can be done with any weapon. You can infinitely loop the first two attacks of the combo if you choose so.
  6. Ah yes, the wall attack. It is, in fact, a key to wallrunning 1.0 (a scuffed version though). As for a wall attack, imo one of the ways of making it less terrible is making it a homing attack, identical to the railjack tenno cannon. Then i personally would consider using it. Other than that, only used it by mistake and hated it every time.
  7. I personally use it often when there are a few enemies in my way and i want to keep moving forward without slowing down. A simple bulletjump forward, 2-3 strikes are enough to clear the path. Aiming the strikes, if needed. And because the game mostly comes down to being a race from spawn to extraction, i tend to do this pretty often. I definitely wouldn't mind some form on expansion to aerial melee. Actually there was supposed to be a set mod that lets you do some form of unusual aerial attack when you don't press any movement keys while in the air: Seems like it's forgotten though.
  8. You can do a bit more than 3 aerial attacks, depends on how long you stay in the air.
  9. And it used to weight 40+gb before the great ensmallening updates if i'm not mistaken. Also i think i did have the same issue, but only once and a long time ago.
  10. What needs to be buffed Enemies Why would you like to see it buffed Because right now how it is, enemies pose no threat to us unless they are really high level. By that i mean they can't survive a single shot and most of them do nothing to evade our attacks. What idea of buff do you have in mind that you would love to see DE implement What i have in mind right now - extended corpus/grineer behavior when under attack. Jumping/rolling away and sliding/falling on the floor to evade our shots, Maybe make specific enemies try staying out of our shooting direction (some fl
  11. Even worse when you've got nothing left to grind.
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