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  1. Do you know if this happens on host migration or is it simply any player leaving your squad?
  2. Gah, my fault this time, we'll fix live again and I'll make sure to move the change now, so it doesn't happen again, thanks for quick report.
  3. Thanks for letting me know. Can you send me your DS.cfg? [Edit] Actually I think I see the problem, we'll try to fix live. Can you restart?
  4. I'd say core of the system is the same. We threaded it a little bit more, including the lower level networking part, but this does not really affect game logic. Also, the introduction of dynamically streamed regions like POE/Venus/Railjack added some complexity, but again, this is limited to these maps. We did fix a thing or two as well, but for the most part, the replication layer is fairly robust at this point and I do not touch it too frequently. As far as other talks go, if you're interested in networking - this is a very good collection of publicly available talks: https://githu
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