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  1. Attempted to do void storm railjack mission in Neptune with another player as host. During the loading phase, I entered one of the turrets & i was immediately kicked out of it & saw a crewmate take its place. First thought is it must be assigned to it by host. This however has crippled my player because now I am permanently slowed by a cold aura, I cannot slide around, I cannot interact with anything on the ship, including the exits, I cannot even leave the pilot/turret section of the ship because the doors do not open for me or they open for a millisecond & instantly shut after & all of that happens before any combat at all happens. When teammates force start the boarding phase of the mission, I can still fight in combat but I still possess the cold aura on me, I cannot slide still & i lose access to the pause menu & chat window. And I still cannot interact with ingame objects like consoles so I cannot contribute to objectives that require them or leave the ship without teammates force ejecting me. Then when they start another mission, I cannot accept it or chat with anyone to tell them my game is broken without messaging through Xbox chat. This has been recreated 3 times in 3 different missions so I know this involves crewmates & what they are assigned to. Completely disincentivizes any reason to play railjacks in squads whether or not they have hired crewmates.
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