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  1. Tyvm for the tip! I'm used to just copy the bbcode and post it in other forums, and it used to work, but this way its just faster :)
  2. I've been at it since the conservation effort was a thing, love them it makes me feel accomplished at something else then "i have all weapons and mr and arcanes and mid maxed" blerg... i'm a slow go player, but i've been here for a while, and these type of collectibles are what drives me more in this game, like the lore items you need to scan on the maps, that's really fun for me. I wish they would optimize the decorations in the liset so i can pile more decorations without it actually affecting my fps. I also wish there would be more trivia and more decorations
  3. The son tokens are really a step back towards progression, now that i've started floof hunting, and gathering resources to make the new companions, to gild them requires you to spend 5k to gild + 10 son tokens which are another equivalent of 5k syndicate points. This is double the amount of resources dedicated only towards a single pet. If you noticed fortunas and poe gilding systems you just need to waste 5k points normally to gild anything. The tokens from son have been increased in syndicate value BUT they are still tied to floofs + grandmother tokens AND gilding. So the amount of synd
  4. The problem is not us "clowning around", it's DE lack of management, its a simple concept adding a QoL feature. Same as the ui being altered to be simpler and effective over the years to help players. ( even tho you still have to jump to many menus just to go for example to orbiter customization) Either thy continuously disregard what everyone wants or they do not know how to handle a simple feature as loot gathering ( i still think gungeon has one of the best loot systems, everything just casually goes to you without having to traverse the rooms looking for loot). I wouldn´t go
  5. I do not understand why does DE struggle so damn much with a simple concept such as vacuum. Why is it so hard to think about it or even implement it, it should be a basic necessity in the looter shooter/grindfest that is warframe. I understood the fact that mag back in the day was the way to go towards resource gathering before her nerf and afterwards the carrier worked fine as the only sentinel that could use vacuum. But only after almost 4 years, they think about what the community said about making vacuum a normal thing like innate vacuum so they decided that taking out the vacuum mod
  6. TYPE: Void Dash Still bugged. DESCRIPTION: After completing bounties on deimos void dash gets permanently bugged for me in any other mission types. The operator still dashes but gets stuck in place, like its stuck on terrain. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: I can replicated every single time i go onto deimos, it happens when i go onto operator mode, or use my necramech. It doesnt happen as often inside of deimos but outside of it it's like every time i try to use void dash it gets stuck, sluggish or just completely stuck on the floor. t can also happen to your warfra
  7. Latrox in steel path or in higher bounties gets one shot with the gas proc, did he forgot the Rolling Guard mod? Also if i get a gas proc i just go to my operator.
  8. It keeps Happening regularly, either 2 of the last 3 mechs are killed assap or they have a huge chance to be permanently invul till you give up.
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