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  1. Allow me to link another nerco-able thread to this necro'd thread lol: But in all seriousness, I really wish DE would just double down and make a mission type that fully utilizes the systems present for Railjack. I wouldn't be surprised if the current status of Railjack is because of all the backlash DE received from their open world updates. These updates were ambitious, and as DE learned to reign in their ambition for failing to met player expectations on numerous things, it feels like they've become too timid. Imo, Railjack has to be ambitious, it has to be different if it's ever going to amount to anything more than just another half-baked concept of mediocrity.
  2. @SebastianSommerThat's a good point; the hounds probably are treated as properties of Parvos. We do however only see the contract the sister provides to us, to provide clarity for our future cooperation. We don't know if the legal dealings on Parvos' end are held to the same standards, though I would assume that they are considering his character. At the same time, there may not be any legal wrap-up on that end at all. If one considers how some of the sisters seem quite agitated at the apparent apathy the sisterhood has towards them during the final fight, I can totally see some of them just stealing 'their' hounds since they are turning their backs on Parvos already. I really hope DE changes it and makes that the case.
  3. I'm not sure if this would work or help but DE could maybe try experimenting with mods that have different conditions for gaining stacks and preserving stacks. Idk what for but (for example) you could have some interesting buffs that gain stacks on eximus kills, or maybe you gain a stack after getting a certain number of kills, but then doing any kind of damage, or maybe scoring critical damage or applying status effects preserves your stacks and progression to the next. They could also have it so that instead of losing all stacks it just goes down by one every time the duration runs out, like the naramon melee combo counter. Idk, just some thoughts to toy around with.
  4. I'm not sure what slots the weapons they have take up but it really only takes up to two slots at most. Granted you may find it tedious to only sell them one at a time, but it shouldn't be too expensive since you only need to rotate them out of the one or two slots you bought. Hopefully they add in code that allows legs in Fortuna to recognize them in your foundry, thereby skipping that tedious step.
  5. @(XBOX)ShodianMaybe. They do already keep note when you check in the codex since you can still see them there, but maybe. It's possible that they would need to keep the data in another location besides what's used for the codex. I obviously don't know how their code works lol.
  6. Basically... what the title says. I'm not sure if there are any concerns over balance in comparison to converted Kuva Liches being by themselves or what, but I find it weird that converted sisters don't get to keep their companions. I mean, a lot of the sisters seem very attached to their companions. It feels like they're a part of their character, like it's a part of their theme. Whenever we make that final choice, we receive the companion when we choose to kill the sister but we don't receive them when we choose to save the sister. It would make sense if they stayed paired with the sister, because we didn't get it and it's a companion unique to her. Instead... it just kind of disappears. Idk, it just seems a little odd to me and thematically unsatisfying, like we're only saving half of the character.
  7. The reason for 'Taxijack' is due to DE wanting to have more classic, warframe styled game-play while not having the tech to adequately support both Railjack combat and ground combat at the same time (aka, AI count limitations making ground locations seem too empty). It's the whole problem behind 'forced ground'. While I wouldn't recommend necro'ing an old(ish) thread, you can check this out for some thoughts (both mine and from other people) on how to get around this problem: Also, FYI, DE's response to 'forced ground' is in the video (Devstream 153 at 41:12) of the second hidden section. It's unfortunate but unless DE is keen on putting forth a good amount of time and effort to achieve a work-around for this I doubt anything is going to change.
  8. Any thoughts on creating slightly more sophisticated enemies that spawn semi-uncommonly in most missions? Ideally, something of a middle-ground between bosses/liches/sisters and most other regular enemies. I'd be keen on seeing more enemies like the amalgams, or the Terra Jackal and Kyto Raknoid (all these have at least some sort of ability to compliment the fight). Even making some notable enemies like the Undying Flyer, Leaping Thrasher and Terra Manker not exclusive to their current zones would be a nice start. As blunt as my opinion is:
  9. Passively earning a frame (without any extraneous steps) that can self sustain much more easily than other early frames was great for newer players. Some people take a while to learn about parkour and moving super fast. While these players get acclimated to the usual speed of the game, a lot of them take a more classic approach to Warframe as a shooter. Oberon can be really good for this sort of slower play-style as his kit is better suited towards sustain and holding your ground (through causing disorder via radiation) as opposed to having the flashy, aggressive moves that a lot of other frames have. Oberon can excel elsewhere, but easing new players into the game was, imo, the ideal way to introduce him. Putting him into late game Railjack was a bad move.
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