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  1. Being a console player must be like being a brontosaurus, looking up at the sky, and seeing a huge meteor with "SPECTRES OF THE FAIL" written on it streaming towards your favorite watering hole :(

    As much as I would like to say "it will be ok my frightened brontosaurus", it wont :(  Everything you have heard is true.  Take your last precious sips from the sweet fountain of the Void, for doom is on the horizon.

  2. On 7/18/2016 at 8:57 AM, Lem1no said:

    Have you actually played the game since the update?  I'm only asking because you are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off with regards to casually running fissures.

    Here's some food for thought:

    People can casually log on and play fissures now because there are an enormous abundance of relics(keys) left over.  Key sharing is now gone.  So you want _____ piece?  Let's pretend you are new.  You now have to go farm the exact relic that you need with an endless mission, and then find a fissure that corresponds to it.  After that, you are at the mercy of RNG just like before.  Also, you cannot effectively farm fusion cores and primes at the same time anymore.  Also, old void missions dropped void keys, so effectively you could run void missions, acquire keys, cores, credits and prime parts (and good exp to boot).  Have fun farming stuff separately.  Let me know how that goes when you need x key and y fissure to line up.

    With the old system, you could hop in recruiting, find a group running the same thing and piggy back on the key for more rewards per run than you get with the current system.  How do you not see that this is a bigger more random grind than before?  And don't even bring up that you can choose your loot.  You can choose your RNG table that the loot drops from, but certain items are still as rare as ever.  Actually, they are even RARER now because YOU have to bring the relic, and cant share with your teammates.  Just to get a medium rarity item I had to burn 20 relics running rescue missions, which quite frankly are boring to me.  Lets not mention the awesome formas I get every time I bring a radiant relic to a fissure.  Several times I had groups give up trying to find the fissure and just complete the mission.  So ask yourself - would you rather spend 20 minutes doing something or 20 minutes running around an empty tileset looking for a fissue with 3 other people?


    In conclusion fissure system is GARBAGE.

    This was my rant from another thread aside from the garbage part lol , but I stand by it. 

  3. 10 hours ago, kuchn said:

    yes i would:

    - people in the forums is only a part of a community. of this part only a part is complaining...the part interested in endgame because they have everything else...not really a good and major source of income. and even though there are complaints, many still stay....so the loss is absolutely negligible.

    - the patch brings coverage in the media, which in turn will attract new players and players who quit before for whatever reasons

    - what is happening is called setting priorities: expand the potential market while cutting the losses on the saturated market

    -  there are meetings, in these meetings are charts, analytics, estimates etc.... and as long as the final result is positive in terms of quantity (= numbers) the current way to handle things is alright. if i can win 10 new customers by losing 3 old ones that don't spend money....sure i would =)

    -  TLDR warframe is successful without endgame ( again this is not determined by the personal feelings of a part of a part of a part. this is determined by the return on investment), otherwise it wouldn't be running and growing.

    Very short sighted of you.  Also completely based around your perception of what the analytics are, occurring at meetings you've never attended.

    I think you underestimate how much endgame players are willing to spend also vs new players, especially when it comes to things like boosters, formas, cosmetics and annoying to farm items like Equinox.  Old players have an actual investment of time and money in the game and a reason to keep investing.  New players?  Well who's say.  I'm sure you have all the financial numbers though about how much more they make off of new players who join and quit right?  Let's see them, I mean I know you aren't letting your personal feelings dictate your logic right?

    Many games who have taken this approach have died because of a poor updates. It's not to say Warframe will, but it's not a step in the right direction.  If it was the forums would be full of sunshine and manatees singing about how awesome the patch is.  Reviews on steam are already trending downwards.  A game with no end game (or middle game in this case) is a demo - which is what we now have compared to what we have had.


  4. Just rush stuff. Seriously do it!

    People say never to rush things, but a lot of these people are idiots who dont have jobs or lives that engulf most of their day.  Time = Money and your time is obviously worth something or you wouldn't be complaining about this to begin with.  I feel your pain with maybe 2h to play at most a night.

    Often, in anticipation of getting a new item I prepare a head of time by farming stuff worth plat, building up to buy an affinity booster, formas and rushing the items I want, and go to town on a good exp map to grind it out.

    Face it, we don't all have 8 hours a day to play.  One good drop means you don't have to spend a penny for your nearly instant gratification.

    The only catch is you have to stay ahead of the game a little bit. If you know a new frame or something is coming out you want, start preparing ahead of time.

  5. 37 minutes ago, (PS4)HarigeVINCE said:

    This thread proves my point of the community being divided by the two void systems, for multiple reasons.

    So I'm still advocating for the ability of choice, one way or another.

    Some want to play the new system, some prefer the old ways. If the new system is supposed to be 'better', what would be a reason to not give players at least the choice to use the old void system?



    I have no real issue with fissures aside from the fact that they took the missions I want to play away from me by removing the incentive to do them.  It's very reasonable to say that fissures are likable for some people.  Others really enjoyed the defense and survival missions of old.

    The choice to do both would be most excellent.  There's no reason we can't add static prime drop tables specific void nodes (even at a slightly lower % than of old since rare keys are no longer required), and  keep the fissures.  Both sides win in this situation.

  6. 1 hour ago, boo425 said:

    I'm still confused as to why some people dislike the void system in SOTR. It pulls down the time taken to get a prime item (or forma) and narrows down the loot pool.

    As to the suggestion however, I don't think it would be possible to have both systems coexisting, so most likely the fissures will be coming to consoles no matter what.

    you're overlooking a couple things that are causing your confusion. 

    1)  Key sharing - this is basically gone.  You have to bring a key now to get loot.  More on this later.

    2)  It actually increases the time it takes to get loot, especially very rare loot.

    3)  Currently, players have hundreds of stockpiled keys which makes it seem less insidious than it really is.


    Let's pretend you are new and have no relics of your own.  You want a prime item.

    1)  You have to farm the appropriate relic for each piece to guarantee you have a shot at getting what you want.

    2)  You have to find the appropriate fissure.

    3)  You have to pray to RNG that your item drops, or one of the randoms you are with drops it for you.

    4)  Guess what? Your item didnt drop.  Go farm another relic and repeat.

    5)  You need to repeat these steps over and over again for each part of the prime you want.

    Here's another fun fact.  Since it's all matchmaker, you *could* get stuck with 1 -3 other players who didnt bring a relic at all.

    I"ve also had several groups just complete the mission after running around an empty tileset for 20+ minutes trying to find the fissure and giving up.


    Under the old system:

    1)  Hop in recruiting and find somebody hosting the mission (this is more significant than you might think as going out and interacting with other players is what multiplayer games tend to thrive on.  This patch hurt the community sense in Warframe because the <10 minute trivial fissure missions make the other 3 tenno in your group little more than set pieces that could be replaced by cheesy AI.  While there are people who solo, they are having trouble now too because apparently the fissures don't drop the gold things you need to seal it with fast enough for a solo player.  Lose - Lose for both points of view)

    2)  Do mission, get loot.  Repeat if failed.

    As an added bonus to the old system, you were supplied with lots of fusion cores and other useful items that you do not get the same quality of on the star map missions.  You will now need to farm these separately.


    This is casual and somewhat working now because lots of people like myself hoarded keys and have hundreds of them stockpiled.  When these keys are exhausted, the REAL grind will begin and it will be unpleasant.

  7. It's slightly annoying to have to recast your buffs afterwards, but why's it so hard just to slide into their bubble with something like an Atterax and 1 shot them, as well as everything else in the bubble with them?   I do this all the time on my equinox and have never had any issues.

    The only thing I really don't care for is how they make slower guns semi-useless.

  8. Does it really matter anymore?  It's not like scaling enemies are much of an issue now.  I mean what's the difference between shooting something that has a 1000 health for 1000 damage, vs 100000 damage?

    I would go as far to say that with the new fissure system, it's not even a necessity.

  9. 10 hours ago, kuchn said:

    And again... you all forget that this is a business. It is absolutely useless to hope or whatever.
    DE Steve said in the last devstream, that he feels sorry for the people who dont like the new system because.... stop hoping they'll roll back. won't happen. whatever suggestions are made in the forums will be taken, maybe, and discussed with the marketing and controlling team. if this suggestion can be modified in a way that is beneficial to the company, it will be taken under further consideration.

    just 2 hints:

    - the multitude of bugs in u19 was justified with a deadline set by (<- edit) the marketing team. this info explains a lot from where the wind blows.
    - de steve said himself, that it is absolutely ok to take a break and play another game and maybe come back..... doesn't sound like warframe follows a concept of creating a lasting, non-stop, long-term motivation

    try to find the business end of u19... it will give you the answer to a ton of questions.

    and to all the ppl who say stuff like "de would fix it, but they are a small team"..... guys wake up..there are reasons why they are a small team. be assured that EVERYTHING in warframe is calculated towards an efficient ROI to the cent.

    advice: take the content you are given -> enjoy the product. if you don't like the product anymore....take appropriate steps.

    i don't blame DE at all, i'd do it the exact same way

    Sooooo you would alienate your existing loyal customer/player base while at the same time making the game much less accessible to brand new players/customers and call that good business? 

    I consider this update to be more of a service outage than anything else.  It's obvious that its not going to ever roll back, but if something isn't done and done correctly to fix the current model, then it's going to take a toll eventually.  Bull headed stubborness on behalf of a dev studio has been the undoing of many games before this, and it will be for many games after this.

  10. 1 hour ago, notlamprey said:

    Whoa there; don't forget the anthropic principle.

    You aren't telling me anything that didn't already occur to me. If you're really interested in productive discussion, don't assume that the other guy is a dummy.

    Moving on from that bit of unpleasantness, let's break down what you wrote, because it probably does contain some bits that other folks might want to dig into.

    The issue of relic scarcity: relics are easier to obtain than they have ever been, and new players aren't facing any greater degree of difficulty than they did before. If anything, it's easier now because tweaks to enemy scaling have increased the viability of many weapons and builds in higher level content. In addition, enemies like the Arid and Drekar grineer have been brought in line with the standard enemy stat scaling. This means, again, that there are more sources of relics for new players; content that was once prohibitively difficult for "gear-poor" players is no longer off-limits.

    Reduced efficiency of farming: It's true that some of the old "farming synergies" have been broken. I don't think it's cause for panic just yet. We still haven't seen whether DE will make any changes in other systems as a response to what you've mentioned. I'm already watching closely, and I'll be happy to call for changes if it seems like they are warranted.

    Having to specifically target our play towards a particular goal is not, in itself, the end of the world. Being able to "farm everything in the void" meant that people only played in the void. No wonder everyone was bored and irritable; there was nothing to encourage variety in play. We've now been pushed to do different things on different days, because we can't run the exact same missions every day without running short of multiple resources. I think this is an attempt to combat boredom and burnout; it might be ill-conceived and ineffective. I say it's worth trying. If it clearly doesn't work, I'll be happy to advocate for a different path.

    We haven't lost any of the old "targeted" avenues for acquiring relics, credits, cores or prime parts. The only thing that has changed is that we are now being pushed to mix up our day-to-day activities. As long as we are fairly rewarded (and that IS very important) for each of these targeted activities, I think this is a net positive for the game.

    p.s. The rarity of certain prime parts is actually encouraging to me, because it means that there will still be a demand for some parts. Those of us who really want to earn platinum through trading will be able to do so. "Difficult but possible" for casual play, without killing the reward for those who wish to heavily commit. That is how the old way of prime acquisition felt, and I think it bodes well for this new system.


    Not quite.


    Relic Scarcity: 

    You can now farm for junk relics at lower levels.  this is well and good but you could farm for junk relics while doing old void missions anyway and kill two manatees with one tug boat.  20 wave void missions NEVER required good gear anyway at any tier.  This is moot.  If you want junk relics, then more power to you.  This is wrong.  100% wrong.  Relics and keys are more rare than they used to be simply because you cannot farm them at the same time you are farming primes.  As I said, wait till you run out of relics, and then you'll see what everybody is talking about.


    Reduced Effeciency of farming:

    It is what it is.  It's less efficient, more grind, more monotonous.  It's bad.  Period.  It's even WORSE if you don't have 100's of keys stockpiled because now there's extra steps involved to get what you want.  It's not just a matter of it being efficient.  As I previously said, lets pretend you are new and you want a prime item:

    Step 1)  Farm 3-4 unique relics that contain your drops.  You could just pray to RNG that somebody else brought it, but we'll exclude that for now because YOU HAVE TO BRING A RELIC/KEY TO GET AN ITEM.

    Step 2)  Find a corresponding fissure for each relic.  Run said fissure.  Pray to RNG that your item drops.

    Step 3)  If all of your parts drop on the 1st try, immediately sign off warframe and go play the real life lottery.  If they do not drop, repeat steps 1-2 over and over and over and over and over and over again until this happens.  Remember, you are NEW and don't have a stock pile of keys to fall back on.  This means that for every relic, you need to run an endless type mission and hope RNG helps you there too.

    Step4)  Now you need to farm cores and all of the supporting items to make your new prime drop good.  So you want to put in a prime mod?  Get ready to run countless endless missions just for the fusion cores.

    Look, I really don't mean to be toooo offensive, but how can you NOT see how horrible this system is compared to what we had where:

    Step 1)  Hope in recruiting (HELLO COMMUNITY - something else the patch hurt that's going largely unnoticed, you know TALKING an INTERACTING with other players beyond 10 minute meaningless fissures) and find somebody hosting the key you have.

    Step 2)  do the mission, get the loot.  Repeat step 1 if it doesnt happen.  Pick up fusion cores and such along the way.


    People only played in the void:

    yeah and there's a good reason it.  The star map sucks.  It's always sucked.  The rewards sucked, the missions sucked, the tile set sucked.  People STILL don't play the star map beyond fissures.  Nothing has changed here except now instead of having several void missions to choose from, we have 1 fissure mission we can run over and over again.


    As far as prime parts being rare goes, they are still going to be rare.  In some cases they will probably be much more rare than before.  This is bad, because the stuff you want may get alot more expensive.  The goal of this update was to make these parts more accessible and less grindy.  The result of this update is that it has completely backfired.  If you want casual play, this update is not for you.

    Personally, I'm glad I never used my own keys when finding void groups and have been able to stock pile hundreds of them.  It was probably one of the smarter things that one could have done leading up to this update.  New players are going to be hosed though.  It's really as bad as everybody says it is.  Hopefully they fix it.

  11. 36 minutes ago, ScorpDK said:

    All your weapons now have your Mastery Rank as base added to their mod capacity, so you can forma easier because you don't have a level 0 weapon without mods anymore. Run a stealth mission, kill enemies silently, and you can get from rank 0 to rank 30 in 2 missions at barely 30 minutes playtime.

    Is it slower than Draco was? Yes.

    Is this a bad thing? Not really. The problem was Draco, not the leveling speed in general.

    I mean, sure, they could increase/balance the affinity gain a bit, especially for tough/high level enemies, so that high-level runs are more rewarding, that would be neat.


    If you have an Ivara with Sleep Arrows or a Loki with Hushed Inv, etc. - you can even speed-level shotguns (which lack silencing mods, and therefore ruin stealth), and a single high-level spy vault run will grant you anywhere from 14-30 levels, depending on how you did it.

    eh ok, but stealth missions are annoying to some people, especially spy missions.  I'de rather not play than do this as a primary source of leveling things.  I do not find it fun at all.  Maybe you do, and that's cool.  I'm glad it works.


    I'de rather have the chaos of Draco and the ever rising body count.  Each to their own though, there's absolutely nothing wrong with your method.  It's just not for everybody.

    It's a moot point anyway.  You dont even need ranked weapons anymore to do the fissure content.  Bringing something with 5 formas to a fissure is playing paper rock scissors BAZOOKA

  12. On 7/16/2016 at 2:53 PM, notlamprey said:

    Sorry you feel that way.

    Lots of people like the new fissures and the new starmap. It still needs some refinements, but it's basic foundation is a nice blend of old and new. If I wanted to trade barbs about star chart 2.0, I would say it was a bowling ball return simulator that felt completely lifeless. New players had to go and hunt for info on progression with the old chart as well.

    You say fissures are repetitive, I say it makes the grind more granular and more fairly rewards our time invested. People who only want to run fissures "casually" can get entry-level rewards without needing to make 20, 40 or 60-minute commitments. People who want to sink a lot of time and though into maximizing their loot payouts can now do so.

    The "challenge and reward" that you're asking for... go play Sorties and Trials. That's pretty much where you have to go if you want the "toughest challenge and best rewards." I know it isn't what you're asking for, but it's all you're going to get for the moment.

    If you can't be happy about the fact that this new system is increasing the fun factor for a wide section of the player base, then I can only hope you eventually change your mind.


    Have you actually played the game since the update?  I'm only asking because you are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off with regards to casually running fissures.

    Here's some food for thought:

    People can casually log on and play fissures now because there are an enormous abundance of relics(keys) left over.  Key sharing is now gone.  So you want _____ piece?  Let's pretend you are new.  You now have to go farm the exact relic that you need with an endless mission, and then find a fissure that corresponds to it.  After that, you are at the mercy of RNG just like before.  Also, you cannot effectively farm fusion cores and primes at the same time anymore.  Also, old void missions dropped void keys, so effectively you could run void missions, acquire keys, cores, credits and prime parts (and good exp to boot).  Have fun farming stuff separately.  Let me know how that goes when you need x key and y fissure to line up.

    With the old system, you could hop in recruiting, find a group running the same thing and piggy back on the key for more rewards per run than you get with the current system.  How do you not see that this is a bigger more random grind than before?  And don't even bring up that you can choose your loot.  You can choose your RNG table that the loot drops from, but certain items are still as rare as ever.  Actually, they are even RARER now because YOU have to bring the relic, and cant share with your teammates.  Just to get a medium rarity item I had to burn 20 relics running rescue missions, which quite frankly are boring to me.  Lets not mention the awesome formas I get every time I bring a radiant relic to a fissure.  Several times I had groups give up trying to find the fissure and just complete the mission.  So ask yourself - would you rather spend 20 minutes doing something or 20 minutes running around an empty tileset looking for a fissue with 3 other people?

  13. I didn't start leveling things at Draco until I started getting into using 4-5 formas on a weapon or warframe.  By the 5th forma, you really just want to finish leveling the stupid weapon so you can use it the way you want it to and be done with it.  Not as big of a deal now that MR points give mod points i guess, but still.

    The old Draco sort of gave incentive to work on small projects such as I'm going to buy a booster, acquire a Latron Prime, forma it 5 times and see if it meets the specifications I need for a rifle.  If it doens't, i'm going to use the rest of the booster to find something that does, like maybe a Braton prime with 5 formas.  Draco made this a much more reasonable project that I could complete over a weekend.

    Most of all, it was a monotonous way of avoiding a more monotonous way of leveling.  Sure it's reasonably brainless, but so is running 20+ random star map missions to do the same thing.


    Maybe it's just me, but I don't find many of the star chart missions and tilesets to be fun.  Usually one person runs way ahead or somebody has a nuke the whole map build, and the rest of the group is left to just pick up the loot while trying to catch up.  Draco was sorta nice because you could participate a bit more than some of the missions (ever been on a capture mission where the target is captured or spotted before you even zone in?). 


  14. 56 minutes ago, EinheriarJudith said:

    1. 33k via steam statistics which is the usual and that is not counting those who do not play it through steam the many players you say that stopped just because of this update you will need to provide proof for that point to have any validity. the game is still widely played.

    2. i can agree somewhat here. i dont know why forma BP didnt stay as a reward in void tables and they (like some have already said) could have put traces as rewards but i believe with the new space they created in the void alot of the items that were unobtainable will make a come back.

    this update is still new and there is still alot of time but too many people in the community want things like in the blink of an eye. patience is not the strong point of WF community. this game has evolved vastly from what it was and no other game in its genre can match it. all they need to do is roll out some tweaks which will happen but we all need to be patient.


    Population doesn't die or dwindle overnight unless the game becomes mechanically unplayable due to something like crippling bugs.  It's a painfully slow process.  This is because people actually don't expect things to change in the blink of an eye.  Seen this happen before many times to several dead games.  You will also never hear the vast majority of these people complain.  They simply disappear quietly until you notice that you and a few other die-hards are the only ones left in the room.

    This update damaged many key aspects of the game.  This game may have come far so no other game in the genre can match it, but it took a huge leap backwards with this update and there's no real solid competition out there either.  Maybe they can fix it, but historically most game developers get hard headed about this kinda stuff because they put time and money into developing it and refuse to accept that their idea is a fail (would you want to be the exec who explain how your idea flopped horribly?).

  15. 41 minutes ago, tnccs215 said:

    Quite honestly, I wouldn't mind maim getting it's starting damage reduced to zero or made percentual. Insta kill powers are boring, and we already have Ember for that.

    Maim is not an insta kill problem unless you are fighting monsters made out of wet paper.  It's pretty easy to account for 80% or more of the teams damage on monsters that die from the slash proc, but it used to fall off quickly when scaling was a thing.

    It's a huge problem in the new fissure missions though because everything is drenched in weaksauce.

  16. 10 minutes ago, (PS4)Dadissk said:

    OK thanks for the clear information. As a player that already played fissure mission what do you think about it? How does void 2.0 compare to the old void? 

    It's bad.  It's going to get worse too once the stockpiled key supply many players have is exhausted.

    Currently, you have to grind trivial missions to get loot.  These are repetitive and boring.  You have to grind them because everything is still RNG - you just get to choose the RNG table you are eligible to choose from.  The theory is with 4 people with keys, you have 4 RNG tables to pick from - the reality is that it's a horrible mess still and certain parts are still exceptionally rare.  Even with 4 people using the same key, you're just as unlikely to see a Ninkana part as before.

    Once the key stockpiles are exhausted, you will have to farm trivial endless missions to get keys, and then grind the above trivial fissures to get loot.  So you need to grind the endless missions for the relic that you need, and then run an additional void mission.  And you need your own relic now - no more key sharing like was done in the past where one person with a T3D key could host a group everybody benefited from.

    This combined with the credit nerf and the point that you can now no longer really farm primes and fusion cores together makes this a pretty horrible patch for the game.  You'll end up with less ducats per key also in some cases.


  17. The grind still exists.  It's just less rewarding.  Example:

    I had to blow through about 20 relics to get the medium drop chance Onadata Prime bp which was my goal.  It took about 2 and a half days of play sessions because I would run the fissure about 8 times or so and then get bored and log off.  I refined the relic several times and got formas for my effort.

    In the old system, it would have taken several runs, but I would also have gotten enough other rewards in the form of Fusion cores, Formas, Credits and ducats.  I would also have had to use less keys.

    This is another kinda not-so-good change in that now you have to bring your own key if you want something, and if you don't you're robbing the group of a potential drop choice.  I rarely ever used my own keys, and I know i'm not the only one.  So yeah I have hundreds of relics stockpiled, especially from T1, T2 and T4.  Once these are exhausted the grind will go up massively and eclipse the old system.

    In the old system, if I wanted an Ash Prime bp then I would find a T3D group to join and deal with RNG, repeating this until it dropped.  I did not need a special key or relic.

    In the new system, If I want an Ash Prime bp, I have to have the relic and deal with RNG on it.  So you may say something to the effect of "you're squad may also bring this relic increasing the drop chances" but this really isn't the case because there's an RNG chance that a squad member i'm grouped with brought the relic I need first of all (if any), and there's a chance that it won't drop for them either.  It's still a grind at the hands of random numbers, the only difference is they swapped around the % some things drop a little bit and destroyed the concept of key sharing and mission diversity.

    It's bad now.  Just wait until people run out of keys.  It may be a bit early, but I get the feeling some primes are going to be a LOT more rare than they were before.


  18. 2 hours ago, Arblarg said:

    Warframes skill  ceiling is low. There is no argument around this unless you're arguing semantics. I'm using skill in terms of dexterity. I realize that theory crafting and improving efficiency are skill in their own way, but they're mostly knowledge based and don't require a fast eye / hand. The most skill based ability in the game is blessing and that's because it makes you go cross eyed trying to watch health and do anything else at the same time.

    It has become apparent that you define skill radically different than I do.  I can see your point if you are limiting your parameters to dexterity / hand eye coordination feats and ignoring the differences between somebody who's played x frame for 30 minutes vs somebody who's played it for 300 hours.  I would personally still want somebody with horrible dexterity who's played a frame for 300 hours vs spiderman playing the same frame with 30 minutes of training.



  19. 4 minutes ago, Dynastiew said:

    What you are talking about is low skill ceiling, knowing how to use 4 skills isn't hard, you could explain a warframe character to anyone in 30 min and he would be a "good" frost/nyx/zephyr, most of the effective weapon in warframe actually do not even require to aim for the head, and the skills are mostly aoe or zone skills wich are very easy to place, high skill ceilling would be like in Blade and soul, where you have to put every skills in the right order; at the right moment;at the right pace and looking in the right direction to actually manage to kill the ennemy and that would need dozens of training hours for the person and a long &amp;#&#33; tutorial to make.

    I agree with everything else you wrote.

    I disagree that 30 mins of explanation would make anybody a good warframe.  This may be the case with some of the old school popular frames like pre-nerf Mesa or Gmag, but it's certainly not the case with some of the more complex lesser used warframes.  While the combat system isnt nearly as skill centric as other games such as M&B Warband and such, it still takes practice acquire the correct behaviors when playing a given warframe - some more than others.  If it took 30 minutes, we would have 0 bad level 30 warframes.

    The more important point is that prior to the patch, skill multiplied the effectiveness of your squad by some amount we can call x.  Post patch, skill now multiples the effectiveness of your squad by something like x/100 because you can face roll everything with 0 risk.  Pre-patch having a bad player in your group could significantly detract for your chance at success.  Now having a bad player in the group really does not make a bit of difference because you're going to be playing with them for < 10 minutes.

    I have nothing against shooting fish in a barrel which is why i rarely would go past 40 on any endless mission, but what they have done here is basically emptied the water out of the barrel, cooked the fish for you and then hid it under 1 of 20 metal serving platters for you to randomly select.  It's pretty pathetic.



  20. Meh you dont need primed mods anyway for the new content.  You can plow through it with minimal effort, challenge and danger.  You can even spend 100 void traces on your fancy new forma which you wont be needing anytime soon now that the game feeds you with less monsters of lower levels than ever before.


  21. Skill used to play a significant part in the game, even if it is just overcoming numbers.  Examples:

    A good Frost vs a bad Frost who blocks firing lanes with bubbles or neglects to keep it active.

    Do we really need to go into detail about good Limbo vs bad Limbo?

    How about a bad Nyx who makes the mission take twice as long by confusing the whole map?

    Bad Zephyr who tornadoes everything anybody?


    At the end of the day, you can claim it's a numbers game, but skill is a multiplier and used to be a more significant one prior to this update.  You could assemble a dream team of frames and fail horribly before wave 20 if they were all bads, or you could go past wave 40 with a motely group of unloved warframes as long as everybody was good.  Now you are forced to blunder through smaller numbers of weaker enemies.  It's very very trivial compared to what it used to be, and this is only speaking in terms of 20-40 wave defense missions, not the 100+ ridiculous scenario some people talk about.

    It's also very repetitive, very boring, and much less rewarding.  Previously, I could run a 20 wave defense mission and end up with maybe a forma, some fusion cores, some credits, and a primed part.  Now, in the same amount of time, I have to run 3-4 of the new missions (which burns 3-4 relics instead of 1 key).  I'm pretty sick of the fissure missions already personally.  They lack variety, creativity, challenge and the ability to hold my interest.




  22. On 7/14/2016 at 5:12 PM, Dark-Vortex said:

    I'm sorry, but I must be totally honest here. I quite simply dislike every single change that has occurred in this update. Really, I do not like *ANYTHING*. I've played this game for 3 years, 2 accounts, and I truly have never been so disappointed in all my time on this game. Let's just get to it, since this will be painful to read...



    Fissures are boring, you do the same thing over and over for EVERYTHING now. They are like an involuntary mobile defense just to get some trash you usually don't care about.

    Fissures take longer because they are tied to a game type too. You need to complete the objective and then spend 5 minutes on the damn fissure.

    Fissures PUNISH SOLO PLAY since you don't have optional rewards when playing alone. This disgusts me, I play alone, and now I'm being #*(&#036;%%@ by you.


    Bring back towers, without keys, and remove the alert system and fissures completely. Relics can be used in selected towers to extract a reward similar to the speed of getting an item from an Orokin Derelict Vault. This reward is taken from a room that spawns before the extraction room, and all relics must be planted into a pod in the center of that room, which subsequently dispenses an artifact. This artifact then distributes rewards upon extraction in the exact same way as the current system. Change Defense and Survival missions to 20 minutes and 20 waves, and interceptions to 3, 4 or 5 waves all counting down to 0 - whereafter you must go to extraction through this artifact room.

    Furthermore, relics should not be lost in this new system, like dragon keys they do not disappear unless you *USE* them (Which all players who carry one must do, of course, not just 1 person like with a dragon key) so that when you disconnect after doing a Fissure you lose your Relic, but this way you don't lose your Relic unless you disconnect in the 5 second space between the artifact room and extraction.


    Archwing Flight System

    In the old system, you could change directions instantly, it was very responsive and very easy to handle, as well as being pleasant to use. Now, you add some great long sliding mechanic, so I can't go through tight gaps with any ease, I just go face-rolling into a wall 16 times before getting through a gap, this is profoundly annoying, I want the old system, with 100% friction on turning, back.

    The weapon reticle has been made much larger, except now it's just a STUPID blot on the screen, making aiming harder and less comfortable. I despise it.


    Reverse this completely, it's absolutely revolting.



    Oh boy, did you screw this one up... We need to stockpile credits for Baro, especially those of us who HAVE JOBS and CANT PLAY 24/7 but still want to get enough credits and ducats for Baro - which you ROYALLY #*(&#036;%%@ UP by the way.

    You nerfed the Void, I'll get into that later, and now prime parts are earned from those annoying, boring fissures. Okay, but those missions don't give any credits - where the old void used to give some much needed credits.

    Sorties now give no credits? Are you genuinely taking the piss? I mean, I can understand if that is a joke, but NO CREDITS? Slow down there buster, I need those credits to actually use those fusion cores that I KEEP GETTING from all of these sorties that I do. Well, not any more, I can't be arsed with Sorties now that they give no credits and I already have Nezha. What the hell is the point? Some trash weapon that I don't want? Sod off, I did sorties for the credits, since I needed them for Baro, who I actually do care about. But no, of course, screw me, I play alone and don't have the time to sit there repeatedly doing boring &amp;#&#33; wave 5 runs for the worst, slightest, most useless amount of credits.

    Dark Sectors give half credits now! I didn't mind wave 5 Akkad for some credits, when it gave 25k. That was, just about, bearable for some last minute credits that I need for all the expensive crap that Baro usually has. Now what? 12k for wave 5 Akkad? What is this crap? You're telling me to do 30 runs of wave 5 Akkad for 300k credits which is about 1 item from Baro. Are you joking? Are you ACTUALLY BEING SERIOUS


    Way more credits or lower prices on Baro.


    The Void

    Well done, there is now, quite simply, NO reason for anyone to give a crap about the void. Great job! Why in the hell should I ever go there? What, exactly, is there that I should give the slightest crap about? No credits and no prime parts, okay, so what? Mods? I don't need more crappy mods from the challenge rooms. Tell me what the precise F*** I'm supposed to get from that map. Tell me where I'm supposed to go to get anything worth a crap. I HATE you for what you did to the Void. I LOVED that place, and look at what you did to it: It's destroyed. WHY?

    What really pisses me off about this is that you took away the tower keys. Now, see, you may be ignorant of what people enjoy doing, but I really liked coming home and doing a 40 minute solo run on a T4 Survival. It was relaxing, okay? Do you get that? I found it relaxing to solo a few T4 Survival runs and do a few Hieracon runs to top up on T4 Survivals. It was tranquil, and I'd get a good couple 100ks of credits from it and a nice little pile of ducats - splendid, I could chill out. Oh but, yet again, it comes back to "F*** you, DV", so now I don't get anything worth a crap from endless survivals, and I can't do them for prime parts. Thanks, A******s. You took away the one thing that I really liked doing in this game.


    Same as my solution for Fissures. Get rid of fissures, introduce towers without keys, use relics to apply to a pod in a room preceding the extraction room that cannot be gotten past until all relics have been placed into the artifact. Once the artifact has all relics, it can be acquired like a Vault reward (press x, unlocks door to extraction, someone acquires artifact) and then the rewards are distributed like they are now.

    Or even better, just make that artifact room the Extraction room, and so you get the reward for completing the mission but everyone just needs to press x on some artifact before the mission completes, that way, if someone got trashed and lost all lives, they can take someone elses relic but their relic cannot be used (but still gets taken). This way, relics could only be used upon completing the mission, ensuring that relics *CANNOT* be lost through disconnection. A room with an extraction wall on each corner, perhaps with a few steps leading up to it, and an artifact pod in the center, glowing away, waiting for everyone to press x on it. Once everyone has pressed x and remains inside the room (perhaps make them press x again if they leave to room, to prevent any time gaps between extraction and activation).

    Hopefully I've explained myself well enough, but there are clearly MANY ways to do this which are infinitely better than this fissure S#&amp;&#036; that still retains the towers.



    Let's keep this one short and sweet. If they're supposed to be our new source of credits, they suck, and need to be at least pentupled (Multiplied by 5) to be even worth CONSIDERING. Furthermore, the fusion core rewards are rank 1 and, as such, are worth less than scratching my balls for 10 seconds. 5 max rank fusion cores, perhaps, would be more sensible.


    Better rewards as mentioned...


    Overall, you should be utterly ASHAMED of this update. I said I would pull no punches, so I haven't, I'm being totally honest here, and am putting my anger in as real as it is - since I think that this update is degrading. I am sincerely disappointed in you as a company for putting out this trash "update". Absolutely livid about this.

    I cannot agree with this post more.  I have not seen an update this horrific inflicted on a game since Trials of Atlantis in DAoC.

    I too enjoyed coming home from work, running a few Void Defenses and calling it a night.

    Fissures suck.  They are boring, the tilesets suck, the missions suck, and everything is awful now.  The old void was better.  We had the freedom to play what we wanted when we wanted to.  That has been lost on this update.  Now if i want to get ducats or prime parts I have to play the same stupid mission, that I don;t want to play to begin with, over and over again.  If you're going to keep me running in a treadmill like a mouse that's fine, at least let me pick the treadmill instead of having to run obnoxious capture or rescue or spy missions over and over again.

    I was going to say #$@^ it all and just invest time in archwing, but it sucks now too.


    This update is a game killer for me.  I'm trying to enjoy it, but it's soo horrible I usually just log off after collecting the daily reward.  I really want my 20-40 wave causal T3D missions back



  23. I'm a bit miffed that they didnt really do anything with EV.  Bless bless had some cheesy shiz, but having played a well rounded unspecialized Trinity for a few months, I can say the worst thing about it was always:

    LF EV TRIN for _______

    AREE U EV TRIN???!!!!

    The spam still goes on to this day. 

    Not saying that EV requires a nerf, but the warframe should be desired for more than a portable battery.


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