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  1. "Most" Ah yes, this tiny fraction in this thread of the tiny fraction that use the forums in which not even everyone here agrees, but yes, "most" want her dead. Personally I don't, because I do not think she's acting of her own will, funny people want Teshin but he was also in a situation where he betrayed us not totally of his own will and we forgive him, but before we even know what's going on its "death to the lotus" this to me just screams on the operator outrage where people who didn't like them twisted and bent what Steve said about the Sacrifice to all but "confirm" we'd get to kill our operator. Some people just don't like the Lotus and will latch onto anything to justify their narrative, at this point in time we have no idea what's going on but there are plenty of hints that this isn't on the up and up. Balas finds her, waves his hand a strange pulse goes out, suddenly she bails, she shows up talking to her mother confused, her mother tells her things, next we see her simply repeating those very things to us, going against everything we knew up till that point, more so as the narrative she's now pushing flies in the face of logic. "So the Orokin brainwashed me into being your caretaker and using that role that I was totally brainwashed into I then killed them using you." Yes, because when I brainwash someone my first idea would be to tell them to kill me. Finally we have Hunhowl from 2 years ago. "They are coming, they will try to 'reclaim' you, I won't be able to stop it." Almost seems like exactly what he said would happen, happened. DE is in no way obligated to kill a character a part of the fandom dose not like and I honestly don't see them killing her, both from a narrative side but also just in general she and her symbol are basically Warframe, "gift of the lotus" guides of the lotus" it's all about her. But to me, the most damming bit of outside of the story evidence is the fact she's not been replaced yet, Ordis is right there and has for a quest or two, why keep holo-lotus? It's been years, just re dub everything with Ordis, he's not going anywhere, only reason not to is it would be a waste of money, why re dub everything if she's coming back? I don't think it'll be the same, but I get the feeling when it's all said and done she'll resume the role, even if she isn't "the" lotus anymore, the old basic mission dialogue will still make sense, quest are already treated like time bubbles and going forward she'll just be different depending on how this all plays out.
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