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  1. around the end of a mission, I've gotten a promp that a derliect portal is open, after ending the mission and entering the derliect, going to the hack console and gaining an unidentified item, it didnt got added to the reward list, neither in mission progress nore mission end while returning to the dry dock.
  2. I am glad to see this is getting fixed, after my 3rd one, I stopped getting the flickers at all, and that was about a week and a half now
  3. I have soloed all 3 with hildryn+ sonicor, melee is up to your choice but I would reccomand one with toxin damage, for the defence you do need to use some tactic of keeping one enemy bounced around for the pod to regen if it gets damaged too badly, survival is mainly killing opening caches and using ls, and excavation is well... just run around... hildryn ability to do damage on sight + drain shields to keep up that damage is amazingly useful solo, not to mention her passive keeping her alive.
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