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  1. I did put my companion back in the freezer yesterday, seeing as it still might take some time for it to drop. I'm putting warframe on the shelf until something lasting comes up in waframe. Gonna play some other games - halloween events are going live (actual events not like this alert in warframe) and those will consume quite some time.
  2. Didn't Sheldon say that there would be multistaged update for companions? Didn't here anything about that anymore since getting vacuum for kubrows and kavats 😞
  3. Any chance we could have gotten this one with Plague Star? Or has this been scrapped?
  4. Playing on the plaines feels kinda slow, like if my fps would drop (no noticeable drops exist though). Also enemies that aren't in near range move haltingy and sometimes even teleport around. The haltingy movement I had previously just with the furthest away enemies. Also Oberons Hallowed Grounds execution is slower than before the mainline update. It feels off, without conveying any impact.
  5. Notices a somewhat loose cable on his foot. Investigates - tries nibbling/pulling it off. Shocks itself via short circuit and is confused.
  6. Can we get a bit bigger patches of grass for the seeding step Ephemera please? Definetly getting this one for my Oberon.
  7. For some reason the game now takes ages to start and after logging in there are missing Icons everywhere. Loading into stations on the Liset also takes ages now.
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