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  1. Well it's not satisfying is what the problem is and there's less of it the more they add. I am a fan of jumping on, finding an endless, and mowing monsters. It used to be, before spectres of the rail, that I could just shout for what I wanted to run with my limited playtime, find a group, and go. Now, I have to hope what I want to play is even available otherwise there's no real reward for doing it other than another copy of pressure point. It takes a lot longer to find a group, and the groups don't stay as long because they want to hit a day/night cycle or something. There's been a g
  2. I'm not displeased that they are adding a bunch of new content, but I am a bit displeased that the game experience has changed so much over time and it's actually kept me away from playing lately because it's just too annoying to keep up with. I don't know if I'm the only one, but I don't want to have to learn an entire new "thing" every update. I just play to log in, kill stuff for a while, and log out. Sure, I can still do this, but now everybody is rail jacking, Kuva Liching, Orb-whatever, Requim fissuring, zookeeping and who knows what else. If you take a serious break for a month
  3. I would find it helpful if the text of items linked in trade chat could be configured to display as a different color if you already own the item linked. This would be helpful in the trade channel to quickly determine if i have an item or based on the WTB/WTS request being made, and save a lot of time and headache digging through my inventory of prime parts while trying to keep up with the speedy chat.
  4. I have problems with team Limbo and would love for this. The flashier it's gotten, the more painful Warframe has become to look at over time.
  5. This has been posted 1000's of times :( To be quite honest, flight is pretty useless on Titania too aside from the OK weapons she gets while using it. Flying Zephyr adds nothing to the group. Nobody wants your Zephyr now in their group, and they certainly aren't going to want you if you can fly. Seriously, think about it for a minute: Have you ever heard the following in recruitment?: ______ group LF Zephyr! Do you honestly think you are going to hear this if Zephyr can suddenly fly? It's not going to help. If this is what Zephyr gets for her overhaul, then it's wasted
  6. Not quite. Relic Scarcity: You can now farm for junk relics at lower levels. this is well and good but you could farm for junk relics while doing old void missions anyway and kill two manatees with one tug boat. 20 wave void missions NEVER required good gear anyway at any tier. This is moot. If you want junk relics, then more power to you. This is wrong. 100% wrong. Relics and keys are more rare than they used to be simply because you cannot farm them at the same time you are farming primes. As I said, wait till you run out of relics, and then you'll see what everybod
  7. Have you actually played the game since the update? I'm only asking because you are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off with regards to casually running fissures. Here's some food for thought: People can casually log on and play fissures now because there are an enormous abundance of relics(keys) left over. Key sharing is now gone. So you want _____ piece? Let's pretend you are new. You now have to go farm the exact relic that you need with an endless mission, and then find a fissure that corresponds to it. After that, you are at the mercy of RNG just like before. Also, you cannot ef
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