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  1. looks like they fixed it all with today's update: -Fixed the Yareli Noggle missing her skirt. Pack up your stuff everybody! We're done here.
  2. Whatever they do eventually do about it, I hope they don't force her into a button mashing routine like other frames where the gameplay is just rotating abilities in the same order over and over again. I like not having forced synergy because it means her abilities can be more easily substituted, but the baseline abilities should work better so it's less desirable to substitute them.
  3. I really like the idea of the ammo mutation for being on Merulina. I've had to ammo mutation many of my 2ndary weapons for this frame because it seems like the 2ndary was not intended to be used all mission ammo wise.
  4. I find she is a very fun frame because you can replace any of the abilities and build some fun interactions. I do not find her fun to play in all situations though. I do like to run longer endless missions like void survivals or defenses and have done well so far. It's nice not having to play like I do when I play Gara, where I just have to repeat a rigid dance of abilities for an entire map to keep up the synergies, although the price of this is obvious in functionality. My favorite setup so far is subsuming in Silence to replace Merulina. 70% damage resistance is nice, but when it completely removes your ability to engage in glorious melee combat it has to go. Why do you need 70% damage resistance if you are not chopping stuff up with a sword? Go stand in the frost bubble or something like the rest of the gun frames. The 200% crit chance is nice and all, but i've found after hours and hours of cruising around on Merulina that many 2ndaries I have just don't compare with being able to heavy attack something for 1 million damage using a solid melee weapon with 80% chance to crit. Still, I can't complain about being 200% more spikey when charging and shooting at the next target to be chopped up and 1 shot for 999,000 more health than it actually has. Overall I think she could use some improvements. She should definitely be able to melee on Merulina. I find it offensive we cannot K drive joust.
  5. I would like to see the following: Sea Snares - When they catch enemies, they begin to slowly drag them towards other Sea Snares holding enemies. When the snares get close, they stack damage. K-Drive - Levelable and moddable like an exalted weapon. Ramming an enemy at sprint speed knocks them over and causes damage. All weapons work while surfing, but as follows: --Primary weapons benefit as a stability platform, and get 25% accuracy 25% fire rate 25% reload speed when immobile for > 1 second --Secondary weapons work as is --Melee weapons only allow heavy attacks that receive a 0-200% damage bonus based travel speed AquaBlades - Blades seek out nearby targets trapped in Sea Snares during their rotation based on ranged power strength. A Sea Snared enemy struck by all 3 blades produces a new empty Sea Snare. Riptide - +5 health and Energy for each Sea Snared enemy hit by Riptide. Temporarily consumes Aquablades adding the combined damage of all 3 blades per tick to each target hit by Riptide. Pulling power doubled vs sea snared foes. Sea snared foes count as 2x for the purpose of foe->damage scaling
  6. Enable melee so we can have K-Drive jousting
  7. She can be tremendous fun to play, but I have to agree that she is not very good at modern warframe and is 95% whatever you can squeeze out of your weapon. Some of the changes proposed would help though. You should be able to run stuff over with your K-Drive, especially sprinting. Having never stepped on a K drive until playing this frame, I have to say I do like the K drive. It's not that it controls great or anything, but I've notice it saves me from constantly having to bullet dash, slide, and parkour around which makes my fingers happy. I'de say it's lazy but it's more a function of playing video games for too many years that I try to reduce the amount of key pushes so my hands don't go arthritic. It would be nice if aquablades seeked out targets entangled in sea snares based on range
  8. well this sux. I had picked up an affinity booster and was hoping to level some 2ndaries this weekend :(
  9. Somehow I feel we have overlooked the obvious solution for any aquatic creature in need of more power, which is to add lasers to it. We should add lasers to Merulina just as we have to sharks, sea bass and a myriad of other aquatic creatures in need of power boosting
  10. She seems very much like the derpy offspring of Zephyr and Hydroid, inheriting all of the weird quirks her parents have/had throughout history. I find her fun to play because I have never had a K drive, i really liked the old broken zephyr, and helminth. I dumped her #1 for Nezhra's firewalker, which works as long as you cast before hoping on Manatee-or-whatever-it's-named. My main complaint is that you can't engage in glorious melee combat while surfing. The best thing about this frame is that it seems like nobody has any good expectations of it. Yareli meets those expectations in fun ways. For some reason, it's just fun to hover around while surrounded by whirling blades, leaving trails of fire, and randomly summoning tornadoes - even if you really aren't accomplishing much. This is the warframe you add to your group when you're stuck with things like Mesa, Equinox and Frost, and you want to make it look like you are are actually busy doing something other than mashing buttons and watching TV, but you don't want nidus pox before your first forma and octavia is annoying.
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