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  1. Personally I don't mind the extra beefy enemies, it makes testing of damage more fun... (cant get enemies over level 500 easily normally without it) Adding more rewards to the SP it could make people upset, but it could also lead to a problem of too many people farming too hard... I take the stance of don't really mind either way as I have nothing else to do in the game. As much as I would like to see more thing added to SP like fissures, sorties and the likes, I also understand it would be without any extra reward, for now it is only a farm place to get much bigger level enemies to see how far your theorycraft goes.
  2. I have been doing a long survival yesterday just to see how far can I push in the steel path. Logged in today wanted to do some trades and found out I was trade banned. as far as I know I have been doing everything by the books. not even resorting to macros, alt tabbing only to change videos on youtube or talk on discord and post pictures of the progress. yes the run was long (4 hours and 25mins - got to see level 5k enemies), but I am not sure what type of trigger that is... are we past the days of doing long runs for fun now? how is this challenge mode even going to be a thing if we cant just see how far can we push ourselves? maybe I miss understood but I thought it was extra challenge for fun...
  3. after returning from the railjack, "I think Cy is ignoring me, that cephalon seems abit square for a pyramid"
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