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  1. Oh sorry, I didn't post an update, the multi instance problem should be fixed now (" platform not enabled"). Could you send me a log from the single instance that takes a long time to start?
  2. Can you elaborate on this one? The game is not paused technically (ie. it's updating), but as far as AI/most systems go, they wait (plus there is a spawn invincibility). What is the problem exactly?
  3. Thank you for reporting guys, I think we broke it during recent optimization push. I'll be testing to be 100% sure soon, but I think it should be fixed in the next HF, sorry for inconvenience.
  4. Hmm, I can't see that PNG for some reason, could you please post a log?
  5. Did you get any WAR number? Failing that, could you send me the entire log? Thanks
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