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  1. I probably will look into this in more detail at some point, but it's rare enough that it's not really a high priority task.
  2. Invites are relayed though, it all goes through our central server, so if you can hit that, you would get an invite. I will wait from more info from the OP. I do not think most of our players randomize their ports, tbh, our data is definitely not showing that. Can you send me a log from a game session where you think game is not using the port it should be using?
  3. What bug specifically? I need more details 🙂 Client ports should work fine as of Deadlock Protocol.
  4. Could you elaborate on these a bit? We do not typically transmit ports, rather we rely on the port we're receiving the information from. Are you still taking about multiple players behind same NAT?
  5. Uh, thank you for your faith, I guess ;)... There is indeed a bug with preserving port numbers, which will be fixed ASAP.
  6. These all are valid points, I'll kick them up the chain. What I can comment on are: - requirements: dedicated server has significantly lower hardware requirements than the game, mostly because it does not need to render anything (or simulate effects, play local sounds and so on). There is nothing preventing you from running it on your toaster, but it should still be a better experience than playing _and_ hosting it. - as for the security, you're right that since server sits there waiting for connections, it's technically a bit more exposed, but to establish an actual connection you do have to go through our layers first, otherwise it'll simply keep rejecting you. This still could be problematic for DDOS of course but worse case scenario it affects your hosting quality. It should not be any more dangerous than simply playing the game (DIsclaimer: there's many smart people out there, so not claiming this is completely 100%-hack proof... do not treat it as a challenge).
  7. You don't have to run the Launcher GUI, it supports the -headless argument which runs it as a commandline application. It's not really native, but I know people had some success running it under emulators.
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