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  1. Game has become slightly harder and I don't see you taking up on arms and one shotting stuff like you are supposed to in warframe.


    Heck those Corrupted ancient healers are just nothing man. Just shoot them after Corrupted rocketeers and Heavy gunners and you will be A OK.


    Like most of the others you appear to be dramatically missing the point which is the game isn't actually any harder in low tier missions because of this addition.  I'm going to single you out though because there are no rockets in T2D or lower, which is what this post is regarding.


    Massivly boosting the health of non-lethal monsters does not make them any more difficult or dangerous.  It simply makes them take longer to kill or requires you to kill them in a certain order.  A level 20 heavy gunner isnt going to kill me whether it has 100 health, or 10000000 health. 


    Tedious != Difficult.  Increasing the level of Tedious will never ever make the encounters more Difficult.


    Adding environmental traps or more dangerous mobs such as Bombards to T1-2 would make it more difficult.


    Massively increasing the health of the existing mobs simply makes it more tedious because these mobs are seldomly dangerous, but it doesnt make it any more difficult to progress through.  It simply takes longer.


    Furthermore, the rewards for T1D and even T2D are not very good unless you consider Orkin Cells, Fusion cores, and Formas to be your holy grail.


    Difficulty and Challenge = good.


    Tediousness = Bad.


    It's as simple as that.

  2. This is especially noticable in T1-2 defense missions where there are 10 or so of them out at once.


    It's not like it has made the missions a whole lot more difficult or anything - just kill the ancients and then everything else.  Still dps drops off soo much now after wave 10 that it's kinda boring proceeding onward.


    It has made the maps a lot more tedious now though, especially if you run a melee centric build and have to deal with getting facewalled by endless butchers with 90% damage resistance.  I'm finding the void missions a lot more boring now without them becoming any more difficult.  You can no longer slam to CC, certain abilities now such as dive bomb, which were hurting to begin with, are now almost 100% useless because they only effect 1 monster.  It also should not take 10-15 minutes for a crappy 4 frame pug group of any makeup to knock out 5 waves sub 20 in a T1 or 2 defense. 


    If I wanted something tedious and annoying i'de run T4 D for like 40 waves while jamming lit tiki torches up my nostrils.  If i want to just log in for 20 waves to mass murder stuff, i'de like to be able to run T1-2D.  Anymore its like meh why bother its so drawn out and boring now i'de rather just play something else.


    If anything, i'de like to see the resistance buff scale with the ancient's level, such as a lvl 15 ancient will have 15% to his buff, and a level 80 ancient will have 80%.


    That will be all.  Carry on.

  3. I main a Zephyr.


    I greatly dislike the idea of dive bomb being an augment.


    I do like the idea of having tailwind divebomb if you aim it down like a slam attack though.


    I think the OP proposal for a #2 is redundant because divebomb already knocks stuff down in a decent area.


    I would change things as follows:


    #1 Tailwind - Aiming Tailwind down preforms Dive Bomb.  Charging into a group of monsters horizontally with tailwind ragdolls them.

    Augment - Wings of Fire:  Divebombing or Tailwinding through npcs now also causes a heat status effect on them.


    #2.  Buffet - Replaces Divebomb.  Zephyr buffets all targets in a PBAOE radius slowing down thier movement and attack speed (20/40/60) for (5/10/15) seconds.  Targets hit buffet are knocked over.

    Augment - Microburst:  Buffet will nullify beneficial effects on targets it hits for it's duration, such as the Corrupted Healer damage resistance.


    #3.  Turbulence - Leave as is.

    Augment - Leave as is.


    #4  Tornados - Tornados behave as they are now unmodded.

    Augment - Monsoon:  Tornadoes merge into one large super tornado after a few seconds carrying anything they hit away in the direction of the Zeyphr's cursor when originally fired. 

  4. So this is the problem as shown perfectly in the following telling of the last T3D encounter I ran.


    Enter our group:

    1 Gmag

    1 Mesa

    1 Frost

    1 Zephyr (me)


    Game begins.  Mesa hops on top of the cyropod and starts peacemakering stuff.


    Mag hops on top of the Cyropod and starts Gpulling to the Mesa.


    Me and the Frost are pretty much providing shielding and shooting anything that somehow gets too close, or anything we can hit before the Mesa kills it all.


    About 7 waves go by like this.



    Mag says how much he hates standing on top of the cyropod.


    nobody answers


    Mag complains again and threatens to leave if nobody answers.  Everybody is like ok whatever.


    Mesa:  "Sorry I was busy texting friends"


    Mag: "That's OK.  I hate camping there because I have to move around sometimes"


    Time goes by and we end up at wave 25 with the mesa killing everything, the mag GP spamming, and me and the frost still bubbling and popping nullifer bubbles.


    The mesa gets worried because stuff isnt dieing quite as fast.  Meanwhile me and the frost are starting to actually get to kill important stuff like the Ancients and an occasional bombard.  At this point we've gone from maybe shooting 2 or 3 things per wave to actually having to do some work to keep stuff away.  We reach Wave 30, everybody leaves.  It's getting too difficult to just mash buttons apparently.


    It was nice to be semi-useful for 5 waves.  My heart goes out to the mag who actually had to move around for the first 7 or so waves.  I guess I can feel bad for the Mesa too who had to interrupt his texting temporarily to play the game.  Endgame stats were like:

    Mesa 80+% damage, rest of group - who cares.


    Is GP responsible for this?  Partially yes.


    WOuld this have happened without GP?  Plausibly it could have been done with a number of other setups.  Most of them would have required at least one person to leave the Frost/Zephyr bubble.


    Will nerfing GP fix this?  No, but I would really like to see how it would be fixed without nerfing GP.  It's certainly broken, and GP is playing a part in why it is broken.  It's just not the entire reason it's broken.

  5. I don't play an excal, but I have no issues with them.  I find them nice to group with because they dont murder everything on the map like the old radial jav, but contribute enough and provide enough 2ndary utility that they are a pleasure to group with now.


    I know having an excal on my team will not make everybody else useless like some frames, while at the same time bring out the better features in some other frames and builds.

  6. I would prefer a little activation cost in addition to an energy drain per second, to prevent lots of weird 0.2 second channels to be honest. Of course the energy cost on total for channeling needs to less than it is now. The only channel mod that is being used atm is Life Strike for obvious reasons.

    The bonus you get for using channeling damage mods for example are completely useless. You get the same amount of damage, or even more, if you simply put a damage mod on your weapon.


    Values on channeling mods need to be looked at and the concept of channeling needs to be changed as well.

    Right now we don't have melee channel, we have "press E for life leech".


    This is pretty much right on.  Played melee exclusively for a few months, had same experience.  The channeling mods aside from life strike are pretty bad.  Using something really fast will pretty much instantly deplete your entire energy pool.


    It wonder how it would be operating on the energy drain /s idea if it offered like +25% boost to everything melee related such as:


    auto block (reflex guard)

    damage reflect on block

    stamina reduction


    attack speed

    crit chance

    status chance

    melee range

    movement speed

    melee counter accumulation

    slide distance

    armor penetration

  7. If Mesa's damage is too low for end game as the choir of Mesa's starts singing everytime somebody suggests changing couch-potato-maker #4, then I would suggest changing it so that it is useful for all levels of gameplay while at the same time not completely absurd at lower levels.


    Perhaps Quadruple the damage, allow movement and make it require aiming w/o any punch through?

  8. I do not believe putting an AFK factor on the mesa makes much sense if the mesa is actively using peacemaker.  As base couch potato lazy as the ability is, it's still not fair to penalize them for using it.  Peacemaker could probably be adjusted because everytime somebody suggests doing so Mesa's all form up a big choir and sing "ZOMG ITS USELESS AT SUPER HIGH LEVELS OF GAMEPLAY" which indicates that maybe it should be changed to be useful at all levels of game play, while not utterly destroying maps like draco with no effort involved at the same time.


    As far as GP goes:


    Only pulling the actual loot (no orbs) is one way of changing things, but it still allows for trolling as it allows the Mag to dictate where the group's loot goes.  While this is rare, it seems to me like the lesser of the evils at hand.


    Only pulling items instanced to the Mag is another way of dealing with it, but that seems a bit overly harsh.


    Also nerfing the gmag isn't going to solve the root of the problem, it's just going to cure a huge symptom of it.  People can still pop energy restores, use the trinity, or likely invent a number of other workarounds.  Should GP be nerfed?  I certainly think so, but there's no reason to pound nails into the nerf bat beforehand.  What's the solution then?  Who knows...  It's probably going to involve adjusting quite a few things until people actually have to play the game instead of stand in a circle and push 1 button.

  9. I'm pretty tolerant towards grouping with all frames being as how i prefer to play  a much unloved zephyr, but I just cant stand to be grouped with Limbo's currently.  Generally if there's a limbo in the group and the mission is a long mission such as 20 or more waves of defense, I find its better if i just leave and join another team without a limbo.


    It's my understanding that Limbo is a pretty good frame and I really don't want to h8 on them.  Most of this is probably ignorance on my part so please educate me on how I can deal with having a Limbo in the group.  I've done some reading on thier abilities as I do not play a Limbo, but I encounter the following issues:

    1)  I prefer to snipe priority targets so I tend to hang back a bit unless the group needs my shielding for some reason.  Generally the Limbo will keep Cataclsym up which prevents me from shooting anything within the cataclysm unless i'm also inside it.  This throws a bit of a wrench into my plans (see point 2) because I cannot damage anything that roams into the field, and i prefer not to hang out in the field (again see 2).  I'm really good at using the sniper rifle at point blank range, but meh if I wanted to do that i'de just grab something better suited to doing so.


    2)  The color distortion standing inside Cataclysm tends to give me a pretty nasty headache after about 5-10 minutes especially if the energy color is white.  Because of this, I'll do everything possible to avoid standing in it because it will generally end my gaming session.  This means I can either suck it up and deal with the headache to contribute to the group, or stay outside and try to kill stuff before it gets into the cataclysm.  Shooting through the cataclysm is sometimes productive but its less productive than just shooting normally because of the distortion and the scope markers often being canceled out.  I find that if there's a limbo present, my sniping contribution to the group, which is generally quite significant (~30-40% dps/kills) goes down dramatically unless I hunt at point blank range or melee.


    3)  Banish - sometimes they cast this on me.  I'm usually fine on energy management so I dont need it.  I know i can roll out of it, but it's kind of a pain to deal with especally when they don't stop casting it or i dont immediately notice it.  It's very agitating losing a 1 shot kill head-shot on a bombard because the limbo banished me while I was lining up the shot


    So i'm at a bit of a loss at what to do about it when I get stuck with a Limbo.  What am I to do about them?

  10. It's a symptom of a deeper problem, but when you have the flu you still alleviate the symptoms until the problem goes away.  If the Gmag is nerfed it wont fix the underlying problem, but it will deal with one of the contributing factors to it.


    It's been fixed before (i.e. radial javalin) and it will be fixed again - eventually.  As much as I absolutely hate grouping with Gmags and Mesas, i'm  really hoping one doesnt take down the other and ruin them both (i'de like to see them both add to groups as I play a Zephyr mostly and know the feeling of being an unwanted derpy frame).  I think the Gmag is a much bigger contributer to the candy crush problem than the Mesa though

  11. a bit extreme waiting till the end of the round isnt it?


    1 to pull orbs to the couch potato spamming peacemaker.  There's nothing preventing a quick gpull mid round, and no reason not to if it pulls loot and orbs in.


    4 to CC.


    2 and 3 to complain about because 1 no longer ragdolls the entire map if you use the augment.

  12. do groups actually look for mesa for any other reason than peacemaker tho?


    If not then it sounds like a bit of a conundrum both ways which could be solved by fixing the lazy autofarming and improving the frame to promote more than left clicking.

  13. a greedy pull mag is a mag that is not using 2,3 or 4 and definitely not shooting with her gun if pull CC was removed it would be a mag that doesnt use 2, 3, or 4 or shoot and now doesnt even CC.

    or it would be a mag who isnt spamming greedy pull the entire round and thus has more reason to use 2 3 and 4 as there would only be need to cast it to collect the loot?  Doesn't the mag 4 CC also?

  14. The argument that x is not overpowered at 40+ minutes of T4Whatever is a bit old because 40+ minute T4 runs dont constitute 90+% of the game. 


    Mesa is downright ridiculous and makes any frame that doesnt support the mesa useless in the vast majority of encounters.  It's a double-sad story too because the Mesa is usually pigeon holed into playing candy crush because who wants a mesa that doesnt spam peacemaker?  It's like having a Gmag who doesn't pull.


    I can almost guarentee that if you try to join a group who is LF Mesa and upon starting the mission refuse to use peacemaker you'll be complained about and probably never invited back.  People invite mesa to groups because of peacemaker, and it's because of peacemaker that mesa needs better 1-3 abilities and an adjustment to 4.


    So let's drop the whole peacemaker is not useful when the planets align and Bigfoot is sighted riding the Lochness monster in the light of the full moon excuses plz.

  15. I really don't understand all the hate for this mod. All it functionally does is make the game less about making sure you run over (or near, with carrier) the junk that dropped. It is a huge convenience factor. Nerfing it or even out right removal of it will not at all bring the change some of you are seeking, people would simply go back to using energy plates. I for one am extremely grateful I don't have to farm polymer bundles twice a week anymore lol


    I also don't really understand the hate of the gmag Mesa combo. If you don't like it, don't use it. It's really only useful for two game modes, and really not at all useful in the rest of the game. There are far more efficient ways to farm for resources, credits etc. It's like people suddenly forgot we've been using basically the same strat forever. In case you guys weren't around for those days, everyone just used a Banshee/Loki or Vauban/Loki to bunch all the enemies up and then usually a Nova (or Mag, for Corpus/Corrupted) to nuke them all. Essentially no different, the loot is just up to 50m away now lol


    The problem with the Gmag mesa combo is it keeps other Warframes from getting into groups because nobody wants them over a Gmag / Mesa.  It also exists in that these warframes can do enormous damage with no effort, whereas other frames actually have to work to be productive to the groups that don't want them to begin with.


    I personally don't find it fun to have these frames in my group, but they are so often requested and improved productivity so much it's hard to avoid them unless you host all of your own sessions.  The risk vs reward is a bit off on this one.

  16. I play only Zephyr now.


    It's a very useful frame to a group because it shuts down all projecticle attacks (and most hitscan) from enemies and doesnt hinder your team as much as the frost globe which messes with LOS if you find yourself outside of it, and its mobile.  With some good range mods like overextended and stretch I can pretty much shut down entire waves of TxD just by positioning myself right.



    The problems though with the Zephyr is as follows:


    1)  It's a hard working frame meaning you have to work hard to get results.  It's not like a Gmag where you can just stand in 1 spot and mash a button the entire round.  Quite honestly i'm not sure why things like Gmags and Mesa even exist because it's just like playing Candy Crush.


    2)  The abilities have very subtle uses and misusing them can be rather counterproductive.  It's hard to misuse an ability like pull, but it's very easy to misuse tailwind or tornadoes which either takes you out of the fight or makes everybody mad because they cant kill the monsters.  When used correctly the abilities can be quite powerful (even dive bomb), but it takes a lot of practice and awareness to pull them off right.


    I think at the end of the day the biggest problem with the Zeyphr isnt actually the Zeyphr, it's the frames like Gmag and Mesa that outdo every other frame with no effort or player skill investment.  It's broken risk vs reward at its finest, but I think the risk vs reward on the Zepyhr is pretty much spot on.  I remember not so long ago excal used to be this way where they could stand in the middle of the map and javalin the entire map to death through all the walls and barriers.  The fact that this seems to have been changed makes me hold out hope that the other button masher frames will have thier day on the block.

  17. Probably Turbulence


    I've tested it with turb and without turb unless its something lingering after it wears off.  I havent tried an entire round with out using Turbulence yet but I may attempt that later if i get some time.  I've only tried it on the Zeyphr thus far.


    It does actually work with Turbulence just fine until i hit the magic time in the round when it breaks, then it breaks no matter what I do.


    The odd thing i am seeing is that the firing delay doesnt seem to increase with the problem, the rockets just seem to instantly start detonating and never stop once a certain point in the round is reached.

  18. I can reproduce this 100% of the time so far.  This appears as if it may be a wonky netcode issue of some sorts.


    Here is the scenario:


    Platform = PC
    My warframe = Zephyr

    Angstrum = modded or unmodded doesnt matter.  Happened even with the rank 0 when i just bougt it.

    I am not the host

    Lag levels in the games have been low, animations very smooth.  I am running a 75/75 mbps wired connection. I do not have framerate or video issue of any kind.


    After about 10-15 waves of defense, the projectile from the Angstrum will instantly explode when fired damaging the player.  For the first 10 or so waves it works normally.


    I have tried the following to remediate this - all unsuccessfully:


    increasing projectile speed to 100%

    standing still and aiming at a far off wall with no obstacles in the way

    Adding and removing multishot

    Standing on a pillar and shooting off into space,

    Jumping and shooting

    using fully charged(this hurts), partially charged, and single rocket firing modes

    running in all 4 directions (foward, backwards, and sideways) while firing to attempt to dodge the projectile.

    Shooting straight up in the air

    Leaping high in the air with tail wind and firing in all directions

    switching weapons and switching back.


    Long story short after about 10 rounds the weapon becomes useless and ceases to work properly :(


    There seems to be a bit of a delay from the time the charge/release registers and the rockets spawn.  It looks like this may be causing the rockets to instantly detonate on my warframe's model.  I have not tested this with other frames to see if its something goofy about the zeyphr because I bought the weapon to use only with this frame.


    Does anybody know why this is happening?

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