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  1. I figured these would be patched out when the frame were released, but after coming back to the game, it seems that is not the case. Note: Ability cast on selection is >off< Lavos casts abilities when you press the number button to select. Go into any mission with Lavos and press the number buttons to select the ability you want to cast, and without pressing the cast button, it casts on its own. I have tried to turn ability cast on selection on, then back off, and that did not fix it. This happens solo, with a group, whatever. This means that if a player is used to pressing number buttons to select abilities, they must learn to select a different way, be it scroll wheel or whatever, just for Lavos.
  2. Thank you for moving it to the proper place. I thought I did click the feed back general, but I must of clicked the wrong one, my bad.
  3. This post is a little all over the place, but ill try to keep it organized. I can also go and split this up to put the different sections in their proper locations if need be, but I figured to put it in general for now. Simulacrum: 1. With the addition of steel path, enemies have been able to reach a larger level quicker, and have more armor. Simulacrum does not have the option, so you cannot test things properly against steel path enemies without going into SP itself, wasting time that you could be using to test things better. 2. Some enemies are unspawnable in the simulacrum *cough* acolytes. This is another issue where you cant test things properly. 3. The time it takes to get to the simulacrum is tedious, requiring two loading screens and a fast travel to get in, and raises issues to those who have S#&amp;&#036; internet connections as they have to load into a relay. There should be an option in the mod screen or where ever that allows you to just go to the simulacrum. Mission Select: While Specters of the Rail, or what ever it was called, streamlined the mission select a bit, we have a lot of rotating missions that make it a pain to get things done and/or have fun. 1. Allow players to pick and choose what modifiers you want on a mission. Be it steel path modifiers, arbitration modifiers, and/or void fissures. This allows players to pick and choose what missions they want to play on instead of waiting for that juicy juicy survival. This will also allow for those who are farming corrupted holokeys the option of finding a quick mission, instead of waiting around for a good spy or another quick one. 2. Allow the different modifiers to stack. Allow players to go into a steel path mission that's also a void fissure. Liches: Dear god this update... Edit: While most of this is feedback, #3 is a QoL that should be added. I can remove the other ones if its an issue. 1. Kuva liches take much longer than corpus liches, needing significantly more murmurs than the corpus ones do. Please buff their murmur gain rate to be in line with the corpus ones. 2. Before with Kuva liches, people would just run Cassini to get the weapon they want. It didn't waste resources, and was nice and quick so you could keep doing it to get the weapon you wanted. With the corpus liches, you have to use resources to get them to spawn. Granted resources you don't use anywhere else, but its still a pain waiting around for the treasurer to spawn instead of aborting when you don't get the weapon you want from the candidate. 3. Kuva liches have 19 weapons. Corpus have 8, not including the melees. There needs to be some sort of UI to allow players to choose their weapon, or at the very least a system that weights weapons that you haven't gotten as an option in awhile to make them show up more frequently. Especially if they are planning on adding more weapons. 4. This newest update made it so that liches have a set "path" they will take when they level up. For example, Kuva liches will always start on earth, then move to mars, then Ceres, then Sedna, and then finally Kuva fortress. It also removed the option of them controlling multiple planets, because why? Before, you had a sense of randomness in what planet you would get, what tile set you would fight them on, what missions you would end up getting. Now you follow the same path every time. You also are punished for having your lich appear early as any good nodes, such as survival, you had left, are no longer usable. Please bring back the randomness. As for the Kuva liches moving to a different planet, cool, but make it so that instead of leaving all at once, make it so that each mission you do, a set amount of missions on that old planet lose control, giving a sense of time passing as they move their forces to the new planet. UI: We've had the same UI for a long time now, not just the one we see in missions, but also other ones such as weapon and Warframe select. These need to get an update if new warframes and weapons keep getting added. 1. The in game mission UI at least needs to have an option to move it. I don't have enough time to look down to check my ability timers and energy levels when im in the heat of the battle. The placement is also bad for steam users, as when someone comes online, or starts playing a game, steam pops up in the bottom right blocking the entire ability selection, At the same time, maybe allow players to move their health and buffs from the upper right as well. 2. With the amount of weapons and warframes that have been added, its hard to navigate the selection of them, as it only shows three columns. The selections can be shrunk by a significant margin to allow more columns, and thus more options on the screen, or create a new UI but that might not pay off enough to justify making it. General Changes: 1, Increase the amount of loadout slots. I cant think of any good reason why we have so many unique warframes, and less slots. At least make us buy even more with plat if you want it locked behind something. 2. Why is auto fill for ayatans locked behind mastery? Why do you have to reach mr 10 for it? 3. Please for the love of god make it so that syndicate vendors can be used from your orbiter. I shouldn't have to go visit the arbiters or the perrin sequence in person to spend vitus or holokeys. This should also be a thing for any vendor in the relay, from Teshin, to Darvo, to Baro ki'trash. 4. Umbral formas shouldn't be as rare as they are. The majority are locked behind the battle pass that I don't want to do. There are some other ways such as waiting 8 weeks to get a bp for one of them from Teshin, and three from hitting MR 30, but come on, we have got to get more ways to get them. Maybe make them tradable so that we can have a fight over which costs more, legendary cores or umbrals or make them purchasable from the store for 100 plat a piece, just like normal formas.
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