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  1. Note: I feel while we do have the amazing feature of having spectre's ingame, they seem to be underutilized and unappreciated. Please correct me if that is not the case. While a wonderful feature they are not too fleshed out or connect to a story. So please read below for my attempt to expand apon them. Idea is meant as inspirational material for DE I propose the following scenario : - With Luna no longer being in the void ancient orokin systems and counter measures have also awoken. Being an advanced civilization its likely that in the war with sentients they had backup measures as well multiple alternatives to fight or have a stand on LUA. Proven to be effective all available Tenno were sent to the front line. However this would reduce the orokin defences in key locations. As an alternate option to have battle ready soldiers, no doubt with experience the orkin have once again turned to artificial beings. They would scan and register experienced warframes and provide duplicate spectre copys. Taking a solution that works effectively and bolstering the existing forces. While these specters were limited to bases grounds and key instillations, they would provide the necessary defences when all tennos were sent to the front line. Orokin now having both offence and defence. Learning from their mistakes with sentients they have created a system that could govern and instruct and keep specters in line. This would centralize control of spectres and permit easier management and control. The precursor of current cephalons was invented. Their role: gather knowledge and experience from tenno and transform them in viable defensive and offensive solutions against sentients. Tenno in the field would be monitored through companions sentinels secretly recording data while offering benefits to warframes. Sentinels were initially very welcomed by the tenno for their usefulness and added perks however soon they fell in favour or wildlife tamed to be better combatants. Valuable data was getting lost, so proxy cephalons with more porpoises (not disclosed at this time) have been made provided as an aid for the Tenno's ongoing battle. To the tennons the orokin were plentiful with support... sadly this was just the tip of the iceberg. This cephalon precursor , while primitive has managed to gather a lot of knowledge and successfully defend in places such as Lua , efficiently coordinating the specters. Alas poor Orokin… The once advantage of the cephalon was its grates downfall. Orokin higher ups started using them for their own goal, as who controlled the cephalon could command a vast army. With great power came great greed even unknown to orokin. Greed that would lead to the downfall of their defences. The cephalon precursor however has remained active, all this time, disconnected from its systems , slowly eroding and losing data. It has seen the death of its master and the funeral too. While in void it could not function properly . its systems being disconnected due the rifts and strange anomalys. Even to a cephalon AI some things cannot be calculated. All seemed lost in the hell of the void. Until without notice it came back. Back to planet earth, back to working order. Having limited capability it resumed its last function: mass produce specters, and exterminate all that dare threaten Lua. Event Dax: ''A tennos worst enemy is himself... There is no grather batlle than the battle within In lack of that …. a spectre will more than do.'' Objective : 1}Defeat enemy tenno spectres. These specters will copy your and your squadss load out, weapons and even ''fashion''. Since specters are more fragile they will spawn in more numbers , however they would offer a better challenge as their potential to do damage is influenced by the player. It would be a new type of battle. 2} Deal with the cephalon precursor, through various missions. Having 3 options: - attempt to repair it - destroy it - give it a new porpoise Prizes will vary depending on what you chose for it. Common additional prize - Dojos will permit you to fight and train against spectre's. - Specter has a random chance to join you on your missions Ofc this can be expanded apon however the idea is there.
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