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  1. After the most recent hotfix, it seems the particles from Wisp's Passive are no longer present when she is in the air. She still glows your chosen energy color, but no longer generates any of the actual particles themselves, before it was amazing seeing the trail behind her.
  2. Very excited for Wisp, thanks for the update! Q: Could we get an Infested Ephemera? I'd love to see a constant trail of infested leaking from our frames, maybe something like the gray tentacles from the spawn pods, and it could even drop from the Juggernaut.
  3. We would be happy to have you, but you're currently already in a clan. If you still would like to join, just leave that one and let us know. 🙂
  4. Happy to have you Meggle, your invite will be sent momentarily 🙂 thanks for applying. Could you possibly give us some more information Pan, more than a sentence 😉
  5. You would just fill it out as a reply 🙂
  6. Example Application: IGN: Sakaira Age: 22 Why do you want to join?: [Bad Example] - I would like to join, because I'm lonely. [Good Example] - I enjoy the game and would like to find other casual players to spend time with, and grow from.(more extensive than this, but along the same lines) Tell us about yourself: [Bad Example] - I can be funny, but serious if need be, and I like Warframe. [Good Example] - I enjoy spending time in the woods, hiking through the mountains, or hunting. Archery is something I'm interested in, but haven't practiced enough to be useful with it. (also more extensive but along the same lines as well)
  7. Thanks for the update, very excited to see the abilities for Wisp. I was wondering after Railjack, will there be an Infested open-world, or a continuation on Helminth? I would love to see more infested themed gear, especially an Archwing, or something more to do with the infested room in our ship.
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