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  1. Guess who's putting 666 forma in it when it comes out.
  2. Check if you have 'Creator mode' turned on in settings. If i remember correctly, it hides all spoiler content including operator transmissions.
  3. Also a simple request that was said many times, is being able to bind Walking on PC. Currently PC players are the only ones who can't walk on command, unless they are using a gamepad or a steering wheel. As for Screenshot buttons, i definitely wouldn't mind being able to rebind it to some other button so i'm able to bind gear just like you, without worrying about unbinding the ingame screenshot function.
  4. I'd pick more Armor over Hull any time, considering you can increase railjack Hull mid mission using the forge (be it a bug or a feature). EDIT: I guess that's what you want to keep in mind when choosing your railjack plating. Other than that, seems like you've already got your answers above my post.
  5. We got the recolor, that's quite nice. Source:
  6. I dunno, velocity seems fine to me. But tbh yes, the wall attack needs to be either revisited or outright deleted. My idea of improving it is making it a homing attack (like a railjack tenno cannon), Simply improving velocity and making the attack animation a bit faster (so we don't stay half a second on the wall while doing the attack) would also be fine. I dunno, anything would be welcome compared to what it is right now.
  7. That's exactly what I thought the unreleased set passive (unique aerial attack) would be.
  8. While i don't know about such drastic changes as decorations everywhere, i think it would be nice to have multiple HUD themes (like UI currently has in the settings) or at least to be able to recolor different elements of the HUD (health, shields, energy, etc.).
  9. In my opinion it's because of how powerful the players have become. The game felt cooperative the most back when we had 4 revives per warframe, resetting every day. Enemies were also deadly at 30-40 level. Rushing through a crowd of enemies was a risky act. Reviving someone while being shot at was nearly a suicide. That's when we were most united. Enemies were tough - teammates were always nearby to assist. You get downed - the squad rushes to you and helps you at any costs, without exceptions, and nobody was left behind. You had to crawl to cover to make it easier for your teammates to
  10. Dunno, never had that problem and i barely use any skills as excalibur. Though it is quite easy to just press a button and become almost unkillable with some tank frame, there is also an option to move around so you don't get hit at all. Fully agree with evolution mods section. I did mention enemy AI in one of the forum topics recently: sometimes you wonder if there is any difference if enemies had no AI. They have become less dangerous, or rather we've become much tankier, faster and deadly. Most enemies don't try to evade our attacks. There is nobody who can be a challenge for
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