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  1. Doesn't work, i've tried everything, front artillery, slingshot, bombs, different types of archwings. These only appear after the mission says its complete and i go inside my railjack to get out but right as i enter the railjack it just appears out of thin air. I have the rewards but i cant waypoint to a different mission i have to abort. which negates the rewards.
  2. TYPE: [ In-Game - Volatile Railjack missions.] DESCRIPTION: [After completing every objective the same "destroy the weak points" mission reappears and now its impossible to complete the mission, the objectives stay invisible and invulnerable but can see the Life bar] VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: [Every single time i do Volatile missions it keeps happening] EXPECTED RESULT: [Mission complete as soon as i enter the railjack after entering my railjack after Cy's prompt to do so] OBSERVED RESULT: [Mission doesn't complete after all previous objectives have been fulfille
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