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  1. 23 minutes ago, moondog548 said:

    Absolutely nothing has taken away the core violence you're talking about.  Go and kill and have fun!  There are just more variations on that same thing and different directions of advancement if you want to pursue them.  It's not all perfect, but virtually every activity in game is advancing you in some direction, and it virtually always boils down to going somewhere and murdering the hordes who are there with your awesome space ninja wizardry.

    If railjack doesn't interest you, just ignore it for now!  Especially if you've been away there's sooooooooooooo much else to do that's still the same satisfying murder it ever was.

    Well it's not satisfying is what the problem is and there's less of it the more they add.

    I am a fan of jumping on, finding an endless, and mowing monsters.  It used to be, before spectres of the rail, that I could just shout for what I wanted to run with my limited playtime, find a group, and go.  Now, I have to hope what I want to play is even available otherwise there's no real reward for doing it other than another copy of pressure point.  It takes a lot longer to find a group, and the groups don't stay as long because they want to hit a day/night cycle or something.  There's been a gradual decline in the quality and value of the time I spend on Warframe because there's so much to do that I don't really want to do.  It's gone from mindless fun to reading a 1990's computer manual every patch.

    I'm not saying all changes have been bad and that the game shouldn't advance, but the mindless fun factor has gone way down if your the type who just wants to smash some stuff for 45 min or an hour and log off.  Sometimes 30 minutes of that is spent trying to find like-minded individuals who aren't too busy with one of the 10 billion things there are now to do in the game. 



  2. I'm not displeased that they are adding a bunch of new content, but I am a bit displeased that the game experience has changed so much over time and it's actually kept me away from playing lately because it's just too annoying to keep up with.

    I don't know if I'm the only one, but I don't want to have to learn an entire new "thing" every update.  I just play to log in, kill stuff for a while, and log out.  Sure, I can still do this, but now everybody is rail jacking, Kuva Liching, Orb-whatever, Requim fissuring, zookeeping and who knows what else.  If you take a serious break for a month or two, catching up just becomes a chore.  This means that trying to get a good old ODD stomp going on gets harder and harder with each new thing added.

    I miss the more simpler times when banging out 20-40 mindless waves of a T3D accompanied by some tunes and a good bottle of something was a viable way to kill some time with this game.  I have no interest in any of this new stuff, and it's diluting the pool of violent old dinosaurs like myself 😞

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  3. 13 hours ago, Birdframe_Prime said:

    For many cases, Mirage's clones are an Ability and so don't affect counts that must be completed by the actual Player. It's a long-standing balance thing.

    For example, because of it being an Ability, Mirage's Clones do not add to the Melee Combo Counter (the same way that Excalibur's Exalted Blade counts if you hit with the sword, but doesn't count if you hit with the waves, and the same with Baruuk). That's also likely why the Battacor doesn't work, same kind of thing when you're laying down fire from an ability rather than from your actual gun.

    When a mission is asking for you to kill a certain number of enemies, it usually doesn't matter, because as long as the enemies die it doesn't matter if your abilities or your weapons killed them.

    So it might well be a bug that Mirage's clones don't count for Nightwave kills, but there is a reason for Mirage's clones don't contribute kills for some things already, and it might not be a bug (for some obscure reason) from DE's perspective.

    I don't see the balance crisis in this. Maim, Peacemakers, and a bunch of other doomsday level abilities award kills and credit just fine for way less effort to destructive power.  Sure we're comparing a 1 to a 4 ability here, but that doesn't necessarily mean having 3 clones who shoot at the same target you do suddenly makes you a goddess of destruction who needs penalized also.   

    Many other frames can just obliterate most of the parts of the map that matter with a single cast of an ability, but Mirage is getting penalized for being able to blow up a swimming pool sized area.  That's not even considering the entire aiming part or the number of formas you need on mirage and the weapon.  I feel like DE is trying to steer people away from the frame because 4 mirages using staticors would probably make them need to raise the minimum requirements again.

  4. Is this intentional?

    For the new radio objectives, the kills that the doppelgangers rack up is not counting for objectives.  This also isn't the first thing i've noticed this one.  Details below:

    On the first map, I managed 125 kills, but only got credit for 50 radio kills for warning shots.  Most of those started racking up after i stopped using Hall of Mirrors.

    The second map, I did not use hall of mirrors at all, and completed the objective at the correct amount of kills at 450 kills.

    This also happens with the Baticore where it does not charge for kills made by clones.

    Also, if you look at damage at the end of the map, its not at all frequent to have 3x more kills than everybody else but the lowest damage % in the group because the clone damage does not appear to be counting towards mirages totals.  Not that I care about this, but the first two items are much more annoying. 

    This is a really evident problem when using something like a staticor which is what I tested this with mainly

  5. I cant post in general.  The Lotus doesn't love me anymore 😞

    I'm not saying it's a license to print money or anything, but I would certainly buy a Goat Simulator based DLC / Warframe that was well designed around the subject matter and always ensured my foes received the pointy end of my horns.  We should seriously have a discussion about Goatframe and how much better our groups would be if we replaced Mesa Prime with Ungulate Prime.

  6. Yeah I would do the following I guess:

    Dread Mirror - Health goes Gray while in motion.  1 second of Gray health upon landing.  melee combo counter +1 and duration refreshed

    Blood Altar -  Leave the same

    Sacrifice - Leave the Same

    Seeking Talons - +20% faster casting speed, OR reverse it so it starts as a huge AE, but charging turns it into a smaller higher damage more focused attack.

    Garuda's Talons - These should have either an built in +2 to +5 second combo counter extension, OR some built in bonus to channeling efficiency.  There should also be an alternate skin so she can have big meaty lobster claws.


  7. 20 hours ago, CodeUltimate said:

    The thing is she doesn't need the shield. She should get a damage reduction skill like a ''blood armor'' instead of the shield as every other healer warframe in the game. Heals are not useful if you cannot pair them with damage reduction. :c

    This is the same conclusion I have reached also.  The shield itself seems fairly useless.  Even when it is up, it's not reliable.


    To clarify though, I don't think blanket damage reduction is the answer.  This will just postpone problems until later waves when the enemies catch up with the reduction.  I think she could use a few gray health moments, like maybe while mid pounce on #1 and #2, and for about a second after executing the move.  By no means though do i confidently think I have a good solution for her issues though.

  8. 4 formas and understanding the synergy later, i'm a bit disappointed.


    Her first skill is fun, until you get one shot by a single pellet from a trash mob while flying towards it before the shield pops.  This happened about 5 times on the last map I played.

    Her Second skill is also fun, but all of the regeneration in the world doesn't matter it doesn't matter when a wave 40 trash mob can one shot you.

    Third skill is also nice for keeping unlimited energy, but most there are other solutions to this problem that don't need to waste a skill.

    Her 4th ability is meh.  By time it finishes casting, most of the stuff that would be debuffed is already dead.


    Overall, she was a lot more fun to play before I understood the synergy between 4 -> 1.  Now that I have played her nonstop for several days, I find that she tends to be pretty terrible compared to some of my stronger frames like Gara.  Definitely going back on the shelf.

  9. I would find it helpful if the text of items linked in trade chat could be configured to display as a different color if you already own the item linked.  This would be helpful in the trade channel to quickly determine if i have an item or based on the WTB/WTS request being made, and save a lot of time and headache digging through my inventory of prime parts while trying to keep up with the speedy chat.

  10. She's new so she's new to everybody.  I will not claim to have the expertise with her that I do with my specialized frames i have hundreds of hours in like Gara.  That being said my impressions are as follows:

    Fun Factor:  7/10 - this would be 8/10 but i have encountered bugs with her dread mirror where it breaks requiring death or host migration.

    Power: 6/10 - While she's fun to play, she's no contest compared to my Gara/Equinox in terms of sheer destructive power.  This may be because i'm still learning how to play her.

    Appearance: 9/10 - beautiful frame.  Please add the ability to reskin the claws as big meaty lobster claws though.

    Usefulness: 7/10 - She can heal, fight, nuke and do a lot of cool stuff.  Overall I feel like i'm useful to my group.  Am i as useful as if I brought a massively powerful frame?  Well it depends on the situation...

    Overall Impression - Good frame.  I am  happy I bought her.  No regrets.


    Opinion may be subject to change as I learn more about how to play this frame.

  11. Last match I had the #1 ability on Garuda (the shield that spawns the heart) break twice in the same match.  The only way to resolve this was to host migrate the first time, and die / respawn (not be revived) the second time.

    I do not know how to reproduce this.

    Symptoms basically are she will make the leaping attack, but the shield does not appear in front of her.  if you try to launch the nuke by holding the ability, she will go through a weird animation, consume the heart, but not launch it and do no damage.

    If i figure out how to reproduce it I will follow up.

  12. If Equinox is dealing like 50%+ of all the damage in your map, then you have a sad, sorry, lazy group.  The same goes for most of the other AOE nuke frames.

    My Equinox is a 5 forma AoE nuking monster, and I can do 70%+ damage on the progress report.  I can also replay the same mission right afterwards and get out damaged by a Frost or even a Volt.  It's what the other three frames do, know how to do, or are too lazy to do, that determines how much damage frames like Equinox end up with.

    Play WARframe, not WHINEframe.

  13. Not splinter shielding your team and their pets is a bit lazy.  There's no reason not to do this unless it's a complain frame who uses some self damage gimmick.  There's almost no maintenance cost to it since you're nuking with the wall which rebuffs it.

    Secondly Gara can nuke, but many frames do it better.  So I respect your opinion but strongly disagree that her purpose is to nuke.  She will incidentally nuke everything just by being a solid support frame, but in the long run she will do waaaaaaaay more damage with splitershielding

  14. I once joined a group where the GPull Mag threatened to leave because the mesa was making them move around too much by standing in an inconvenient location, so they couldn't text and play at the same time.  It was rather disgusting truthfully.

    There was also a griefing mechanic to this where certain mags would intentionally pull loot over endless drops to deny it  to the group.

    It should not return.

  15. 1 hour ago, (PS4)Boomstickman98 said:

    Yeah, really sounds like it! Did not even realize that!

    actually to correct my earlier statement on this, the scaling still works.  For some reason in the round I was testing with, nothing stacked.  In Dozens of subsequent tests, it's still working. Sorry for any confusion

  16. They nerfed her #2 ability pretty hard and I haven't seen many people mention this.


    Prior to the patch, the shards you would collect over time added to the shield's damage and scaled seemingly infinitely.  If you built to buff like I did, the shield would stack up more and more over time and generally scale with the missions well past wave 50+ in places like ODD.  I could get my shield to stack up to 5-6 digit damage on long missions if I was able to maintain it the entire game.

    I took my Gara into ODD today and found that the shards do not seem to be increasing the damage any more, and the shield just ticks for 3 digit numbers now.

    I don't feel this is imbalanced or anything since 95% DR + 6 digit damage was a bit broken, but this was a really nasty stealth nerf overshadowed by the Mass Vitrify changes.

  17. I tend to rather play a person short than have a random Limbo on the team.

    I've grouped with some really good ones who aren't a nuisance, but most of them are not this way.  If every Limbo was good, it wouldn't be a problem. 

    It's not just Limbo though.  A bad-Frost can be just as disruptive to the group if not even more so with worse results.  Limbo just seems to be the most common offender.  I would mind Limbo a lot less if they dialed back the way the colors change also in the rift as it tends to give me headaches.

  18. I preferred like 20-40 waves each run.  Didn't really care for much beyond that.

    My routine was to log in after work, run about 2-3 of these and call it a night.  Now it's just a roll of the dice if there's anything even enjoyable to do at all.  I don't mind some other missions occasionally, but I really liked the void defense.  Personal preference I guess.

    and i will call the update horrible because it reduced my playtime by upwards of at least 80-90% since it dropped.  Mowing monsters in a T3D was a nice relaxing after work activity which got taken away.  I don't really see the harm in having much more availability for these missions since everybody has to burn a key now anyway.


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