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  1. Just completed the test, and nope, didn't notice any problems. I've been getting a support drop every 10 seconds average (5-6 seconds average towards the end of the test, when enemies started spawning more frequently). I assume, killing enemies fast is the key here.
  2. Though i doubt this is the case, but it's possible that your keyboard just doesn't allow specific buttons to be pressed at the same time. Try checking here if the buttons are highlighted when pressed at the same time. Other than that, don't really have an idea what could cause such an issue
  3. Warning: first vid is kinda loud.
  4. Try mission Pallas on planet Ceres. Look for water bodies. That's where you can find these plants.
  5. Guess who's putting 666 forma in it when it comes out.
  6. Check if you have 'Creator mode' turned on in settings. If i remember correctly, it hides all spoiler content including operator transmissions.
  7. Also a simple request that was said many times, is being able to bind Walking on PC. Currently PC players are the only ones who can't walk on command, unless they are using a gamepad or a steering wheel. As for Screenshot buttons, i definitely wouldn't mind being able to rebind it to some other button so i'm able to bind gear just like you, without worrying about unbinding the ingame screenshot function.
  8. I'd pick more Armor over Hull any time, considering you can increase railjack Hull mid mission using the forge (be it a bug or a feature). EDIT: I guess that's what you want to keep in mind when choosing your railjack plating. Other than that, seems like you've already got your answers above my post.
  9. We got the recolor, that's quite nice. Source:
  10. I dunno, velocity seems fine to me. But tbh yes, the wall attack needs to be either revisited or outright deleted. My idea of improving it is making it a homing attack (like a railjack tenno cannon), Simply improving velocity and making the attack animation a bit faster (so we don't stay half a second on the wall while doing the attack) would also be fine. I dunno, anything would be welcome compared to what it is right now.
  11. That's exactly what I thought the unreleased set passive (unique aerial attack) would be.
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