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  1. Recently it was mentioned DE is trying to limit the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)... however nightwave fundamentally is an engine designed to play on FOMO. It uses rewards that are timed exclusives to draw players back to do a repetitive task that they may very much be getting tired of. At the core of the problem of nightwave I think is that it is time limited, and exclusive. From a developer and investor perspective this looks fantastic because playtime numbers skyrocket, however many of these (in some cases all of these) hours are spent doing annoying, slow, repetitive, and sometimes tasks that are down right against what a player should be doing for their account progression. (3 forma for a player who has forma'd everything, gilding weapons when they have mastered them all already are some examples of how this wastes a players time and resources for a minimal reward) From a new player perspective (followed two newer to the game friends around) they never got past seventy percent of the nightwave due to their day jobs, much less finish it, and it drastically slowed their progression down and all of the friends they were playing with no longer wanted to play with them because they were too busy trying to complete nightwave, rather than get through farming or story like the new players were focused on. This effectively alienated the newer players in my friend circles. These new players didnt care for the nightwave much, and were slightly bummed out at missing the rewards, but that was fine, to both of them. From an end game players perspective, this is a horrific system. Nightwave gives the one thing an end game player cares for: cosmetics. This on its own would normally be fantastic, however when combined with being time limited, and forcing a player to do tasks that they have done potentially hundreds or thousands of times before just by playing the game, does burn them out. EVERY END GAME PLAYER I KNOW AND SPOKE TO HATE THE NIGHTWAVE because it forces boring and repetitive tasks onto the player that is the most likely to get burned out from the game and want to take a break, only to punish the player that takes a break to come back to enjoy the game later by not allowing them to have the one thing left for them to do in the game - get more cosmetics and customize their account. As a note from the end game guys I have been talking to, three of them are world of warcraft veterans that have been playing since release and only quit three years ago, and currently play path of exile, every season. It is my belief that if after about four months of something players like that are commonly tossing around phrases like '$%@# nightwave' 'nightwave sucks' 'I dont want to play warframe' ' and 'nightwave is &%#$', wanting a revertion to the old system, you have failed to truely do what you set out to do. You have increased playtime, however it is time a player is misserable. The goal is to make a system to make players want to play. these words are important. Want to play. Currently the system makes players do what they feel they must do or miss out on the one thing in the game they have left to do (cosmetics). Now for the difficult part, trying to offer feedback as to how to fix the issue. Currently the issue I see overall is its burning out players faster than ever before, while not allowing them time to come back to the game later when refreshed because of the fear of missing out. The only way I know of to make this system not burn people out is to remove the exclusive items, or remove the time limitations. Burnout occurs when a player is pushed to do things they dont want to do, or to do them faster than they want. For this the only solution I see is to make the rewards you can aquire from nightwave more desired, possibly add repetetive farms a player may be optionally interested in like nightwave credit reward purchases like boosters, kuva, or raw resources. including all resources that are new will also allow a player to farm in an alternitive way to enable them to prevent their own burnout. this must be balanced for time spent farming either way to make it roughly equivilent, and just allow what is preffered. provide the player options. cosmetics in the nightwave are not out of the question, but should make returns for players who need a break. perhaps added as a tactical alert once annualy to get what you missed that is not otherwise farmable, or to have exclusive to nightwave items always in the credits section at a high price, but not too high that it is not feasable to catch up after taking a break. Fixing this system is really quite a challenge, as it is a system other developers use specifically to boost numbers and play on peoples fear of missing out on their favourite game. For the reasons above, I have personally decided to quit warframe as I am an all or nothing kind of guy that values his time. If this all gets fixed I would love to get back into the game, however at the current state, even with the latest teasers for railjack and new war etc at tennocon, I just dont see myself making it there before I burn myself out completely and never want to touch warframe again, all the while hating the nightwave. The whole thing has drained me of my desire to play even other games, and I find myself rathing to go for a walk than to sit and play a game because I know at a certain point i will go do daily login, etc etc, and be shown the nightwave i would be missing out on. Please, fix nightwave so it lets people come back in a few months and catch up. -Chaos
  2. these 'challenges' are terrible for a number of reasons. Gilding a weapon requires a new player to get gem recipes that are locked behind daily standing caps at their respective locations (cetus and fortuna), which may actually not be possible for a fresh player, while making endgame players that have made EVERY modular weapon waste time and resources, to not only craft this thing that is totally useless to them, but also level it to 30 to gild it, burning them out faster, so they can continue working for the limited access items like umbral forma, or cosmetics that are timed exclusives, and the option is to ignore them and /hope/ it comes back easier? The forma challenge is just asking a new player to spend forma they may not have because they already spent the packs from nightwave, say, last week when it wasnt asked of them, so they would have an easier time playing. new players also dont often get things even worth putting a forma into in the first place. the first thing a new player gets that is worth putting any forma into is going to be prime warframes and prime weapons locked behind rather high MR for a brand new player. If I were doing a new play-through knowing what I know about the stats of weapons and warframes, I would be ignoring that challenge until I had a thing worth doing. End game players in similar light, forma the things worth investing their time into immediately and thus would just be burning forma for the sake of it. I myself am MR27 and have hildryn coming out in 1h from the foundry at time of post, and depending on if I even care about her, I might THINK about putting a few in to see how much better she gets with them. this and the sledge from wolf himself who has yet to show up in mission with me even once, are the only two things left for me in the entire game that I am not satisfied with the forma layout on them. Profit taker offers a 1% drop at a sigil, that you could pay plat for (wtf-de), and really nothing else other than some credits and the most knockdown any player has ever seen in any game. asking people to do specific things, that they have no need to do, is just going to burn players out in general. The single most valuable thing any human has on this planet is their time, please stop wasting it for the sake of wasting it.This is ALSO LOCKED BEHIND FORTUNA RANK 5 STANDING. NOT EVEN AN MR27 COULD DO THIS IF THEY HAD NOT DONE THIS ALREADY BEFORE THIS WEEK. TLDR; Nightwave should work WITH a player, not against them. You want players to play? give them challenges that all players will always want. The kuva survival the other week was annoying because of its length (my squad literally had four instances of people falling asleep on Teamspeak3 while we did it, mid afternoon), but all players need an infinite amount of kuva, so while its the slowest way to farm kuva, at least it was helping them. (I will ignore my belief rivens are toxic for the health of the game in their entirety without better ways to roll them and more control on what you get based on DE's infamous RNG) I think a quick and dirty fix to nightwave would be not offering limited rewards there at all, and just let people farm them at very low droprates. I think large summs of endo, forma, and orokin reactors/catalysts is a fair reward and worth doing if its a large enough ammount for your time spent. Warframes biggest problem is how fast it burns out endgame players, and I know I was coming up on burning out for the second time soon, but daily login being the only thing needed, it let me relax and enjoy the game when I did play. Nightwave is burning me out faster than anything I have ever seen in the gaming industry in the last twenty years.The rewards feel hollow and punish collectors like myself by taking absurd amounts of time to get. Remove the limited rewards engame players want, give them to us in events that are ACTUALLY hard.
  3. mostly sounds good, though the VFX things..... guys.. please.... warframe isnt a bullet hell, we dont need screen terrorising particals. that gif with the paracesis looks absolutely awful, and thats without berserker.... thats going to be borderline unusable... in the same vain, please, independent partical sliders for enemy low priority, ie, their guns and such, high priority, ie, nullifier bubbles the player NEEDS to know about, and friendly things, ie, buffs to the player, or the players own particals from guns or melee. this would go a LONG way to fix the issues people have with the particals. for example, right now, a mesa player cant see her retical for peacemaker, and cant see corpus nullifiers, if they lower the slider to be able to see through the billions of effects in the vallis. the nullifier is important, the retical is important in a different way, but if we want to see, we cant see the important things suddenly.
  4. WTF is this mesa butt? its down right terrible. how is this "fixed"? revert this change, the old butt was better, by FAR. this is honnestly laughably bad... going back to mesa skin because you still have not fixed mesa presideo neck turning (can i get a refund its been like a year of it not being usable...) while your fixing the tragety that is your artist thinking this is what a clothed butt looks like, fix nova prime butt being smaller than base nova butt.
  5. Gear wheel for lures is NOT reverted like claimed
  6. when are you fixing the mesa presideo skins neck? it doesnt turn with the head... its been like this since release of it!
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