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  1. 1 minute ago, 77pop77 said:

    I looked up a few things, this log in block has happened before. Some said it was a ddoss, atleast the older posts said so. so IDK whats going on.


    lolz i bet somebody at DE accidentally fed the auth server to their helmith.  I NEED CIRCUIT BOARDS

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  2. Just now, Kelkenikz said:

    Yea, I can't log in either. I can login to the site and everything else, however I cannot sign into the app. I've restarted my internet, restarted my pc, I have tried logging out of everything and changing my password. I just wanna grind ;-;

    Lotus Heeeeeeellllllllpppppp we are multiplying!

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  3. Title says it all.  How are you supposed to collect minerals of there are no nodes, because you know, we have to farm these for Helmith.  Thanks btw DE. I wanted to spend my saturday night roaming around an empty zone by myself.  Awesome!!! keep the fantastic work /s.

    Sorry but your open worlds suck.  They aren't even open worlds as much as oversized tilesets with mission variants that have slightly more crappy modifiers than the star chart versions.  I will NEVER set foot in this open world again or any other one out side of the BARE MINIMUM time required to get whatever flavor-of-the-month piece of junk you trying to huck to the community in return for them playing tetris or some other garbage variant of your game that isn't Warframe.  How about take open world number 4 and try not to make it into a horrible experience like the other 3 were, by not forcing people to do dumb minigames they have no interest in?



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  4. I want to say that I've complained a fair bit on this thread and other threads about the conservation and yelled at DE quite a bit.  It was much deserved in my opinion.

    Today I was able to buy the parts I needed for plat.  This means I can advance by farming prime parts doing missions I like, selling them for plat and then converting that to the mission requirements.  I can now just focus on the parts of the open world I enjoy the most, such as the excavation missions.  Tonight, for the first time since the update, I could actually enjoy Warframe and not be stressed out about how far behind I am in open world content.  I don't even have an archwing segment, so if you're unfortunate enough to group with me you wlll have to wait until i BULLET JUMP and SLIDE to the objective like a savage.

    This doesn't let you, DE, off the hook for the last few days of aggravation, but the 50% plat coupon upon logging in does.  Instead of going back to Kenshi or some other game, I took advantage of it and picked up 1000 plat on the market place to rejuvenate my Warframe/drinking habits.  Our beef is resolved.  I'm sad we didn't actually get to fist fight about it like we would have in the 1980's lunchroom, but it's an acceptable resolution and only slightly less desirable than everybody involved with this cluster doing 200 pushups on their knuckles on cold grainy cement  out of sheer fear of being pummeled again.

    Next time please consider that while players like myself do genuinely appreciate the attempts at ingenuity in adding new things to do to the game, we are not guaranteed to accept them.  Forcing us to do these things drives us away from new content.  It's a great idea to offer a Sam's Club Saturday sized sample of your new content to everybody, but please please PLEASE don't lock the crown jewels behind the Vegan Chicken Patties because you still have some starving violent old dinosaurs out there (who might be endangered now, think about that you conservationist paladins) who need MONSTER MEAT to survive.  Sometimes we eat the fake meat and like it, but FFS don't force it down our throat when we tell you it tastes like butt. 

    All this so my Gara can shoot lightning bolts...




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  5. If you want to encourage people to play in the new open worlds, then don't force them to do the activities that they dislike the most.  Doing this discourages them from playing.  I have not gotten into any of the open worlds now because of the minigames. I don't want to play them, so I don't participate in the content.  All 3 open world releases have added 0 value to the game to me because of this.  You could add 15 open worlds that are 200x bigger for all I care, it's just a waste of space.  I'm really disappointed with the way Warframe has progressed because these major updates are not taking the game in the direction that benefits my interests.

    If the activities offered in the open world allowed for several paths, then there would be options and the problem would be solved.  I could run the endless missions the open world offers and enjoy my time while others mine, conserve and fish.  Then we could all enjoy the open world(s) together.

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  6. Conservation needs to go as a requirement for major content.  It's ruining the update.  Forcing people to play things in the new world they do not like is not a good way to encourage them to play the new zones.  Let people enjoy the activities in the zone that they want to  I have not played the other two open worlds for this same reason.  Now there's just another chunk of the game gated off behind boring minigames.  The more that gets gated off the like, the less incentive there is to play.  Now im 0/3 on open world enjoyment.

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  7. The conservation requirement still sucks.  Please remove it.  I've wasted almost 8 hours of my time doing idiotic minigames I don't want to play.  This update is miserable, and it's a shame because there seems to be nice stuff gated behind the stinking wave of bull crap we're forced to swim through to get it.

    Still lame DE.  Weeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaak!

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  8. The quest mech was a bit anti-climatic.  I'm going from a warframe who can do hundreds of thousands of damage and tank like a beast to a soft squishy mech with a weak gun.  My Warframe would have thrashed the necromech with 1 / 1000th of the effort in a normal fight.

    I don't like their appearance style, but that's preference.  I think they do look nice overall if you're into the ugly baby thing.

    I prefer not to play open world, so they seem like a gimmick to me.  If I could use them on Pluto, then I would totally get one to stomp around with.

    The thing is with mechs, at least from my experience with them, is that they should be very customizable.  Giving us 4 new abilities and different physics is just creating another warframe.  To be real mech, the abilities in the 1 2 3 4 slot should be customizable with several options like missiles, mines, lasers, autoguns, artillery and whatnot.  This definitely missing, and the necromech just fills the role of a gimmick Warframe I got to play once and will likely never play again - and nor do I want to because I'm not interested in what it has to offer with it's stock configuration.

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  9. 1 minute ago, Cerikus said:

    You said:

    If DE does what you ask for everybody that absolutely hates something. We will have ONE HUUUGE droptable for literally every mission type, every node, every piece of content.

    Is that something you would like?

    If you think in terms of absolutes then yes that's a problem.  When you apply what really happens, the ask becomes a lot more reasonable.  You don't see multiple 14 page threads regarding how much people hate defense missions which repeat every time you release a new defense mission.  You do see them for open worlds though.

    There are some topics/items which are very divisive, and there are some which are not.  For the more divisive topics, It's probably worth paying more attention to.  What's you're real issue with me getting a Helmith segment by farming 100,000 mother tokens over the course of a month or so?  How does this affect you?

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  10. 1 minute ago, Cerikus said:

    I don't like defense mission. I think it's boring, too long and needs a rework.

    I demand that DE either delets it or gives me a possibility to do something else, because I will NOT play it and I cannot get past Earth. The whole game is gated for me, because I am forced to play this horrible mission type.

    Pointless comparison.

    Based on the original logic, the ask would be for DE to give you an alternative to said defense mission.  The ask is not to delete the defense mission in this case.  The ask is to allow another path which circumnavigates said defense mission and achieves the same thing, even if it's 3 nodes longer.

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  11. Just now, Cerikus said:

    What I meant is: You are not forced to do it. You are required to do it to progress in this aspect of the game.

    And that's a BIG difference.


    What I and others with similar meant is that sucks.  We don't enjoy it.  We would appreciate it if DE would stop doing it.  We don't care if others like to mine hunt and fish, but we would kindly ask that we be given alternatives, even if it takes more time.

    Why is this such an unreasonable ask?  Should we not enjoy the game too?

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  12. 1 minute ago, Cerikus said:

    Should I do a stream where I reproduce this 10 times with success?

    I UNDERSTAND where the complaints are coming from, but people are just NOT paying attention to what is actually required to get the Helminth.

    Everybody is acting like it's 100h grind.

    IT TAKES 10 MINUTES TO DO THE CONSERVATION you need to do. (5 brids, 1 predasite)

    Everything else you can do without the tranq rifle in your hand.

    Given that this is a 14 page thread, yes, you probably should do a video.

    Either way,  you've missed the point of the conversation so much that even if you do make a video, all it's really going to do is temporarily ease the pain points of various individuals who don't want to waste their time.  Unfortunately, the understanding of the complaints is not something  you seem to be able to do, so if you want to help matters do as above.

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  13. 1 minute ago, Cerikus said:

    Nobody is forcing anything upon you. DE has decided that they want people to do certain things to earn the Helminth. If you don't do it, you don't deserve it.

    You have to realize that videogames are not a democracy. Developer decides something and you deal with it. You are not entitled to a reward, if you don't like the way to get it. Period.

    BTW.. DE are actually great in this, because they are one of few devs, that actually sometimes listens to complains and changes stuff.

    Actually they are.  If you want to progress and play a significant part of the game, you have to hit a bottle neck.  You're really just defending it for the purpose of defending it at this point.  Many people here are trying to work to optimize the enjoyment of the game for a larger part of the playerbase.  The changes we purpose would not directly effect you, and you would still win by getting the items faster.

    I feel that the point that's lost on this thread is that it doesn't matter how long it takes to do something.

    It's really great that somebody can capture all the pokemon in 8 minutes (Make a video plz?).  The game just release and it's clearly been beaten.  The problem is this:

    I am a murder hobo.  I play warframe for the war part of it.  Those 8 minutes suck for me.  I want to kill the animals, mount their skulls on polls, use their meat to lure in more animals, kill them too and repeat the process until all life on Demios is extinct.  I would be more happy spending 800 minutes murdering innocent Furbies than 8 minutes catching infested penguins.  What i'm basically saying is that with regards to any open world content, I would be much happier if I had alternate ways of getting there, even if i took significantly longer than DE's intended path (forced minigames, quests).  I don't feel that this is an unreasonable ask given that Warframe used to be all murder.

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  14. I feel they need to open more paths to the walled off content.  The problem is there are so many activities now in Warframe that some % of people are guaranteed to absolutely hate some of them.  I, for example hate mining, fishing and conservation.  When you force these activities upon me, I do not have fun playing.  10 minutes, 5 minutes, 5 hours doesn't really matter - the game should not be a chore at any point.

    It's nice that there's a zillion things to do in game now, but not having options defeats the purpose of having choices.  Let the people who want to kill stuff kill stuff, and let the people who want to fish fish.  Don't force the murder hobos to fish, and don't force the fishermen to kill stuff.  It's pretty simple.  I will happily kill 100,000 of the new centipedes not to have to fish or conserve for 15 minutes.  As soon as I'm forced to fish, I don't want to play the new content.

    Since everybody will want the Helmith, there should be multiple paths for getting it.   This would make the open world more accessible to everybody, and nobody would be bored.  I have avoided open worlds so far because I don't want to mine and fish, and I feel like Warframe excludes me from a fair amount of progression because of it.  Its not for lack of trying - Iv'e caught the stupid fish and mined the stupid minerals and it's just not entertaining for me.  Given that I played Warframe before mining and fishing were things, I feel like these are forced additions to the game that have overall negatively impacted my experience of it, whereas if I would not care if they were alternative means to achieve the same progression


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  15. There needs to be alternative to the minigames.

    I would be happy to grind 10x more faction / mother tokens than I would be to spend 45 minutes fishing.  I don't think it's an unreasonable ask.

    I got to rank 2, and now that I see rank 3 requires an absurd amount of taming, I'm just going to spend a few day away and not play the new content.  This seems counterproductive to the purpose of releasing new content.  If I see a huge reduction or perhaps a shift to rank 2 for the helmith, then i'll come back.

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  16. This is really lame.  I spent the last hour and a half FISHING, which i HATE doing and still only have 2 spines.  What a waste of my time.  I have enjoyed none of this.  I hate the lame WOW impersonating direction this game is going.  This is WARframe not BASSframe or FISHframe.

    Weak.  Very Weak.  I'll probably just not participate in this.  It's already wasting my limited playtime and I'm not even past rank 0 yet.  STOP FORCING PEOPLE TO DO THIS STUPID MINIGAME BULLCRAP.  I feel the disrespect towards my time as a player is real with this one.



    T H I S   I S   N O T   F U N  <<<<==== SEE IT?

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  17. what i'm having a hard time wrapping my head around is that, when I posted this, the Map had 18 minutes left on it.  It briefly despawned, and now it's back again 😞

    It's like they cycle this map/planet 10x more than others. Why not a defense on Pluto, or earth, or any other planet?  It almost looks like a glitch or something that's making the game select this mission way more than other planets and defense nodes 

  18. It seems like every time I log into to play, and go looking for a defense fissure, the only choice is Stefano on Uranus.  I see this fissure spawn way more than other defense fissures.  Sometimes I log in, and it appears to have been up for 3+ days straight.  Other defense nodes like Io or Belenus seem to be exceptionally rare.  Is it just me noticing this? 

    Last night it was up every time I logged in.  Today I logged on 3 times with several hours between and it's still up.  I notice this enough to see a weird pattern.  I would like some other defense maps to spawn just as regularly to add variety 😞

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