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  1. Could you send me a log from a session that suffers from this problem? I don't think hand-tweaking a per-connection MTU is a sustainable solution here. Sadly, this is also mostly beyond the scope of application control. We do have a congestion control system that tries to make sure we don't send too much data if client can't handle it. Our internal MTU starts at around 1300 bytes (Ethernet theoretical guaranteed max is 1500). Forcing it to a significantly lower value can cause issues, however, we rarely send packets that big, we simply do not generate that much data in a frame and can't wait too long for the buffer to fill as it'd affect ping.
  2. Yes, the problem is you're running the game at the same time and they fight for access to cache. Multiple copies of dedicated servers are smart enough to avoid it, but it comes with a minor perf penalty, so game is a bit less careful.
  3. OK, next build should have some more info in the log after every match.
  4. Oh sorry, I didn't post an update, the multi instance problem should be fixed now (" platform not enabled"). Could you send me a log from the single instance that takes a long time to start?
  5. Can you elaborate on this one? The game is not paused technically (ie. it's updating), but as far as AI/most systems go, they wait (plus there is a spawn invincibility). What is the problem exactly?
  6. Thank you for reporting guys, I think we broke it during recent optimization push. I'll be testing to be 100% sure soon, but I think it should be fixed in the next HF, sorry for inconvenience.
  7. Hmm, I can't see that PNG for some reason, could you please post a log?
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