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  1. so far I gotten repair kit from running around the endurance run, only 1 copy though... it is really rare. oddly enough it has no polarity, and becomes red on any polarized slot...
  2. can confrim this happend on lith rescue on the mars node martialis
  3. I found the survival run to be just in the right time spawn, but I guess my feeling about it is in the silent minority that would just do it, the ayatan one had me get more ayatans that invloved rng, that could just be replaced with completing rounds of arbitration and turned into an elite challenge. I am enjoying the extra weekly goal, even if I do tend to finish them on the same day I get them. my concern is that some things take more time than others comparing 10 syndicate missions to 3 rounds of elite onslaught for example, the time invastment into the syndicate mission is far greater, for far less reward, not to mention the odd way of 3 rounds of onslaught makes me feel as it doesnt encourge players to go to a reward rotation.
  4. what I'd like to see is the moa shakes head as an agressive behavier for player falling down, (wanted to it to also shrug, but that would cause it to be too long) to be more discriptive, moa looks (tilt head and leans in) ->head to normal position -> shakes head
  5. after completing all of my weekly challanges, I feel like I can now give my 2 cents on the current state (hotfix1) of the system. the idea behind it seems like it has great potantial, the reward list defently looks inticing. edit: from what I've noticed it looks like the system looks like it rewards 4 ranks per week, meaning it was designed for around two and a half months. but the fact is, you only get about 1 pack of 50 wolfcred per week, and the pricing means that you get 1 alt helm bp and 5 nitan a week, down from a much higher rate before... edit: when given a 2nd glance on the reward list, not all weeks seem to even grant wolfcreds, rank 9 and 28 are the pattern breakers, making it 6 ranks from 6 to 12 and rank 24 the last time you get wolfcreds. edit(cont): this sums up the total of wolfcreds to 6 rewards of 50 or a total of 300, making it very limiting to what you redeem it on. the daily challange is easy enough to complete in 1 mission, but the fact that there is only 1, doesnt give you a sense of daily progress. the capture of the escapees feels underrewarding... 50 standing each feels way under what it should be. edit: to add some clearity, it would take 20 captures to match 1k stading of the daily challange, as they come in 3s the closest number above is 21 making 7 instances of capturing 3 before you match 1 daily challange... and they do seldom apear, making it far less than every 7 missions... edit: and if taken to the 10k that is per level is 200 captures, 201 targets, and 67 spawns still have yet to encounter the wolf it self. edit: the wolf is cool, but I think some of its damage reduction might be overkill, he already has armor, health, damage, and the amount of damage reduction he has makes him feels too bullet spongey what I would like to see are 3 daily challanges basic, intermediate and elite, the basic grants wolf creds, mainly aimed at newer players, intermediate part standing part wolf creds, and elite grants standing only. this would give a sense of daily progress that the system seems to be there to do, along with push players to have more thing to do.
  6. yay new noggles! as for primed quickdraw does that also include why its not linkable? as for the fix yay this has been a long time coming!
  7. yeah but what about having a better chance of them apearing in the rest of the quest?
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