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  1. If you get kicked out of your party with the host migration following (you are not the host), or if your allies just disappear (you are host), then it is most probably an issue with your internet connection.
  2. Dante

    War Within problem

    He gotta dash in right when she attacks. This is when she puts her shields down.
  3. Dante

    The Baro Rug.

    Strange, i can see it fine. Try rmb -> copy URL and view from there. Idk why it doesn't work though. Posted a link instead.
  4. Dante

    The Baro Rug.

    Lets try not imgur: Link instead if image doesn't show up: https://i.imgur.com/4khATFQ.jpg or http://oi68.tinypic.com/6ntiti.jpg
  5. Dante

    Can I run this game decently? (fortuna counts)

    IMO everything is fine except dat GPU. Though 2.4 GHz CPU might also have difficulties in crowded or open-world areas.
  6. Dante

    What Warframe should I get next?

    Nidus is pretty op, i personally don't use Nezha often but he's a good choice too (especially after rework). Atlas is fun - you constantly punch with your 1 and enemies fly away. Garuda is meh imo.
  7. Dante

    Adaptation is broken.

    Changing builds/frames in the arsenal while in Simulacrum breaks the Adaptation mod. Some people also said that it doesn't work after you die once. Didn't test any of these though. I can definitely say it is working for me. Took a wrong build by mistake (the only thing that was different was the lack of Adaptation mod), and boy it was a noticeable difference. So yeah, test harder. Preferably outside simulacrum.
  8. Don't know the answer to the question and not sure you're going to get help here. If i were you i'd try contacting support instead
  9. Dante

    I'm having graphical issues. Help!

    Screenshot would be nice. But yeah, i think your game runs at the wrong resolution, try setting Display Mode to Borderless Fullscreen and see if that helps. If not, try changing your Aspect Ratio.
  10. I got one yesterday, it does drop.
  11. A walking button would be nice.
  12. Dante

    Profit-taker orb stuck and damageable

    Void dashing through enemies always gives you 10 energy.
  13. If they come with only one weapon equipped, it's their choice. Everyone gets one Primary, one Secondary and one melee weapon after the first tutorial mission. I guess they either unequipped their weapons (which i don't see often tbh), or just used one gun for the most of the match.
  14. Dante

    Limbo is actually kinda bad in Arbitrations

    Tbh, Limbo is amazingly good in the Arbitration Excavation.